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DeLurking Day, 2011


Apparently, last Friday was ‘National Delurker Day‘. [As clearly stated via the date – on the logo below.]

And, sadly. I missed it.

Just like I missed it last year. This is becoming quite an awful trend.

But, since I’ve NEVER been ‘On Time’ for anything in my life, why should this event be any different.



What does Delurking  mean? Well, basically, it means that I am inviting everyone – to open up on the comments of this blog post and let me know you’re out there!

[Whether you comment regularly – or whether you have never left a comment!]

Delurking was designed to draw out the people who haven’t commented.  Over the last five years, I have always enjoyed delurking because I usually *meet* new bloggers and/or new readers that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. Sometimes, a comment from a long time reader or a newly discovered lurker literally makes my day. And not just for obvious reasons.

For me personally, getting a comment is more along the lines of validation that I wrote something other people deemed worthy of reading. I absolutely LOVE it when a fellow blogger, or reader, can identify or connect with my words. That gives me a feeling I don’t even know how to describe.

Anyway, I am curious to find out what the outcome would be, if I asked ALL OF YOU to post WHATEVER YOU WANTED in these comments.

What say you?

C’mon – Make My Day!

Leave A Comment?



* Oh, and if anyone is interested, I’ve been writing a lot over HERE lately.

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  • I hope you feel better soon! I know you’ve been really sick for a while now.

  • Ahahahahahhaha! Thanks Terri!

  • Thanks Christine!!

  • You’re not REALLY a lurker, Jim.
    When you don’t comment you always send me an email!

  • Hi Babs!

  • Hang in there, Ricardo.

  • Im SO happy to answer / reply to the comments on your blog now.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! my name is Slyde! Nice to meet you!

  • It’s enough already with the snow.

  • Ahahahahah. Im too lazy too!

  • Ziva!!!

    Maybe you can participate next year?

  • Hey, Slyde!
    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • Alright! Here I am! Exposed for all the world to see. Are you happy now?

    Hahahaha. I didn’t even know there was a de-lurking day. I wish we could do that in real life.
    Okay, all you stalkers and creepy people can come out now. Show your faces and come out of the shadows.

    How are ya Mel? Did the snow melt out there yet? Any new adventures?

  • Anonymous

    Are delerking and decloaking the same thing? Perhaps I need to lay off the Star Trek reruns for a while. Nah. Can’t wait for the next one to come out! 🙂

  • Roshan

    I’m a regular over here but if I could say anything I want……
    I have a big ole crush on Meleah. I think she is one hot mamma and I just wanna hop onto a plane to see her and give her a big hug and a kiss.

  • Hey Gina!

    Thanks for exposing yourself to me!
    Yes, there have been a few new adventures around here!
    I should have time to write all about them next week.

    How are YOU? I miss you!

  • Yes, they ARE the same!


  • Aw. Thanks, Roshan. I’m very flattered.

  • HEYO!!!!!!! I’m here!! I’m here!!!!

    It’s like roll-call. LOL. This is a really cool idea. I’ll have to give it a try next year.

  • Well I can’t wait to hear of them. I look forward to your all of your humorous shenanigan’s. They really do make my day sometimes.

    I’m doing ok. Some things are good, some are stressful, but you’ll hear all about it as I post in honesty over at my place.

    Alright, so I mapped out a route for my travels up the East Coast. I’m going to start out in Jersey, then go to Brooklyn, then up to Connecticut and over to Rhode Island and my last stop will be Boston. If there’s any cool places I missed, please let me know. I’m not sure when it’s happening but at least I made a beginning.

    I would like to take about two weeks to do this so I’ll have to figure out when my breaks are for school.

    Talk to you soon,

    Miss you too!

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    Well, I’m not a lurker as you know, so I can’t exactly delurk .. but I can wave and say hi! 😀

  • Hi…thanks for following me. I looked for a follow button here, but couldn’t find one.

    Don’t feel left out. I missed Delurking Day too. However, with 68 comments, I think you’re doing fine. Nice to discover your blog. I shall return.

  • Hi…thanks for following me. I looked for a follow button here, but couldn’t find one.

    Don’t feel left out. I missed Delurking Day too. However, with 68 comments, I think you’re doing fine. Nice to discover your blog. I shall return.

  • You know I’m not a lurker. I love to comment on your blog. I cannot believe I missed Delurking Day again. That’s the 3rd year in a row. I am hopeless. It really is a great way to meet new bloggers. Oh well, I’ll just have to shoot for next year. Looks like you got some great comments!

  • I’ve never heard of delurking day either, and obviously I missed it, too. I guess now there’s a “day” for everything, and everything has it’s day.

  • How do you delurk if you haven’t been lurking? Does that mean I shouldn’t say anything? Because if it does I have already messed that up.

  • Jules


  • HA! It IS like Roll Call!

  • OMG! Gina! Hell Yes! I cannot wait to see you when you come to Jersey!
    Whooooo Hoooo!

    And of course, I am totally looking forward to your honest blog posts!

  • Hi Jay!!

  • Nice to meet you too, Humor Smith!

  • Thanks Selma. I am always LATE for DeLurking day.
    Maybe NEXT year we will both get it right!


  • There sure is a day for ‘everything’ here in blogville!
    Next year, hopefully we will ALL remember it!

  • Ahahhaha. I love you Jen.

  • Ahhahah! Yes! That’s what Im talking about Jules!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not good at keeping secrets. So, here I am. Again.

  • Anonymous

    I have been stalking for awhile waiting to flash you….hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

  • Hi!

  • HA!

  • Dr. Cynicism

    It’s totally cool – I’m going to be doing a delurking post sometime soon too. Remember, the cool kids show up to the party late, amiright?!

  • Toad-ily right.

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