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Deck Of Cards & Video Games

I wish my deck of cards looked like his

And allowing my son to buy this game, probably wasn’t one of my finer parenting decisions.

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  • How handsome your son is! I want his deck of cards too. Don’t worry, my parenting decisions re. games are not so good at times, either. Sometimes it’s difficult because all of their friends are playing those games. You want to be responsible but you also don’t want them to miss out. Whatever happened to Action Man and train sets? Sigh….

  • Eh…I don’t believe all that malarky about games teaching kids violence. Before there were games, kids played cowboys and indians and pretended to kill each other with arrows and hatchets and rifles. They all grew up to be, uh, stock brokers. Well, maybe we should be concerned. Anyway! As long as he doesn’t lock himself in his room and play it for 68 hours straight while wearing diapers and taking no food or drink, I think he should be ok.

    That’s my completely unprofessional never-had-children opinion, of course.

  • I have to agree with Omyword..I mean heck I had a BB gun when I was his age and I turned out alright…well relatively if your not to picky…:):):)

  • holy crap that is one hell of a deck!

    Video games aren’t really a problem unless a kid already has lost touch with reality.

  • I grew up watching westerns almost every night; didn’t hurt me a bit. If anything, TV and video games lets kids vent a bit.

  • Ooooh that game looks so awesome. I was drawn to it by the ads I saw on TV. Looks great. I want to get an X-Box 360 just for that. Does he like it?

    I’m such a child.

  • Meleah


    Thank You. My son is growing into sort of a ‘hottie’! As for the video game, it is hard to decide what to get them sometimes. Whats “appropriate” ect… but, I doubt he will become some raging lunatic just because he played some video game when he was 11 years old!


    Good Call. !!


    I agree with her too.


    Im toad-ily jealous of my own kids gifts.

    Bob G:

    That makes me feel better.


    He LOVES it. I haven’t even seen my child in two days.(just kidding) But…. He hasn’t stopped playing the game since we bought it!! 🙂

  • Dang, that’s a lot of gift cards 🙂 It would have been cool to have video games growing up. They only had arcades, lol.

  • LOVE that raised eyebrow. There may be a little BOND….. James Bond, in the making.

  • Lovely looking boy you have there Meleah. and you’re right when you said ‘I doubt he will become some raging lunatic just because he played some video game when he was 11 years old!’ cos if that was true, I’d be one right now cos I’ve been playing video games all my life … what’s that? I am a raging lunatic already? LOL!

    Happy New Year to you and the whole clan Meleah 🙂

  • Meleah


    I know right. I grew up with games like Pong & Break Out. Nothing like these bad ass games.


    HA HA HA…Maybe!


    Aww…. Thanks for the early New Years wishes. And yeah, people, we really cant BLAME music and / or video games for anyone being a psychopath!

  • Do ya think he might be able to buy his poor ol’ mom a new pair of socks with one of those cards? 😉

    Personally, as long as that’s not the ONLY game he’s playing then I think it’s OK. Mine plays Guitar Hero for HOURS……..but then I kick him outside to go play basketball or something….

  • I know my kids (son more than the girls) have a lot of games like that and I don’t think it really affects them much. Now that they’re older gift cards and money seems to be the thing they like the best from me.

  • Meleah


    JCH has guitar hero too… he LOVES that game. At least I balance VIOLENT games with NICE games right? xxoo


    He’s all about $ and Gift Cards. Besides he’s at that age where he is very PICKY about ‘gifts’ yanno….he has to be ‘cool’ and such. This way he can pick out his own gifts and I don’t have to make 15 trips returning things!

  • Hi Meleah. I hope my comment above didn’t read like I disapproved of your choice of game, because I don’t. I really don’t believe that violent games lead to violent children. In fact, I agree with a recent university study carried out in Australia which said that children who play PS2 and XBox have proven superior problem-solving skills and lateral-thinking skills to those who don’t.

    Recently, I was shouted at in my own house by a parent from Jake’s school for allowing her son to play ‘Need For Speed Underground.’ Now that is just a car racing game and she objected to it. Thank God it wasn’t ‘Grand Theft Auto’ or ‘Gun.’ However, this same woman’s older son (who is 18) has never been allowed to do anything which she considers ‘unsavoury’ like play PS2 and last week he was arrested for date rape. So never am I going to feel guilty again about allowing my son to play PS2. And I didn’t disapprove of JCH’s game, I want you to know that. I think you are one of the best mum’s ever. I admire you a lot!

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