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Dear Medicare,

Lemme get something straight.

According to a late night TV commercial your company is willing to cover the cost for “Pos-T-Vac” so that an 80 year-old man can still get a hard-on.

But you’re NOT willing to cover prescription cough syrup for people suffering from bronchitis.


Not sick just confused.

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After posting that as a Status Update on Facebook I received several very funny comments. And let’s face it. It’s always better to find a way to laugh rather than stay angry. So I decided to share two particular comments with you fine people.

1. Sarah:  Well, what if you bone that 80 year old who can now get a hard on, and charge him a fee that covers the cost of your cough syrup? Sarah is ALWAYS thinking.

Followed by:

2. MarySarah will bone for cough syrup with codeine. BYOBM (Bring Your Own Boner Meds)

And that’s exactly how  this t-shirt and this coffee mug  were born.




But all kidding aside….

Clearly, there is something very wrong with our entire health care system.


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  • Working in a medical clinic I know lots of guys who regularly come for their Viagra aged 70’s & 80’s! I wonder what age their lady friends are!

  • xoxo

  • Yikes!

  • Anonymous

    I like this Sarah person. However, I must say that my mind went to a much dirtier place to explain how your 80 year old man helped create your sore throat but I’ll just leave it there. And yes, I do know that I have just been upgraded to the first class one way ticket to hell. LOL!

  • Roshan

    I’m glad that I will still be able to get boners when I’m 80. But I don’t think that I will need any meds for it. 😉

  • Roshan

    On  serious note, I find the US medical system a bit weird. It seems that the weird or rare medicines are easier to get and something that is common needs a prescription from a doctor. I maybe wrong but that’s how it has seemed to me (or have the movies misguided me?)

  • I swear I cursed myself!

    The day after I posted this = BAM. DEATHLY ILL.

    * sigh *

    And, thank you for the laugh, Traci!

  • 🙂

  • PS: It’s not medication.
    It’s a vacuum.

  • The whole system is JACKED.
    The. End.

  •  It’s absolutely crazy.

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