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Dear Common Sense,

I really miss you.

More than I ever thought I would.

And…quite frankly?

As a nation, we need you back.

Like, immediately.

I remember the day you left us, as if it was yesterday. I discovered your obituary precisely on July 6, 2007 at 12:35 pm. And while I mourned your passing, somehow, I was naive enough to think we could get by without you.

Alas, that is NOT the case.

With the state of our economy, health insurance, and housing issues, your lack of presence has become painfully obvious. And, without your guidance, I just don’t know how much more we can handle.

Yet, no one else seems to be reaching out to you.  So here I am, on bended knee, with a handwritten invitation, begging you to rejoin this decrepit society.

Fear not, Common Sense.

I will not be taking you down the trodden path of endless debates and inevitable conflict. Because I am not here to discuss: politics, race, war, religion, economics, and/or the government.


I am only here to discuss the Justice System.

Specifically, “reasonable doubt.”

I have to admit, over the last few years, I’ve been silently living inside my man-made bubble of ignorance. The E! Channel has gracious provided endless hours of escapism. And, I was living fairly well under the guise of denial.

It’s a well-known fact that I am a Television Junkie. I have watched nearly every episode of ‘Judge Judy’ –  ‘Law & Order’ – ‘CSI’ – and ‘The Killing’. However, that does not make me an expert on crimes, or crime scenes, by any stretch of the imagination.

And even though I was on the edge of my seat during the Menendez Trial, the O.J. Simpson fiasco, and the Anna Nicole Smith debacle, I still cannot wrap my head around the events surrounding the Casey Anthony Trial.


As a Libra, it is in my very my nature to look at every scenario with an open mind. And I am built to weigh all sides, seeking what’s fair and just – for all of the parties involved. After a very heated debate on Facebook with respects to the outcome of the Casey Anthony Trial, I’ve come to one conclusion.

* I truly believe “Reasonable Doubt” should work BOTH WAYS.

And here’s why….

Maybe the state of Florida dropped the ball. Maybe they weren’t able to prove their case 100%. Maybe too much of the evidence was circumstantial. I also understand that you can’t convict someone of murder, based on the accused behavior, after the victim died.

However, on the flip side: Where are the phone records for the “babysitter” of two years? Why was the baby found with duct-tape on her mouth? Why were there all of those chloroform searches on the computer?

As far as I am concerned all of those things ARE evidence + proof [which in a perfect world] should = “reasonable doubt” in favor of a guilty verdict.

Now, I’m NOT saying we should throw logic out the window and only think with emotion. Conversely, I wish the jury was allowed to use Common Sense.

And, I guess the part that shocked me most? Was the fact that she wasn’t even charged with neglect, at the very least.

I’m sorry, ya’ll.

But if ‘Common Sense’ refuses to make a come back, and right quick, I’m just going to have to enlist this guy.


So tell me people…

What did YOU think of the “Not Guilty” verdict?

I’m dying to know.


PS: The Federal Prosecution’s office recently stated that a case must be brought to them in order to take action. Double Jeopardy does not apply if federal charges are filed against Casey for violating the civil rights of her child; she can receive a life sentence if convicted. Anyone who waits a month to report their child missing has violated his or her civil rights.

Will you, please SIGN THIS PETITION!

I did!

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  • Anonymous

    She will get what’s coming to her just like O.J. eventually did (thank you, karma!).  I almost think having to walk around free knowing that people hate you and believe you killed your daughter is going to be a far worse punishment for her in the long run. I mean, what kind of life can she possibly have now?

  • Me neither. I have lots of stuff I can actually have an impact on to worry about.

  • Me neither. I have lots of stuff I can actually have an impact on to worry about.

  • I’m counting on Karma too, Lucy!

  • I hope the rest of her life is horrible!

  • Alrighty!

  • One of the Guys

    Jury duty is tough. I think everyone tries hard to do the right thing, at least on the juries I’ve been on. But sometimes they just don’t get it right for whatever reason. Just think O.J. 

  • Sad.

  • Anonymous

    I  absolutely agree. Both with the apparent loss of common sense and with the outlandishness of the verdict. I watched the case and if that circumstantial case couldn’t be proven, I’m not sure that anyone could be convicted unless they were caught in the act.

    I think that it partly comes from a lack of understanding of the phrase “reasonable doubt”. It does not mean no doubt. It means a doubt that reason can not remove. Sure, no one can say exactly what happened to that little girl but reason can certainly say that it was wrong and it was at the hand of the mother. I didn’t necessarily expect that thay would convict under 1st Degree but I was shocked and sick that they didn’t convict under 2nd degree. It makes me question the jury system all together.

    So yes, I am with you woman.

  • Roshan Menon

    Despite all the ways they can gather evidence and prove the criminal did it in shows like CSI and stuff – how could they mess up this one? Fact not reaching the high standards of fiction. Damn! ok send Dexter and I’ll get Jigsaw Killer from Saw to help out!

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Approve”

  • HA!

  • This shows you how much I watch TV or read the news.  When the verdict was delivered, the guy who sits behind me at work said to me, “Casey Anthony was found not guilty.”  My response?  “Who is he?”

    Since I didn’t follow the trial at all, I don’t really think I’m entitled to an opinion on the matter.  If she really did all of this stuff, though, she’ll get what is coming to her… even if it is after she dies.

  • I really hope she gets what she deserves!

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