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Dear Candy Crush,


When I first heard about you I thought you were going to be a glorified version of my favorite game Bejeweled Blitz.  After receiving multiple invites – against my better judgment – I went ahead and signed up.

From the very beginning you sucked me into the Candy Crush vortex where time ceases to exist.

And then you held me tightly in your grip.

Honestly, I didn’t know the true meaning of addiction until you entered my life.




I played your game from morning until midnight – ignoring all of my other responsibilities.

The laundry piled up to the ceiling.  Trash cans overflowed.  Dirty dishes were left in the sink.  And my house quickly became the newest filming site for an episode of Hoarders.

But that didn’t stop me.

Oh, no.

With each new level, I became more and more obsessed.

Your musical theme song hypnotized me into harassing my friends on Facebook – begging them for extra lives, tickets, or help to unlock next chapter.  And you plagued my life with ticking bombs, regenerating chocolate squares, striped candies, along with that darn rainbow sprinkled doughnut.

Even when I wasn’t playing?

I dreamed about clearing all the jelly, or bringing down the ingredients, one power-ball maneuver at a time.




Alas, there is nothing sweet, or tasty, when you tell me there are no more possibilities. 

Especially when I thought I was only one move away from finishing the next god-forsaken level!

Sadly, I can’t play with you anymore.

I have lost countless hours, days, and possibly even weeks of my precious time.  If I continue living this way, I fear the men in white coats will soon take me away.  And I don’t want to end up sucking my thumb, in the fetal position, while locked inside the corner of a mental institute.

Goodbye, Candy Crush. 




It was fun while it lasted!


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  • 🙂

  • Don’t waste your precious time!!


  • I have played that game. My secret is that I only ever play them at night, when I have caught up with everything else, and only for a short time. I never play games for a long period of time as I get bored too quickly 🙂

  • Well, it’s more about blowing things up – but the opening story with the crazy animated people is super annoying!

  • That’s how I am with Bejeweled. And at least there’s ONE MINUTE time limits per game and NO levels to beat! That helps me from spending way too much time playing games!

  • I have steadfastly refused to download this game because I will surely require an intervention if I start. I’m heeding your warning and sticking to my guns. Nooooooooo, Candy Crush, nooooo!

  • P.s. I had to do the same thing to Bejeweled: deleted it and banned it from my life.

  • Good girl!!

  • Really?

    Luckily, I am able to limit myself with that game. I love me some BB.

  • I need to steer clear of this. I am easily seduced by games and frankly, I can waste massive amounts of time even without ANY games involved. Sounds dangerous!!

  • Oh, it is!

    Heed my warning my friend!

  • agg79

    Sort of like Angry Birds but more addictive?

  • I’m not sure – I’ve never played Angry Birds!

  • ladyV

    i never heard of candy crush until i read this yesterday then i saw two commercials for it this morning. i haven’t played it myself. i sometimes play WWF, chess or run with friends, but i lose interest quick.

  • I have avoided this game like the plague! And apparently that was the right thing to do. I’m glad you were able to walk away before it was too late!

  • I can’t believe they are making commercials for this game! WTF?! And OMG!

  • Good girl, Terri! This game is pure evil!

  • Allyson

    I mostly avoid the popular mobile app games, but video poker? I play so many stinkin’ hands of Texas Hold’em that I’m beginning to believe I’m a pro. My Pete is not happy about it.

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Gah. This new sign-in has lost my comment!! Curses on Disqus and Google!!!

    I wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel because I got addicted to Bubble Witch Safari, or whatever the heck the EVIL game is called, after a friend posted it on Facebook. When you find yourself not only wasting hours – days! – playing this thing but giving yourself migraine because of all the moving wibbly bits, you know you’re in trouble. Cold turkey is the only way!

  • 🙂

  • Exactly, Jay!! Exactly!

  • Ha ha ha I started to read this and thought, “AWESOME! I’m gonna download it!” But then I saw what it did… and how you are stopping. Oh nooooooo I better not do it! It would be like taking my first puff of a cigarette, right? 🙂 I will never get rid of scramble though… that is MY crack…. not that I play it well!

  • Don’t get sucked in Katherine! It’s so addictive it’s evil! I totally deleted and blocked the game completely!

    Aint nobody got time for that!

  • Small Town Mommy

    I have to admit, I am an addict. Even when I am frustrated with it, I can’t seem to help myself. Apparently I need an intervention.

  • Girl, this game is CRAZY addictive! It truly interfered with my life! I had to get rid of it.

  • Currently I’m addicted to Bejeweld (still, after all these years) and now Solitaire. Ugh. How do I sign up at the rehab center? Do they come get me? Do they have online access there (to check email only, I swear). Somebody help me. I need an intervention. It’s why it’s so easy not to blog anymore, which is so sad for me. Seriously, can someone come tonight? I’ll have my bags packed.

  • Marlene

    I know how you feel – I’m stuck at level 70 and I think that may be the last level I attempt to clear – it’s a colossal time warp – I have books unread and crochet projects unfinished – too many “un” things….I LMAO tho at your post – thanks !

  • Oh, Kathy!! I will come get you and drag your ass to rehab!!

  • OMG!! That’s the exact level when I finally gave up and walked away!!

  • You are the second of my bloggy friends to write about the candy crush crack. i am staying clear!!!!

  • It’s definitely worse than crack. Stay far away, Traci! This damn game will hijack your whole life.

  • I feel you. I think I’m going to have to break up with Plants vs. Zombies. I see the plants when I close my eyes.

  • Sandra

    First of all, the pictures you chose for this post were PERFECT! I love the last one. But I have to tell you, the only way I would ever play Candy Crush is if the prize was actual candy. ‘Nuff said. Signed “Junk Food Junkie” xoxo

  • When you start dreaming about the games – it’s time to quit!

  • BAhahahahahhahah!! I am soooo happy your blogging again!

  • Noemi

    Lucky you. I’m still stuck!

  • I had to get out! That game was ruining my life!

  • My sister in law is in the evil grip of candy crush – Personally, I fell for Mafia Wars for a while and FINALLY was able to let it go. I still think about it sometimes though… *sigh*

  • Oh man ­ I hope she can quit that game soon!

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