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Dear Apple,

After seven years as a loyal and dedicated customer – happily singing your praises, making videos of my undying love for your products, and spending ridiculous amounts of unpaid hours defending your honor – I never thought things would come to this.

And all I can say is, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

I truly loathe this iOS 7 upgrade and everything that comes along with it.

Thanks for turning my iPhone into a Windows like phone.

The flat and floaty icons make it very difficult to navigate, especially for someone with sausage link fingertips. Your safari Internet browsing option is a joke.  And I’ll never be able to keep an appointment, or show up on time again, because of the new weirdo calendar settings.

The blue bubbles with white lettering make text messaging almost impossible to read. For the life of me, I cannot understand why you added so many unnecessary steps to simply send a photo. And this annoying – almost invisible keypad – is so frustrating; it makes me want to stab someone, in the throat, with unsharpened scissors.

The slow lag is irritating enough. But having my iPhone continually freeze and my apps constantly crash is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

Just typing this simple message with the new notes app took well over 45 minutes –mostly because I have to re-teach autocorrect how to spell things like ‘sofa king’ properly.

This ridiculous upgrade should really come with an “undo” option.

Get on the ball, Apple, and fix this, please.

Or at least give me the option to restore my iPhone back to the iOS 6 version.

Otherwise you leave me with no other choice but to switch to the Samsung – with the bigger screen – because if I am being forced to sacrifice quality then size DOES matter.

Sincerely Aggravated,


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  • Rock Chef

    I was an avid Mac fan for many years, but their switch to OSX killed it for me, and I have not gone with Apple products since then.

  • agg79

    Late to the game for me. I joined the crowd and got my iPhone a year back and finally jumped on board with an iPad. Cool toys to remain in contact but I have to admit a lot of the upgrades are pretty stupid. Keep looking for an undo or ignore button to avoid all of the “upgrades”,

  • Oh wow, really?

  • If there’s ever another upgrade ­ it better make my phone look & function like it used to!

  • Do they ever get to see all the negative feedback about their upgrades? If they do, the may fix these rubbish icons and colours in the next upgrade. I do hope so. I am getting used to the apps, but hate the cheap, nasty icons and colour in messages.

  • I hope so too, Babs!

    It’s part of the reason I blogged about it and facebooked this ­ hoping someone some how at Apple hears this!

    I am FURIOUS about the text messaging & invisible keypad & shitty icons!

  • Lucy

    I have a Samsung, my kids have Apple phones but I do understand your frustration with newness. I get frustrated all the time with having to deal with the newest greatest thingy. Sometimes I just don’t need all that stuff and I like what I have and why can’t I just have a choice,ugh.

  • kellypea

    Hmmm – it sounds like you have a completely different upgrade than I do. I can see the keyboard much better — it’s crisp and clean. I love the new 3D Rolodex type view when multiple pages are open in Safari. The new way to delete single emails w/o opening is swell, and I have not had one crash, freeze, or delay. I always edit my photos with Snapseed and send them from there so I’ll have to see what you’re talking about with changes to that. Also, iCloud has everything synced like before without a glitch. Maybe a reinstall? But if you’re seriously thinking of bailing. The Nokia Lumina is pretty amazing. It still looks like a phone where as those humongous Samaung things look like wannabe iPads and pretty hilarious stuck to the side of your head when you’re making a call. Just sayin.’

  • I really wish I could revert the upgrade ­ I loved my phone just the way it was.
    I’m really disappointed with Apple.

  • I doubt I will ever really switch teams or give up my Apple iPhone.

    I am just having a REALLY hard time with these changes.

    I’ve been working with the iOS7 since Friday and it’s not getting easier. I feel like it’s getting MORE difficult.

    I can’t see my text messages clearly anymore. And the keypad is practically invisible.

    I do like the 3D Rolodex type view when multiple pages are open in Safari. It just took a while to figure out how to swipe properly.

    Before the upgrade I could just click on any picture in my camera roll and text it.
    Now I have to select the photo, then click next, then click text message, then click send.
    It went from ONE STEP to FOUR steps and it’s frustrating.

    I also don’t like the cartoon look of the new icons. Or the way they bounce on the screen when I’m opening/closing apps.

    I wonder if my phone keeps crashing/freezing because it’s too full?

  • Being the technical schlub I am, my trend is to fall for what makes the thing tick rather than by how it looks thus I approve the move to iOS7; my son resisted the upgrade on his iPhone because he was not happy with the presentation, and still is complaining about something that happened to his customized lock splash screen, yet he admits some things are easier to accomplish with the newer OS release. Given the complexity of these things, I will say “it could have been worse” 🙂

  • I am upset by this, because I wonder if it’s the demise of the quality look and feel of Apple systems. I truly hope not. I can understand their thinking behind revamping the look a bit, but this is just tacky. By the way. My sister, who is Windows has just emailed me saying she upgraded her iPad and hates it. She feels exactly the same, regarding the icons and hates how the photos are laid out now. Even a Windows user hates the new look.

  • You’re right. It could be a lot worse.
    And maybe I just need more time to get used to it.

    I just wish I could READ my text messages!

  • That’s EXACTLY what I’m afraid of too, Babs.

    It’s a shame really.

  • I haven’t upgraded to the latest version to either my Iphone or Ipad. Now I think maybe, I shouldn’t. It seems we can’t escape this type of thing. I just bought a new computer with Windows 8….I can’t begin to tell you how much I HATE Windows 8. I am sick of calling computer programs apps and watching them revolve. All these companies need to concentrate on making things MORE user friendly and less glitzy.

  • Fortunately, when I upgraded my phone (not iPhone) I didn’t have as many problems, and could live with it. The biggest issues is not being able to use the USB cable to download my pictures. I must take the memory card out and use an adapter for the computer. GRRRR!

  • Amen, Cheryl. AMEN.

  • I have NEVER been disappointed with an upgrade before. This is just awful.

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    MPS ADORES it. Maddie hated it at first and now is singing its praises all over twitter.

    Me, I am still too scared to update. Now even more so.


  • oldereyes

    I gotta say, Apple really needs to take notice if you are fed up with them. It really does sound like they are going the way of android and Samsung. My daughter has always been an Apple girl. last year she tried Android and hated it. To many options and setups. Hope you can find a way to downgrade.

  • Thanks, Bud!

  • agg79

    I have yet to accept the upgrade on either one of my devices. Does that make me a rebel? Or just stubborn?

  • It makes you SMART!

  • I don’t WANT bold text. I want the iOS6 operating system back.

    I know all of these other “tricks” – but sadly this is NOT an Apple phone anymore. It’s like a windows phone. AND IT’S A POS!

  • ladyV

    i won’t update it yet. i’ll wait until i have to


    I’m not even kidding ­ I am on the hunt to find ANY iPhone still operating with the iOS6. And I will pay handsomely for it!

  • Scared to say it now.. but I actually like it. I love the colourful appearance and I can change the look to suit my mood and it all tones in beautifully!

    Hope you’re now used to it! 🙂

  • I’m glad someone is happy with it. I think it sucks!

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