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Conversations With Writers

One of my favorite things about blogging has to be the connections I’ve formed over the last two years with other bloggers and writers. I have been fortunate to create offline friendships via emails and texts with these said writers.

One of the friendships I truly value has to be with the very witty, always comical, insanely smart, and my ‘twin’, Michael C. from the blog The Wonderful World Of Nothing Worthwhile.

Over the last year we have been supporting each other’s ideas, giving each other constructive criticism and feedback when we have those ‘self-doubting’ moments I think all writers and bloggers face now and again.

I think it is really important (essential even) for writers to have a support ‘group’ if you will. Especially, when time constrictions like working full time jobs and raising families prevent us from being able to join hands on writing groups, or take classes. It’s quite validating to know that you are not the only one thinking about, dealing with, or trying to figure out how to make it all work.

Michael and I were discussing the challenges we face when trying to balance our real life obligations with our dreams of becoming published authors.

(Thank you Michael for your permission to post this email.)

One of the conversations Michael and I had recently went a little something like this:

ME: Hey how was your weekend? Did you get any writing done?

MC: I did a little writing, then questioned if I still had the talent and fire to write that I used to, then got depressed about it and stopped writing until I did last night’s post. I hate self-doubting!

ME: Oh my god. I torture myself. I think every thing I write is pure crap. I end up over editing and re-writing a million drafts for one sentence.

May I share with you a simple conversation I had with My Mother that somehow made me feel better…its kind of a stretch, but try to stay with me on this, I think it will work for your thinking too.

ME: Mom, I hate this. This post sucks. This chapter is awful. I can’t write. I am not smart enough to do this. Who am I fooling? This is all garbage. Maybe I should just delete my blog and throw away this book. In fact maybe I will just throw in the towel and surrender to working in an office until the day I die. The push for conformity has taken its toll on me. What am I thinking? And. Why can’t I write like I used to – back when I was 18 years old- I was a better writer than I am now…

My Mom
: (interrupts my self bashing rant with this) Meleah anyone who is any good thinks all of their stuff is terrible. And anyone who is terrible thinks they are awesome. Just look at those crazy contestants on American Idol. They really have NO IDEA how bad they are. And writers are especially hard on themselves. The fact that you don’t even know how good you are means you will always strive harder to be better, which is what makes a great writer. Sheesh.

Me: Oh.

MC: That was very helpful! Your mom has a great point and can I just say how great your parents are!!

Every time I think about quitting, I think that I’m giving up a future as a writer and will have to work in an office for the rest of my life – the same thoughts you have! I put so much emphasis on having humor and snappy wording for every single sentence, even though I know readers won’t scrutinize every sentence the way I do, but that’s just how I do it. I’ve had a lot of self doubt lately and that combined with the fact that I don’t have enough time anymore to visit my favorite blogs and commentors, made me come within a few minutes of sitting down and writing a ‘good-bye’ post last night.

ME: Oh I know exactly how you feel. I HATE that I don’t have the time I want and need. I’ve thought about giving up a million times. I am jealous when I see other people living the life I want to have, complete with all that free time.

And sometimes I feel like my office is beating all of the creativity right out of me. But, I don’t give up, because that means ‘THEY’ are winning. One thing is for sure, I will be dammed if ‘THEY’ ever own me. My whole life can’t be going to work, fulfilling my duties as a mother, watching TV to drown out the rest of my thoughts and dreams, and simply going to bed. What the hell kind of quality of life is that?

I have to do something, ONE THING, just for me. And as much as I torture myself over writing and about writing …writing is the one and only thing that I do, and that I have, that’s just mine.

Yeah I am lucky. My parents are great. BTW: I will jump off of a bridge if you ever quit blogging.

MC: I literally could have typed the email you just sent me – WORD FOR WORD!!!!!

I promise not to jump off a bridge if you promise not to 😉

I want to write for a living. I want to be around when my girls get home from school. I want to be able to go to Disneyland in the middle of the week. I want to have an editor and deadlines and a check in my hand because of something I wrote. I need to write, I need to be creative, but I need to be out of the office to do so.

ME: I know. So how do we get out of the office? And support our families, and keep our health benefits? No one went for my Apple Store Idea. Damn it!

MC: I vote for the Apple Store! I’m actively seeking an office gig at Disneyland. We’ll see what happens.

– And then we proceeded to joke and laugh and lighten the mood! –

The point of this post is to ask, how many of you guys feel like this? Or go through this? And if so, how do you battle against it and push yourself to get through it? How do you balance writing with your real life? How do you manage scheduling enough time to dedicate towards following your dreams? What do you do to keep yourself from giving up?

Nike has that slogan “Just Do It” which I have tried to implement when it comes to buckling down to working on my book. But, lately that’s not helping.

Alas..I will never QUIT writing. THATS WHO I AM

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  • I think I just want to work in an office the rest of my life actually… mmmmm… secretaries 😀

    I never considered myself a writer.. well, I did when I was writing music and lyrics but now? not so much. I do really dig the advise you mom gave you. I’d say she’s right on. And I love your writing.

  • I think we all have self-doubt. I know I do. Some of the same thoughts you’ve had. And this seems especially true about writing – maybe because it can be both very personal to me and yet also be “out there” for so many to possibly see and read. I don’t know, maybe I feel vulnerable when I write. But I also know that I feel alive from writing. And that’s what makes it worth continuing for me.

    Balance is another issue that I struggle with. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day! I get up early and drink way too much coffee!

    Thanks for posting this. Not because you’re a self-doubter. Because in showing your self-doubt to the world, you make others feel more comfortable in dealing with their own self-doubt. Thank you Meleah.

  • Me? whatever comes about usually makes it in the blog… trivial, weird, eecky, whimsical, political, rant, gutspilling… usually sit in, compose, minor typos fix up and post, spending an average of 40 minutes. I am not putting myself at the level of people that actually WRITE. My sincere respects!

    I’m just waiting for the HR snoops in my company to home in and find out what has been going on… “what!?, how could we have hired this nutcase? quick, bring up his file!” 🙂

  • sure i have self doubt…i don’t allow myself to wallow in it though. i’m like less than nobody and say that with a healthy bucket of high self esteem…i feel as insignificant as dust on scales (at times)…but i do, like you said have a support group i run my writing by and they give me feedback, most of it positive. i even submitted my work to an outsider, just to see what my non-friends thought and she loved it..said i had a problem staying in the same voice.

    meleah your mom is so smart, i love what she said…we are our worse critics and don’t give ourselves enough credit, but it’s that HUMILITY that keeps us doing our best and we don’t even know it.

    girl, i already told you, “you da bomb”. i love your writing. i “get it” if that makes any sense, i read it they way you wrote it. it has a lot of feeling, thought and emotion strung into each sentence….with humor. what’s not to love?

  • oh i actually had the Just Do It logo taped all around the house as my reminder. near my computer, near my bed, on the mirror, a lamp.

    how do i get through…i stop making excuses on why i can’t succeed. i stop staying: why not me.

    just do it. set aside a little time at first everyday with the no matter what attitude. use a calendar, a visual, and mark a red X for everyday you write..once you see all those X’s maybe this will give you momentum. also, do not have the internet open when you write….i seem to want to check things when i do. disable your connection. just you and word.

  • I don’t ever think about quitting writing. Writing is a great way for me to escape from the world when I need it. I think what makes it work is that I don’t try and force writing, I write when I have an idea or feel like I have something to write about it. As for the self-doubting, that’s totally natural. Philip K. Dick was the exact same way and he was, without question, one of the best writers of his era.

  • I live with self-doubt like a twin brother. Seldom do I post a chapter I’m happy with and some of them are a bit embarrassing (to me). I get very positive feedback on my writing but I find it hard to believe and think people are just being nice. Still, I feel compelled to write and I’m not sure I could stop if I wanted.

    PS I think your mom is very wise. 🙂

  • Your Mum is incredibly wise. You are a fantastic writer. However, I do understand where you’re coming from. It is so hard to get to where you want to go, to where you want to be as a writer. Some people get there but more don’t. You could have read my mind with this post. I am finding blogging increasingly difficult at the moment – mainly from a not having enough time standpoint. I love to blog but lately I have been dissatisfied with what I am writing. I also hate to not have enough time to visit all my favourites. It’s a vicious cycle with work and family and everything else. I keep going because I have to, because I feel that writing defines me in a way. I think I would be lost without it. I don’t have any answers. All I can say is I understand how you are feeling. Perhaps we can all find a balance together. Don’t give up.

  • Meleah

    Aw. You are the best. Im glad you LOVE my writing. That means a lot to me.
    And um..hello, why dont you write music or lyrics anymore?
    PS: I cannot picture you in an office!!

    No thank you! And Your Welcome!
    There are so not enough hours in a day. Im glad I am not the only one who feels this way! And, yes, there is something about ‘puttin it out there’ that leaves us incredibly vulernerable. Writing is the reason I am alive inside too. It’s the ONLY thing I do for me.

    You are crazy! Thats for sure.

    My Mom Rocks. And SO DO YOU!!

    That’s so awedsome you have a writing group and an outside person for feedback. I think that is essential to the writing process. Sometimes we just need New Eyes to look at the same sentences we’ve been staring at for too long!!

    I’ve just begun a partnership with a WRITING BUDDY and I am psyched about it. (I will be doing a follow up post on that shortly) But for now, I can tell you that I was given The Best feedback, direction, advice & suggestions. As a result I have a brand new fire lit under my a$$.

    Hmm…Maybe I should post that Nike slogan all over my house?

    Ben Byrd:
    Oh I never think about quitting WRITING. Ive written every day since I was 9 years old. Every Single Day. But, I have thought about quitting certain projects…Im glad to hear I am not the only one that struggles with self-doubt

    I ALWAYS think that people are just being nice!! HA!
    I think real writers are very hard on themselves.
    And yes, my mom is super good like that!

    Thank you. Its VERY reassuring to know that YOU could have written this post word for word. I am lucky to have such a supportive and wise Mom!!

    Don’t you just HATE when there is not enough time to Write, Blog & Visit all of your favorites? Last night I was side tracked by an issuse wherein I was unable to write, or blog, OR comment. When I finally went to bed, I felt like my whole evening was wasted. Grrr…

    Oh well. At least today is a new day and hopefully I will find the time to accomplish ALL three!

  • Having written over 125 songs, many short stories, and a lot of silly email. I decided to start a blog (encouraged by our friend) . I love to write. There are times I have stuff to write about but can’t at the moment. So I figure I’ll remember and write it later. (Buzzer) Sorry, I forgot what I was gonna write! Been the same way for years with my music. I get an idea and can’t work on it. Then forget later. My blog, which I have fun writing is mostly right out of my head. You can tell when its pre-written when the font is weird. LOL Sometimes when I travel (a lot) I will write stuff while I’m on the plane. Like the post about Patty Griffin recently. But its usually just a brain dump of silly things that come up in my head, or a story about something that happened once. Anyway, it is real hard for me to find time to do it. A lot of my stuff is written during lunch at work. So I’m eating and typing, cutting and pasting. What I write is how I feel. So if I don’t think I say much in a post, thats ok, because thats me. If I write something really cool, I’m anxious for comments. Write whatever you feel. This is whats its for. I enjoy your thoughts, and stories. So keep going. And the book is interesting too. Sometimes we read our own stuff too much. Like watching a movie too many times. You’re a good writer and we all look forward to whatever you write. Even if you just write that you don’t feel like writing. Remember, you have an audience! Perform!

  • Thanks Meleah!

    Maybe you and your blogger friends need to listen to
    “The YEBEN!® Song” (L)

    Big hugs,

  • Tell yo momma, I have listened to the “Yeben song” and loved it! And as for you and your writing, you could never stop. It’s written into your brains wiring, that you can write. It’s your most creative outlet. I don’t think you’d last long, and if you did you’d become depressed. You have a alot on your plate, with health and work, being a mom, etc. The time will come to you, whether it’s in whole days or 10 minutes here and there. I enjoy every moment here. You have a story to tell. A story that will change someones life, not just yours. I’d leave bloggerville if you and Michael did.

  • I question every single thing I write…
    LOL @ Just look at those crazy contestants on American Idol.

    Listen to your Mom… she’s a smart lady 🙂

  • Meleah

    Wow. I know dood.I know!
    PS: That ‘special’ photo of you?
    Is THE FUNNIEST and BEST thing I have EVER seen in my whole life.
    Thanks for cheering up our buddy. She laughed her ass off to the point of actaul tears!!

    I love you.
    You. Rule.
    Thank you for The Yebens!

    Chef Mom:
    Michael & I aren’t going ANYWHERE!
    I assure you of that.
    Really? You listened to The YEBEN Song?
    That is Awesome!
    That song is straight from when I was 8 years old.
    I am one of the singers on the track!!
    I know I could never quit writing.
    Its impossible.
    It is WHO I AM

    Me too! And yeah…my mom is smart AND funny!
    See….YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER because you dont even KNOW THAT YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER!!

  • oh so true… i go thru it every day… and still have to push sometimes…

    lately i have been working on something i am not sharing on my blog,, and it is kind of hard to write without someone to bounce it off of!!!

  • I rarely admit that I’d like to be a real and true writer. But I’ll admit it to you. I just have no idea where to begin. So I just go through each day thinking maybe someday inspiration and motivation and knowlege will all just hit me and it will be easy and I’ll write something.

    So that’s my strategy. But thanks to this post, I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to go pick up some books about writing and see if there’s a chance I might make it happen someday.

  • I am not an aspiring author, I only blog as a hobby. I do understand time constraints between working and other obligations. I, too, do not want to be stuck working in an office forever. Though my dreams and goals are different than yours, I’m still trying to figure out how to get there. I guess it’s just persistence…and listening to your mother!

    Take care~

    PS Kudos to Michael C too.

  • Meleah

    Yeah…I’ve been BUSTING MY BUTT on The Book. I have the FANTASTIC new WRITING BUDDY and after just One Round of advice and feedback, I feel like I am going in the right direction again. I need a bounce off person!

    Terri Terri:
    Well, woman! Get on that! Books are Great, but hands on communication with fellow writers is even better!

    Employee no.3699:
    I am not built for cubical confinments nor was I built to live on societies clocks. Hopefully, I am young enough to have enough time to get where I want to be in life. * fingers crossed *

    Ive learned the hard way to listen to my mom!

    Isn’t Michael awesome?

  • I just started writing because of low self esteem and depression. It helped.
    Now I just like doing it.

    You are good don’t sell yourself short. There are other ways to measure success than money.

  • I used to read that Michael C dude, but I just think he sucks now. His stuff is soooo boring and he has a very unhealthy obsession with cheese. And seriously, who the hell listens to Barry Manilow anymore?!

    It is reassuring to know that other bloggers/writers feel the way we do and that we can all support each other. It’s a great feeling!

  • Oh Meleah, you darling. How did you know that I so needed this post? Isnt’ it funny that you write something for yourself, to deal with whatever demons are inside your head, and you end up helping other people too.

    To me, this is why I write. We ALL go through this as writers. And you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in that we need to connect with other writers who are dealing with the very same issues. This is why I reached out to you. In helping others, we help ourselves. In helping ourselves, we help others.

    And Michael is right too. Your family is wonderful. Do you think they’d be willing to adopt me? LOL! My family is so dysfunctional but hey, it’s my family. You’ll hear more about that when I send you my shitty first draft.

    When I hear those voices of self-doubt I try to imagine them as dumb asses or complete idiots running around in their underwear. Then I tell them to shut up. Sometimes they listen, mostly they don’t. I have to just hunker down and write while they are standing there hovering over my shoulders telling me “Who the hell are you kidding? You can’t write worth shit! Is that even a language you are writing there? Who’s going to get that crap?” And on it goes….

    We write because we can. We write because we ARE good at it. And we write because something in our soul tells us we have to, or we’re gonna jump off a bridge.

    Love you!!!

  • I go through this, and from now on…I think I’m just going to e-mail your Mom. I LOVE her advice!

  • You know, I still haven’t figured out how to balance all the stuff in my life. When I have it all down, I’ll let you know…;-)

  • cmk

    I used to try to tell myself I was a writer–and then came blogs. I now realize I could never compete with the truly talented, wonderful writers I read every day. My HUNGER to write came about when I was in therapy and needed an emotional outlet–a way to sort out my feelings about things that were going on. Now that my life is a bit more stable, I write because it keeps me in touch with the great people I have met on the interweb. I guess I don’t have any advice for you. I just want to say “DON’T stop writing! Reading you is one of the main highlights of my day!” Whenever you have doubts about yourself, contact me–I’ll give you a pep talk. 😉

    Love you, my dear.

  • Meleah

    Its not about the money. Its about getting to do something you love.

    Michael C:
    Thanks for making me choke/gag with LAUGHTER on your comment.
    And who doesn’t like cheese?
    I’ll ban them from my blog forever!

    You Rock The Casba!

    We both needed ‘this post’

    I am sofa king grateful YOU reached out to ME.
    xxoo xxoo

    My family is always adopting people! Yeah. We will TAKE One Of You Please!

    Cant wait to read your SHITTY draft. I can only HOPE I am as talented as you when it comes to notes and feedback.

    *bites fingernails*

    I am hunkering down ONLY because of YOUR direction. My mom hasn’t seen me THIS fire up in over a YEAR.



    *but, yeah, when you figure IT out? Let me know!*

    Momo Fali:
    Feel Free to Email my MOM. She loves you guys!

    You have me all teary eyed over here!
    I love you.

  • Oh my friend…I think we all go through these periods in our life where we have self doubt. I do it every time I come home from a photoshoot and look at what I took. Each time I almost say I’m quitting but then after I give it some time, edit them, and show others, my confidence is built back up again and I don’t feel so bad. I think we’re all just hard on ourselves and it’s hard to see how talented we may be and judge that ourselves.

    You know you love what you do, right? Honestly…that’s all that matters in the end anyway. Keep typing away! We’d miss you if you weren’t here entertaining us. <3

  • There was a man who fancied himself a writer, but was never completely happy with what he would produce. He wrote draft after draft of various works, until one day in a fit of frustration, he threw his latest finished manuscript into the trash, vowing never to attempt another.

    He and his wife were living in a trailer at the time, and were barely making ends meet. She discovered his manuscript in the garbage, read it, and sent it to a publisher. The man’s first book advance arrived shortly thereafter, and from there there was no looking back. The man was Stephen King, and the book was Carrie.

    You’re a great writer, Mereb. Don’t ever give up.

  • …I think my comment was just lost…

  • Like so many others, I needed this post so very much.

    You know “that” conversation I had with the E-book Lady?? Well, right after that conversation my already-thin confidence dissipated into a scent of what it was….She really has the power to suck the very life outta me, that woman. That conversation coupled with my lack of employment and my family ex-communication…has left me lost, lost, lost.

    Self-criticism is essential, it pushes you to do better. But I agree, how do you bounce back from those self-beat downs when you hardly have time to survive???

    I don’t know the answer. I self-doubted myself right outta my hopes (and opportunities) of seeing my words in print a long time ago, so maybe I’m the WRONG person to chime in on this one…Just don’t let yourself drown in the self doubt…believe me, you’ll never forgive yourself for it.

    You write because you have to and life will HAVE TO accommodate that pressing need, somehow…your stories are restless, they need an out.

    You can do it.

  • Also, put up some more of your writing! (or email some stuff to me if you’re comfortable w/that) I really want to read more of it.

  • I did listen and I think the whole site is great! Your Mom did a great job. Sinc e you were 8!! And you’re on it?! Writing is who you are. NO need to ever change that!

  • Meleah

    Jen Who Loves My Writing:
    Oh. I am not going anywhere. I would die without the written word.
    But, this post has been ever so re-assuring that these feelings are NORMAL. They just come with the territory of being the creative type!
    Meleah Who Loves Your Photography

    I found your comment!
    Shut Up.
    I never knew that!

    Some Girl:
    I really hate that E-book lady, and I can’t stand the POWER she has over you! You helped me take my power back a few months ago, and now it’s my turn to try and help you.

    It makes me very sad to read that your self doubt allowed you to Give Up. I say we need to light a fire under your ass too. Did you read Steph’s comment?? Um, hello!

    (I am sending you an email)

    Ben Byrd:
    I will not be posting anymore of my book on the internet. I just don’t trust putting the words I’ve labored over to be out there for anyone to steal. Yanno?

    Chef Mom:
    You are the BEST for visiting my mom’s Yeben site.
    And yes, I am a WRITER. I will never stop writing.
    In fact, I am in the middle of plotting, and planning, and scheming a way to create a 6 month window of nothing but time.

  • This is a truly inspiraing post! Your mom is my hero, and is completely right. I feel as I am constantly doubting my ability, especially on those days when the words just don’t seem to come out right, or even at all. I blog to take my mind and creativity on a little break from the big writing project(s) I have going. Sometimes it feels like I’m at the keyboard for hours and only come away with a few paragraphs and some silly websites to share with the husband!

  • So where is todays? Entry? LOL We’re Jones-ing!

  • Jay

    Oh gosh, self doubt is my middle name!!

    I did a lot of nodding while reading through this! I think it’s right though, that often it’s the people who are not a lot of good who have all the confidence, and when I’m feeling sane that’s a comfort. LOL!

  • Meleah

    Wonton Sushi:
    Aw. Thanks for dropoing by over here!
    Your husband makes me laugh alot.
    I wish I had MORE hours in front of the keyboard for writing big projects. Unfortunately, my day job sucks up 10 HOURS from every day. Its a miracle I write any blog posts! But, when I do have the time, often I stare at the keys and only walk away with a few sentences. But THAT is better than NOTHING at all!!

    I only post blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!
    Its the only way I can balance the limited time in my life

    Thats soo true!

  • Lee

    I think that self-doubt is the main reason behind the eclectic nature of my blog. I keep trying to hit on that style/topic/approach that will trigger comments and participation in discussion. I would love to consistently get 25 or 30 comments per posts. But then there are the posts that only got one or two comments that I thought were outstanding. Kind of keeps things in perspective.

    But the bottom line is, I am who I am. Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes I’m too full of myself. But I hope I’m never boring. And writing has been good therapy for me. Besides, I get to flirt with cute young women like you because of contacts I’ve made blogging. Life is good!! 😀

  • meleah. Have you gotten Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird yet? You have to. Seriously. There’s a chapter called something like KFKD. You know. K-Fuc*ed. It’s about not listening to that voice that tells you you suck all day long when you’re writing. It makes me smile. But does it help me write what I’m supposed to? Um. No. But I’m closer than I was. Hang in there and buy the book. I’m sure Amazon has it used for about a nickel.

  • Meleah

    Aw. Well, I love your blog. I also hate when I think I wrote something aweosme and no one participates! Blogging has been wonderful for me too. I doubt I could ever walk away. This blog, and all of YOU GUYS are constantly enriching my life. Thats not something I am willing to give up.

    I know. I know. I have to get that book. I promise I will. And, you need to hop to it darling!!

  • Eva

    “My whole life can’t be going to work, fulfilling my duties as a mother, watching TV to drown out the rest of my thoughts and dreams, and simply going to bed. What the hell kind of quality of life is that?”

    When exactly did you visit my brain and find that thought sitting in there? Meleah, you are a fantastic writer. Listen to your Mom! They know best. When you’re 16, that sucks, but after growing out of that phase, we all know better than to doubt their wisdom. 🙂 I want to read all the comments, but it’s late and I’m tired. But I wanted to put in my two cents. I’m not a writer, nor do I aspire to be one – it’s never been my strength or talent. I leave that to the Meleahs and Michael Cs of the world. My talent is numbers. So I’m an accountant. And I enjoy it, truth be told. I know, I know, no one understands that at all. But as an outlet for my creative streak, I have a blog, and it has been a wonderful thing to have in my life, both as a therapeutic tool and a door to some wonderful friendships online. Eh, I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but if you give up your blog…don’t!!! Okay? I mean, c’mon! I just found you like a month ago, fer cryin’ out loud!!!

  • Meleah

    1st of all, how cute are you with your comment!

    I learned a long time ago to listen to my mother…the hard way.

    And just how you leave the writing to Michael & Me, I will be leaving all of the NUMBERS to you. I cant add two plus two on a calculator!! I have a tendency to invert numbers and generally make a mess out of all things mathematical!

    I promise I am not now, and not ever, quitting my blog. This little blog has enriched my life in more ways that I will eve be able to express. And, its helped my writing tremendously!


  • Awwww this was so sweet:

    Meleah Who Loves Your Photography”

  • Meleah

    xxoo xxxoo

  • well…let’s see. I always wanted to be a writer, but never wrote while I was in corporate America. It wasn’t until I left the insanity that I started blogging. The blogging interface somehow made it super easy for me to write every day. I don’t know why, but it did. So…I’m not sure if it was quitting my job, or starting a blog that finally unleashed the hounds.

    I will say this…creativity can be stifled, but it doesn’t die. It’s an innate force. Creativity has always been my habit. I just used it for other people, and then went to bed at night, without using it for me. At work, if management issued a challenge, I’d be the first one to show up, and I’d have 342 ideas in 60 seconds or less. Everybody else wandered in a few days later with one idea. My brain just works that way. Blogging has been my channel where I can apply that amazing energy for my own good.

    I have not yet experienced a “writing block”, other than being stopped in my tracks by events in my life. I still had all the new writing ideas popping into my brain, I just couldn’t lift my fingers to type them. I always have something to write about. (she knocks on wood)

    I have abundant self doubt in many areas of my life. But I don’t doubt my writing because it always feels like my own voice. It’s hard to put this into words. When I hunker down into my observer self and try my best to explain exactly what I see, feel and hear, then my output, what I write, feels good to me. Now……….stepping out and submitting my work for publication? HA! Terror ensues. So, I don’t doubt what I put on paper. I just have fear about “legitimizing” it through publication. I haven’t figured out the whys and wherefores of this yet. But I need to do so….soon. 🙂

  • Meleah

    Oh My Lisa:
    Trying to balance enough TIME to write while working in an office is very difficult to do. Plus blog, plus raise a child.

    ” have not yet experienced a “writing block”, other than being stopped in my tracks by events in my life”



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