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Contemplating / Making Changes around ‘here’

My page takes 800 hours to load, because there are 800 things happening on my page.

I may? have my posts archive per day. Instead of having a whole MONTH of posts on ONE page, just have a single post, per day?


I may chop down on some of the links I have now over in my side bar. I put them all here because I was changing computers. Most of these links were BOOKMARKS on my PC. Now that I have my MAC, I have bookmarked them all again, so there is no need to have 75 gillion links, other than I like knowing there are there and I can access them from amy computer via MOMMA MIA. (who the hell can remember all these links?)

and I just realized, I need to stop writing every little thought I have in my head.

So, yes, my page looks different. I decided to go with one post per day on the page.

All my posts are still here, you can find them in the archives section.

One question? Should I do one post, per day, per page?

Or leave up a week of posts on my page at a time? hmmm….

YUP! These are the difficult decisions I battle today

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