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Climate Control

I am REALLY serious about ‘Climate Control’.

I cannot sleep at night unless it is a minimum of 67 degrees and the Air Conditioning must be blasting at full force. (Sometimes I even add an osculating fan to assist in circulating the cold air.) I’ve also been known to sleep with the window(s) Wide Open during the winter months. But that’s only because I have an awesomely cozy bed, with amazingly comfy blankets and the greatest pajamas ever made.

However. When I am at work (a place I’d rather not be at all)…I would really appreciate it of the temperature was at least semi-bearable. And by that I mean, I am tried of feeling like Dr. Evil in his cryogenic freezing capsule hurling through outer space.

I have said, “It’s friggin freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth” out loud… at least 9 times today. And yet, I am still sitting here with my teeth chattering and blue lips.

Seriously. What is it gunna take for these people to TURN UP THE DIAL on the thermostat. Do I really need a severe case of hypothermia to prove my point?

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  • I’m right there with you – on all counts. I like it nice and cool when I’m sleeping, but OMG it was like the Arctic Zone where I used to work. 🙂 AND I too have borrowed that very line from AP. You know what they say about great minds… 😉

  • nothing worse than being eternally cold.. i would think office production would go up if the temp was more palatable… makes me think about how cold it always is in jail… some definite similarities… work-jail????

  • You’re bed does sound comfortable. I’ve always appreciated a comfortable bed. Perhaps I should get my own. I’ve had my mattress for some time now. I’m ready to make a move and actually get a new one.

    Don’t they have a crew to take care of the temp in your office? Every time someone complains in this office about it they come and make adjustments. One young lady was so tired of the breeze on her neck that the maintenance people went ahead and covered the vent for her.

  • Jay

    Um .. a smack upside the head? LOL!

    Have you considered thermal underwear? Oh, but the day you wore that to work would be the day they turned up the heat, and then where would you be?

  • Meleah

    I am literally wearing a scarf. At my desk.
    I wish I had gloves that I could type with.

    Um Yeah. I feel like a prisoner when I am here.
    That’s for sure!

    I wish I was in my bed right now.
    We don’t even have an IT person let alone building maintenance!

    I need something. Its freeeeeezing in here.
    And then you go outside and sweat bullets.
    I cant stand it!

  • Hey, you sound like me. I love it cool when I sleep. Winter is the best. A window slightly open, flannel sheets, and a big heavy blanket rock! Summer is all about a/c and fans at night. But, when I work, I like it comfortable too. I am much more productive when I’m not freezing….

  • Maybe if you wore a coat, gloves, hat, scarf to work….& never took them off..they would get the hint?

    (Brandy in your coffee cup?)

  • Nope, you just need to start wearing a winter coat in the office, they will look at you and get the point. That don’t work? Fall on the floor and start twitching, people will scatter to go get you a blanket.

  • We have the same issue in our office. Although its opposite of yours. In the summer it’s usually 10 degrees cooler inside than outside. And in the winter, without my handy-dandy heater, it’s 10 degrees warmer inside than outside.

    You’re environmental sleeping requirements would have me hacking and coughing within a day. Although my body temp does produce enough heat to keep me comfortable warm. My sinuses would retaliate…

  • Meleah

    I spend more time trying to warm up than actually working!

    hmmm..Now thats a great idea!


    I cant stand the temperature in here! It is unecessarily cold in here!
    PS: I have very strict sleeping habits

  • Giiiirrrrrl, I love both home and office to be like a meat locker at all times.
    I’d rather wear a sweater than have it warm. 🙂

  • Oh Geez. I’ve definitely been a victim in thermostat wars in the office. There’s always one dumb ass who likes it super hot or super cold and makes everyone suffer. I usually try to go and fart in that person’s office to pay them back. Is that bad of me?! LOL!!

  • Jen

    ya see…id rather be cold. then i can throw on more layers… but at my office for 7 years it has been so warm that I CANNOT wear my favorite sweaters so they have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for years. i have a mini fan that is on every single day blowing right on me.

    No mater what – they can’t get the climate control correct in these large buildings.

    i think i will take the cryogenic freeze any day over sweating my a** off while I’m trying to work. 🙂

  • Jen

    PS: I need it freezing when I sleep too – that ceiling fan is on HIGH as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can so relate. Thank goodness my co-worker finally switched desks with me. I had the vent directly above me blowing constantly. I was freezing all the time, even during a hot flash!

    Can you put a small heaterf under your desk? That’s what I used to do.

  • Being a thin gentleman, I always freeze where ever I am. I need to get a job in a warm climate, like renting jets ski’s to co-eds. C’mon, honey want a ride?

  • cmk

    While I do have the ‘regulating my body temp’ issues and love having the indoor temp being at no more than 68 ALWAYS, things seem to have changed–at least for the short term. With fall sinking its teeth firmly into our area, I am actually *GASP* feeling chilled in the evenings! Of course, this coincides with the cost of home heating going up, so I am right on course: champagne tastes with beer money. 🙂 Hope you get YOUR temp problems worked out–I’m working on mine.

  • Maybe you should put some fake snow on his desk, and sing Christmas songs. Maybe that will grab his attention. ;o)

  • Meleah

    I think you might work IN my office. Thats how these ladies are!

    I think thats perfectly normal behavior!

    Jen R:
    Oh COLD sleeping is the best. I love when I roll over in the middle of the night and flip the pillow to the COLD side. Ahhhhhhh

    yano. I did put a small heater under my desk. It helps, but it can realy dry out my contacts so while I can feel my fingers again to type, I am blinded by dry eyes. I think I just need to work from home forever as a writer and then I can always be in my pajamas and remain in charge of the climate!

    Yeah. I am cold still when its 80 degrees out too. But the office temp is insane.

    OMG I also have champagne tastes with beer money.

    Fake snow and Christmas music is *AWESOME* and *HYSTERICAL*.

  • Love your jammies!

    Aren’t offices ALWAYS cold? When the heat is running, it’s never warm enough and when the A/C is running it’s ALWAYS too cold! I keep a black hoodie at work at all times.

  • We have similar sleeping needs (must have fan on! must have window open!)

    But at work I am one of the hotties. We have the battle going on that most office do, and I am one of the “put on a sweater if you’re cold” people, we usually lose the battle so I have a fan at my desk.

  • I used to be like you – now that I have a frickin’ hot flash every 10 minutes I can’t seem to get cool enough. Literally sweat runs down my face in a room that is like 50 degrees. Something to look forward too….

  • Meleah

    I love all of my pajamas! Thanks! As far as the climate in my office I think if I show up in my grandmothers mink coat they might raise the temperature.

    Im so confused because we have been doing some serious cut backs in the office, such as, we no longer have STICKY NOTES. If we want sticky notes, we are supposed to purchase our own…but apparently, its just fine and dandy to leave the AC on full blast all day. What the….?

    That is because we really do have So.Much.In.Common!!
    (sleeping conditions.)

    Great. I just can’t wait for that!

  • Eva

    I didn’t read all the way through the comments, but I keep a cashmere sweater at my desk that I wear when they decide to send us north of the Arctic Circle for the day. It’s soft on my skin and oh so very warm and cozy. Next best thing to a sweatshirt, and office appropriate! Geez, I sound like an idiot with my comment, but I am all about my cashmere sweater.

    p.s. I like your pj’s too!

  • OK. I’m totally for having the a/c on full force when I go to bed. The fact is, I’d rather be cold than hot. Besides, you can always get more blankets and warm jammies if it’s cold ya know?

    And as for work (you’re so gonna hate me)…I have the same sentiments. I’m sorry, but I can’t function if it’s hot! I gotta have the a/c “ON,” not “OFF.” A once told a co-worker (she was freezing) here’s my sweater 😛 Oh and I have another coat in the car if you want it.

    One thing I never thought I’d see is someone bring in a mini-heater. This was at an old job of mine… Some girl literally went so far as to bring a little portable heater and placed it flat on her desk. Now I’ve seen fans. But a heater? That was different. And interesting.

  • I’d gladly trade temperatures with you right now Meleah. It’s so hot here and even with the air conditioning on, I feel like I’m melting by the minute …

  • A fellow at work keeps a heater under his desk; me on the other hand I’d love to move my desk into any of the telco rooms… ahhhh… nice arctic cold 24x7x365 🙂

  • Meleah

    Cashmere Is Awesome!!

    Ricardo B:
    I have and use and LOVE my portable heater!

    That would make me miserable too!


  • I can totally relate. My boss is very tight when it comes to heating or cooling. I have been freezing for most of this winter at work and now that summer is on the way I know I will be roasting. I think the only way to cope is for me to quote Dr. Evil too. Hahaha.

  • Meleah

    Ugh. My office is the opposite.

    Whatever season it is OUTSIDE its the opposite temperature in my building.

    Summer = Office is Freezing (So I have to wear winter clothes!)
    Winter = Office is an Inferno (So I have to wear summer clothes!)

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