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Clarification Once And For All

Um, I am extremely embarrassed right now. I have been running around leaving comments on all of your blogs, but instead I want to make this CLEAR. Once and for all.

When I posted this “Obituary” on Friday, THIS was at the very top of the post …….. [email from my mom]……..

I don’t know how? or why? or what? I must have hit when I cleaning things out of this blog and some of the comments, but that sentence was somehow deleted from the top of that post.

Since I decided to drop off the face of the earth for the entire weekend. I didn’t see any of the 27 comments left by you, UNTIL THIS MORNING. I had no idea that everyone has been running around the internet and giving me credit for something I DID NOT WRITE. I wish I did, but I am not that brilliant.

I have NO IDEA who the real author is. It was just an email that my mother sent to me. I loved it so much, I posted it.

Please accept my apologies for any misunderstanding. But I do not feel comfortable having people walking around thinking I wrote this.

Now I will drop of the face of the internet and bury my head in the sand with shame until I am no longer humiliated by this experience.

[Revised: After spending the day freaking out and searching all over the internet for the original Author, I received a comment from one Homer Simpson who thankfully sent me in the right direction. The original Author is: Lori Borgman. The original content of original post can be found: HERE!]

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  • LOL 🙂
    That happened to me too! Only my post clearly stated that it was an email and still people thought I wrote it… Don’t be embarrassed! Shit happens! 🙂

  • Meleah

    Oh Thank God YOU said that. I have these two awards I don’t even want to claim / accept because I feel like I look like a FRAUD n shit!

  • Had it happen too. Now I put the credit in huge red letters.

  • Meleah

    Thank you Hammer! Yeah, IN THE FUTURE….I think I need to make it MORE OBVIOUS than just a [email from my mom] small and italicized.

  • Hey it was a great read and I’m glad you posted it.

    PS: All the stuff you write is just as good – went on television blog and it was great

  • Mereb, Don’t give it a second thought!! You are a great writer in your own right! You deserve all of your awards!!

  • That’s happened to me even with a disclaimer that I didn’t write whatever it was. Yet people miss the fine print. Nothing to be embarrased about.

  • Meleah

    Random: Thank you so much. I’m starting to feel a little better.

    HollyGL: Thank you for giving me the award. And for always always always being so supportive.

    Ricardo: okay so THREE people went through this also. I feel MUCH better now.

  • What you’re talking about? What did I miss?
    (looking confused)

  • Meleah

    RMH: The post below. was not written by me. But all kinds of people were giving me all kinds of credit. I felt terrible. Hammer (whom I barley know) and YOU guys made me feel better. (a little) Maybe I will feel (all) better tommorrow.

  • Homer Simpson
  • Meleah

    Thank you HOMER SIMPSON ( with no website)

  • what matters is we all felt it,,, the same way you did…. i probably would never have seen it if it wasn’t for your post… so i thank you over and over again for sending it out here so we could all enjoy it……

  • Meleah

    Paisley, I feel so much better haven been able to GIVE proper credit where credit was do. I also sent the “original” writer of the post an email letting her know what happened as well.

    (and thank you paisley. It is the content that needed to be OUT HERE.)

  • No worries M.

  • Meleah

    Thanks Goldy. I was waiting for people to start throwing rocks at me!! I feel better having linked the rightful author now!


  • Meleah

    After I sent an email TO the Author… I received THIS email FROM the Author.

    (Now I feel like I can finally put this to rest.)

    Hi, Meleah,

    The piece you have posted is actually a rip off of the original that someone has plagarized and then modified.

    Here is a link to the original in it’s entirety.


    If you post it, please post it in its entirety. Thanks much!

    I appreciate your integrity in seeking to credit me as the author.

    Best regards,


  • FV


    I’m back with a vengeance!!! HAHAHAHA

    Sorry I’ve been away for a little while….missed ya!

    After reading every post of this blog all I can think of is:

    Let the first who has not committed a sin cast the first stone. I think you are safe Mel so smile 🙂


  • Loz

    And I’ve amended the post on my site to give credit to the original author too. I guess the important thing is that it struck a chord with a lot of people and in doing so prompted comments. Don’t feel bad about it.

  • Lis

    But you shared it with us! That’s a good thing!

  • Oh, you are too gorgeous!!!
    Don’t worry about it!!
    Everyone has done a similar silly!!

    You are such a wonderful writer, everyone naturally believed you’d written it – that says something, darling!!!


  • Meleah that is too funny! I don’t know why you would think you were not capable of writing it though. We obviously thought you were! Nonetheless, everyone is right, it was a good post and we never would have had opportunity to read it only for you!

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