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Some of you may already know that I love to people watch. As such, I have developed quite an eye for spotting Celebrity-Look-A-Likes. Even when it comes to my own family.

Take for instance my cousin Seth and his wife Ava.


They could pass themselves off as Christopher Meloni and Isabella Rossellini

We also have my Aunt Bea who may [or may not] look like an even older version of Jane Fonda.

And needless to say everyone already knows how My Father looks almost exactly like Tony Bennett.

But, as of late, I have taken this gift to spot ‘Celeb Look A Likes’ – outside of my family.

There was that time when I realized just how much Robert O’Ryan (stalker of Dancing with the Stars contestant Shawn Johnson) looked almost exactly like Mark Wahlberg circa the movie ‘Rock Star’

[*That is if Mark Wahlberg was a homeless person, and a psychopath.*]

And, then…

There was that time at my local country club wherein my son noticed what could have been ‘The Real Benjamin Button’.

This STILL makes me laugh out loud.

And lastly, this past Saturday night, while trying to attend the Tribal Blogs Slumber Party, I became very distracted.

You see, my very best friend [otherwise known as Amy The Bartender or ATB for short] and I possibly witnessed a real live version of ‘The Best’ – Celeb Look A Like.

*I’m sorry that this photo is VERY grainy and kind of out of focus. But that’s only because it’s pretty difficult to take a picture of an unsuspecting individual, across the room, of a dark bar, without a flash, and without getting noticed!

So tell me boys and girls…

1. Have you ever seen a celebrity look a like?

2. And if so, have you ever tried taking a photo of them, without their knowledge?

3. Have YOU ever been confused as a celebrity?

4. Does anyone in your family, look like a celebrity?

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  • Please do!

  • HA!, Yes I totally get it! And I freaking love you!

  • cmk

    So, K just told me that I probably DID see Rafalski in the mall. Great–and I could have talked to him, at least.

    Also. K told me that he HAS seen a celebrity–when he was in the Navy and in Rome. He can’t remember WHO it was and he didn’t care all that much at the time. And this is the first I have heard of this! That man is a bundle of secrets/untold stories, for sure. Even after almost 38 years, that man can surprise the hell out of me.

  • Oh man. Sorry you missed the chance to talk to Rafalski.
    And your hubby K sure has some interesting secrets!

  • I thought your Dad was Tony Bennett. Hahaha.

    And the resemblance your cousin has to Christopher Meloni and his wife to Isabella Rossellini is amazing.

    I love trying to find people who look like celebrities. It’s so much fun!

  • Me too, Selma. It’s a lot of fun when you notice the similarities.

  • 1/ Yes 2/ No 3/..No but some wanted posters in the post office have made me nervous… 🙂 4/Family no but my neighbor who parks beside me looks like what’s her name from Sex in the City and hates the fact I nicknamed her “Buns of Steel” … 🙂

  • Sarah Jessica Parker?

  • that’s the one…:)

  • I don’t know any celebrity look-a-like, but I think Jeff looked an awful lot like that man at the party I was at last year 🙂

  • cmk

    I think he learned his ‘secret keeping’ from his father. Now, THAT man had some secrets! He knew everyone during prohibition that was making bootleg whiskey AND he knew how all the rich people in the area made their money. How? He delivered for the local grocery store, so he was privy to whoever got the extra rations–and also ALL of the gossip. The man died with all of his secrets intact. I wish he would have written them down for posterity.

  • Who cares who Aunt Bea looks like! She looks like she’d be a hoot! As for your cousin Ava, wayyy prettier than Isabella Rosellini! My mom looks like Bett Midler and/or Joy Behar. Sadly, my husband doesn’t look like Edward Cullen. But I’m hoping that with age he’ll take on that whitish sexy vampire thing Edward has going on….a girl can hope.

  • She’s got a KILLER body. But not such a great face.

  • Jeff?

  • OMFG – My great grandmother [Poppa Sye’s MOM] she used to bootleg back in
    the days of prohibition. She owned a hotel, and used to ask the COPS to help
    carry her heavy luggage filled with “JAMS”! Of course she was really
    carrying liquor in her suitcases!

  • A girl CAN hope, Sandra!

  • God your dad is a ringer for good old Tony. The last one of the cat lady has an exact match with one of the housewives of miami’s mother here is a pic: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CtH1OGC5zp0/TZN_UmVv-HI/AAAAAAAAACo/oDxboDTYlTw/s1600/elsa%2Bpatton%2Bmugshot.jpg

  • OMG!!! HA!

  • Anonymous

    people always tell me i look like either Armand Assante, or Scott Baio

  • Yes. YES, you DO look like Scott Baio!

  • I’ve been told throughout my life that I look like Kristy McNichol (younger years), that chick who played Fallon Carrington on Dynasty, Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, and someone from The West Wing (I don’t know, I never watched the show.) It all depends on my hair color and my weight. In his younger years, my husband looked a little like Keanu Reeves. As for real or imagined celebrity sightings. I’m lame that way. Usually I’m stepping on some famous person’s toes and not realizing who it is until later.

  • Yes! You do kind of look like Leah Remini now that you mention it.

  • I just thought of a funny celebrity encounter. My friend and I were in the bathroom at a concert and I noticed that Renee Zellweger was in line ahead of us. My friend said to her, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ellen Barkin?”
    Renee just smiled and looked down at her shoes.
    Afterward I asked my friend why she told Renee Zellweger she looked like an actress nearly 20 years her senior. My friend said: Who the heck is Renee Zellweger??!!

  • I think I can see that about you – having looked at your FB photos!

  • YES! She’s hot. I’ll take it!



    That’s HYSTERICAL.

    I love that story.

    And you’re friend is kinda right!

    Renee DOES look a little like Ellen!

  • I have a friend who looks exactly like Michael Weatherly. (Dark Angel, not NCIS.) And personally, I look a lot like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.

  • NO WAY. You do NOT!

  • Believe it.

  • NOPE!

  • Lots of folks have told me I look like hell.

  • HA!

  • I always get that I look just like (insert the name of some guy you think is super hot here).

  • AH ha! Thank you!

  • Ahahahahahahah.

  • Roshan

    I’ll try to get a photo of hers and show it to u. Uncanny resemblance.

  • I’ve never been confused for a celebrity. 🙁

    My son Jake at three years old though… people CONSTANTLY told us he looked like Peter Billingsley, aka Messy Marvin, aka Ralphie from a Christmas Story.

  • Ahaahahhaha. And AW!!!!!

  • Meangirlgarage

    I pretty much love your Aunt Bea. The End.

  • Meangirl,

    Oh she’s the best.

    A few years back, at a family gathering, in the middle of dinner, out of
    NOWHERE, Aunt Bea blurted out, “Do you guys really think Howard Stern has a
    small penis?”

    I died laughing.


    Then I came back to life – and laughed some more.

  • Meangirl,

    Oh she’s the best.

    A few years back, at a family gathering, in the middle of dinner, out of
    NOWHERE, Aunt Bea blurted out, “Do you guys really think Howard Stern has a
    small penis?”

    I died laughing.


    Then I came back to life – and laughed some more.

  • Jules

    I saw someone at my hotel who looked exactly like Callie from Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t take a picture of her but she said she gets that a lot.

  • Maybe it was REALLY her?

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  • I’ve been told that I look like a couple of different celebrities over the years, although I’d never heard of any of them. I would Google Image the name, but I would never see the resemblance.

    That’s crazy – your dad looks just LIKE Tony Bennett!

  • He really does… Right?!

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