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NaBloPoMo | Day 5: Hurricane Sandy – Part Five

In case you haven’t already heard the totally-super-awesomenews, the power in my neighborhood has been restored, and I am back home. Holy happiness, Batman. * throws confetti * I will be back to posting, blogging, updating, tweeting, facebooking, and working on my novel, right after I catch up on some much needed sleep! Until then… […]

30 Days Of Photography | Day 30: Blackout

* FYI: I am totally breaking the rules, again. The following events occurred back in March 2010* * Also, Ziva and MWJ are totally psychic because we are in the midst of Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm in history to EVER hit New Jersey. And I can almost guarantee we will be IN an actual BLACK […]

30 Days Of Photography | Day 25: Video

Um… Yeah. I am totally breaking the rules, again. But this is my very favorite video that I ever made. Carry on.   And these are my two favorite photos from that video. Courtesy of: Jen Rinaldi Photography         * I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people. Share […]

Goodbye, Summer – 2012

Well… What can I say other than it’s been quite an eventful summer over here.   * My 16 year old son, Justin, started driving. * We managed to survive without air conditioning. * I took a lot of photos. * This blog turned SIX years old. * Season five of the television show Breaking Bad […]

Philadelphia Blogger Meet Up – 2012

Last weekend I had an absolute blast meeting up with fellow bloggers and long time friends: Kathy, Valerie, and Ron. In fact, it was pretty totes amazeballs. We shared a lot of laughs, wonderful conversation, a lot of love, and some really great food. Getting together definitely added a new dimension to our relationship. And […]

The People Of Walmart

Well, people. It’s official. I’ve become one of them. I’m now a card-carrying member of ‘The People From Walmart’ and proud of it. And here’s why. Yep. That’s right. Nothing says, “Good Times” quite like getting caught on camera, mildly intoxicated, hula-hooping in the middle of the aisle, wearing pajamas and flip-flops, at 1am, after […]

Happy Mother’s Day – 2012

Well… Since my son was born on May 10th I was actually able to leave the hospital with him for my very first Mother’s Day, way back in 1996. So I think the following video is quite fitting to celebrate the occasion. After all, he’s the reason I’m a mother. Oh, and if you ever […]

Happy 16th Birthday, Whosteen!

Yep. That’s right. My baby bird is sixteen years old, today.     Over the years, I’ve always tried to give my son gifts that are ‘meaningful’ and not just ‘materialistic.’ Like when he turned twelve, I wrote him this letter. And when he turned thirteen, I made him this video montage. When he turned […]

My Daddy and The Paper Towels

Ever since my “friend” Melody broke her box I haven’t told you any stories. At least not a real story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And it’s about time I fixed that. Onward. I talk about My Father a lot. Why? Because he’s friggen hilarious. For those of you who don’t know […]

Happy New Year MoFo’s – Wrapping up 2011

What…a crazy year I had. Let’s recap. Shall we? January started off with a mean case of writers block that ultimately ended with the purchase of a pair of Pajama Jeans. Followed by ‘The Snowpocalyse’ wherein we received over 20 inches of snow and included a video of my crazy ‘No-Garbage-Neighbor’ shoveling out his car […]

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