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So … This Happened. [MMA Edition]

This past summer, my son, JCH aka Whosteen, trained and fought in his VERY FIRST MMA Competition. And after only 3 months of training – he went up against a man twice his size with 5 years of training. Here’s what happened! Enjoy! VIDEO WITH EDITING AND MUSIC: RAW FOOTAGE: Share This!

Soooooooo … This Happened

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My Dancing Daddy

We interrupt this blog – and your day – with the greatest video EVER made. This is my father taking a little “dance break” while working alone, in the office, on Sunday. ENJOY!!   Share This!

Dear Apple,

After seven years as a loyal and dedicated customer – happily singing your praises, making videos of my undying love for your products, and spending ridiculous amounts of unpaid hours defending your honor – I never thought things would come to this. And all I can say is, “WHAT THE FUCK?” I truly loathe this […]

Have You Ever – Volume Eight

Have you ever been totally-super-psyched because your brother’s getting married again, but you’re even more excited this time because you seriously love his bride and you’re thrilled she’s going to be the sister you’ve always wanted. And then you have the time of your life at your brother’s wedding, because it was the best wedding […]

Happy 20th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

I think it’s especially fitting the two of you were married on Valentines Day because your love is the kind of love that inspires fairy tales, and romantic movies, complete with happily ever after endings. I love you both with my whole entire heart. This is my gift to you.     Thank you, Mom […]

The Reason Why – I Am The Queen of TMI

*WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT*   Once upon a time, there was a girl named Meleah. She was a free-spirited, good-time-having, happy-go-lucky, kind of girl, filled with whimsical hopes and dreams. She lived to laugh. And she liked to imagine a world with endless possibilities.       But then one day, everything changed. […]

Welcome to Grey Gardens

  Well, people. It’s official. I’m old. I am old as fuck. But I am not talking in terms of age. I’m talking in terms of bodily functions. I am just plain old. Why? Well …   It’s not just because I collect social security due to my failing health issues. And it’s not just […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 25: Thanksgiving 2012 – The Movie Edition

I cannot even begin to tell you how many hours I spent trying to perfect this video last night. Also, I’d like to apologize for the excessive tweets I accidentally sent out, alerting people this movie was live, only to find it had been marked “private” or had been “deleted” altogether. I completely forgot my […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 6: Hurricane Sandy – Part Six

Wanna know the first thing I did when I walked in the door of my house, after the power was restored, and after thanking the heavens above? Cleaned. Yep. That’s right. I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. Before I unpacked. Before I took a shower. Before I ate any food. Before I […]

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