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Doing Things Differently™ – My Week In Review [Part Two]

[Week Two: February 8 – 13] *Sorry this is being posted a few days late. Ongoing stomach issues have thrown off my whole routine. DAMMIT. Anyway… Yes, I am still ‘Doing Things Differently™’! And I am loving it! However I can’t decide whether or not to write these particular posts in the ‘First Person’ or […]

We Interrupt This Blog

I am interrupting my regular blog posting to bring to you: not one, but TWO, very excellent contests! 1. Enter The ‘BURN NOTICE’ Contest For Your Chance To WIN An All-New Hyundai Genesis Coupe’! Yes! Seriously! And, 2. Enter The ‘WHITE COLLAR’ Contest For Your Chance To WIN An All-New ‘Ford Taurus’! So, if you’re […]

Seriously? I Can NOT Stop Singing This Song!

And, this is why I still love American Idol. Because this show would be nothing without The Crazies. Share This!

My Dangerous New Obsession

Really. Truly. Seriously. I am completely mesmerized with this television series. And I think EVERYONE should watch at least One Episode! Share This!

Let’s Talk Some Summer Television

[Now, before anyone yells at me! YES! I have been working diligently on my book. In fact, Chapter 10, 11, 12 and 13 are ALMOST finished and they will be posted in the near to immediate future. Just as soon as I make a few decisions.] That being said. Let’s talk some ‘Summer Television’ shall […]

Involuntary Solitary Confinement May Lead To More Productivity

While I am still on my ‘forced facebook hiatus’ I have plenty of time to take care of all the other things in my life that tend to get overlooked due to excessively abusing Facebook. Yanno, the simple things, like showering, shampooing (and conditioning) my hair, brushing my teeth, doing the laundry.  Wow. I had […]

Online Booty Call

Okay, um…I am not sure if anyone here has ever seen the commercial for a new website called ‘onlinebootycall’ [which will now be referred to as OBC] because it usually only airs on television from 3am until 6am. When I first saw the commercial I wondered if it was fake. I thought for sure at […]

The Best Commercial. EVER.

I really LOVE this commercial. And lately, I cant help but find myself oddly attracted to Ajay Bhatt! Share This!

Meleah Is Back To Writing Thinking And Speaking In The Third Person.

And now, Meleah’s week in review. Brought to you, ‘Facebook Status Update’ Style! Last Monday, Meleah woke up after only three hours of sleep the night before. She had a crucial doctors appointment that she could not miss. Meleah doesn’t like being surrounded by sick people, but she at least she doesn’t show up at […]


I have decided the only sport I am willing to participate in this year will be watching House Marathons on TV. Oh and Chapter Three along with Chapter Four have now posted for your reading enjoyment. Or you may start reading the rough draft of my book from the beginning, by clicking HERE. Share This!

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