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All Things TV

Once a week, usually on Tuesdays, I will be posting on my TV blog – aptly named Melevision. After my posts are live, I will add the link below – therefore updating this very post weekly too. All you have to do is click on the title. Enjoy!   * ——– Watched & Reviewed ——– […]


HELLO IT’S ME AND I’M STILL ADDICTED TO WATCHING TOO MUCH TV …   It’s been a while. Yeah. Like, a really long while. Whatevs. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with details, excuses, or dramatic re-enactments explaining my disappearance. Aint nobody got time for that.   However? And, luckily for y’all… My undying […]

As Seen On TV: The Facial Hair Edition

It’s no secret that I love infomercials because I’ve written about that before. As a result of my unbridled enthusiasm for all things As Seen On TV, I am the proud owner and wearer of Pajama Jeans. In fact, I am single handedly responsible for making other people, including my mother and my brother’s girlfriend, […]

Opposite Girl

Once Upon A Time, there lived a girl named Meleah, who loved her blog so very much. Except that she never has the time to update it because she’s still very busy, and has been, for the past Eleven Weeks, in a row, while holed up in a tiny corner of her house working on […]

Have You Ever? – Volume Three: The Blog Dump Edition

Have you ever been so involved with a particular project it consumes every moment of your life – including your dreams? And that very same project takes over so much that you don’t have time to shower, or brush your teeth, or change your pajamas, or even enjoy the little things you love, such as: […]

Dear Common Sense,

I really miss you. More than I ever thought I would. And…quite frankly? As a nation, we need you back. Like, immediately. I remember the day you left us, as if it was yesterday. I discovered your obituary precisely on July 6, 2007 at 12:35 pm. And while I mourned your passing, somehow, I was […]

Channeling My Inner ‘Chris Turk’.

The word ‘NO’ is not something my son hears very often. And that’s not because I spoil him, far from it. It’s mostly because he really doesn’t ask for very much. He does his homework, without me having to pester him. He cleans up after himself. He makes his own breakfast. And, he’s usually pretty […]

Sesame Street, Katy Perry, Boobs, And Disney Characters

[WARNING: Another title for this post could have been: ‘Wherein I Rant And Possibly Offend Many Readers’.] Onward…. I’m sure by now you have all seen [and/or heard] about the drama that ensued regarding singer Katy Perry’s skit with Elmo. Yes?  If not, here’s the clip that everyone’s talking about. Apparently, that skit was deemed […]

Tina Fey, Liz Lemon

I am partial when it comes to ‘All Things’ Tina Fey. Because as far as I am concerned, I could watching still frames of her facial expressions on a continual loop and laugh all day. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s hilarious. She’s cutting edge. She is totally-super-awesome. And, she is my hero. The End. I’ve […]

Doing Things Differently™ – My Week In Review [Part Six]

[Week Six: March 6th – 12th] * For those of you who are NEW to ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or NEW to reading this blog, may I suggest you click on, and read, the links provided in the first paragraph of this post? I think that might clear up any confusion!* Once Upon A Time, A […]

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