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NaBloPoMo | Day 13: Knee Jerk Reactions

“The results of your MRI revealed an unspecified bone marrow abnormality in your right knee. Here’s a copy of the test results. Please contact either your rheumatologist or your family physician, as soon as possible, so they can determine whether or not to go ahead with a full body bone scan.”     It’s not […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 12 : The Power of Saying, “No.”

Saying, “No!” seems like it should be easy enough. It’s two little letters. It’s one simple word. And while I have no problem saying, “No!” when it comes to my son, I’ve had difficulty saying, “No!” when it comes to other family members and sometimes even my friends. By a show of hands, who else […]

30 Days Of Photography | Day 21: Broken

  * I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people. Share This!

We Interrupt This Blog With Medical Updates – Part 2

This is an email I received from a very dear friend of mine. I hope your body leaves you alone. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re a strong woman dealing with your health issues. maybe we don’t see the behind the scenes feeling, but you seem to handle everything well, rolling with the […]

30 Days Of Photography | Day 1: Shiny

  * I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people.     Share This!

On Writing…

Disclaimer: It’s been a while since I’ve written a decent blog post. And for some reason, I find that writing in the third person, or writing in my ‘have you ever’ voice is always the best way for me to get warmed up. I think the last time I wrote anything, in the first person […]

How New Bedding Changed One Woman’s Life

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Meleah. And at some point during the year 2003 she bought her very first set of big girl bedding, complete with a silk duvet cover and accenting throw pillows. Gone were the days of futons, and mismatched sheets, and stained comforters. She had thrown those out […]

Dear Medicare,

Lemme get something straight. According to a late night TV commercial your company is willing to cover the cost for “Pos-T-Vac” so that an 80 year-old man can still get a hard-on. But you’re NOT willing to cover prescription cough syrup for people suffering from bronchitis. Really? Signed, Not sick just confused. ** ** ** […]

Would You Ever Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s no secret that I’ve undergone plastic surgery. In fact, I wrote about it here. So it should come as no surprise when I say that I am PRO doing whatever may be necessary to make yourself feel better about your own appearance. Because, let’s face it. There’s nothing worse that being uncomfortable in your […]

Broke Box Mountain

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Melody. She has reddish-brown hair and big brown doe eyes.  She lives at home with her loving parents and her teenage son.  She spends most of her time inside of her pretty purple paradise, wearing comfy cozy pajamas, reading blogs, working on her novel, smoking Newport […]

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