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Once Upon a Time, There Was a Girl and a Boy …

Y’all, I seriously don’t even know where to begin a story that’s been 26 years in the making. Twenty-six – painstaking, heartbreaking, death-defying – years. Which is why I’ve been absent from the Internet, for like, forever. Also? There are new and delicate privacy issues I’ve had to consider. Things I’ve never had to consider […]

Have You Ever – Volume Nine – The Quitter Edition

  Have you ever tried really, really, really hard – and repeatedly – to make yourself feel better, but nothing seems to work? And no matter what you do, or how you do it, you just keep on getting sick, and you just keep on getting sicker, and you keep having flare ups, and you […]

I Can Haz The Flu

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What’s In Your Bag?

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person who feels the need to be completely prepared for any type of emergency at all times. Or, have I finally crossed the line into full-blown-crazyville? I will let you, my darling readers, decide. But first, I should probably explain myself.  There are two specific reasons for […]

The Reason Why – I Am The Queen of TMI

*WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT*   Once upon a time, there was a girl named Meleah. She was a free-spirited, good-time-having, happy-go-lucky, kind of girl, filled with whimsical hopes and dreams. She lived to laugh. And she liked to imagine a world with endless possibilities.       But then one day, everything changed. […]

Welcome to Grey Gardens

  Well, people. It’s official. I’m old. I am old as fuck. But I am not talking in terms of age. I’m talking in terms of bodily functions. I am just plain old. Why? Well …   It’s not just because I collect social security due to my failing health issues. And it’s not just […]

My Next Big Thing

I am happy to be participating in a blog hop called, “My Next Big Thing.” I was tagged by fellow blogger and writer, June O’Hara, of The Nuerosis Files and asked to answer ten questions about my most recent writing project. Here are my responses:   1. What is the working title of your book or […]

Happy New Year MoFos – Wrapping up 2012 – Welcoming 2013

  2012 was an interesting year for me, to say the least. I really took a beating health wise. But it wasn’t all bad. Let’s recap. Shall we? In January, my dearest friend “Melody” was forced to climb Broke Box Mountain. And quite frankly, I hope she never has to climb that mountain, ever again. […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 28: Seasons Greetings

Um… You know you spend a LOT of time at the hospital when they start sending you CHRISTMAS CARDS instead of just the usual bills. I’m not even kidding, y’all. I received a Happy Holidays/Seasons Greetings card from the technician Bob who was in charge of my full body bone scan. And it was signed […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 19: Full Body Scan

“The technician missed her vein! The injection didn’t go into her blood stream! Page Dr. Lizensczhacts! STAT!” The flustered nurse screamed across the Emergency Room. The skin on my arms bubbled up until it was covered with welts and blisters. The heart monitor beeped loudly and the oxygen mask strapped to my face felt suffocating. […]

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