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Where Do You Write?

My good friend, Lisa, author of the blog ‘That’s Why’ recently wrote this blog post. Lisa shared intimate details with us regarding her family, her writing process, how she’s evolved as a writer. And she gave us an inside look, through out time, where she does her writing, complete with photos. At the end of […]

I Could…

I could write this blog post about how amazing things have been, ever since the day my boyfriend came into my life. But, that would take forever. And it’s enough already with the fairy dust and rainbows. I could write about how from the moment I met Sonny, I knew he was ‘The One’ I’ve […]

Good Bye Mexico

While its been wonderful on vacation, we’ve had tons of fun, lots of sun, and loads of laughs, I am ready to leave. I miss the small things like watching television. I miss sleeping in my own bed. I miss my friends. I miss fabreeze & scented candles. I miss all of the things that […]

The Mayan Ruins

My family and I traveled out to tour the Mayan Ruins in Copan Mexico. I have to tell you, I really tried to get into the spirit of this event. According to The Mayan Ruins website: The art of Copan surpasses that of the Petén and is strikingly individual. The beautifully carved fragments of its […]

Why I Dont Talk To Strangers

The men in my family tend to end up in conversations with strangers. Strangers that are willing to admit Too Much Information. *The Daily Updated Vacation Photos can be found HERE!* Share This!

When Dining Out In Mexico

Its probably a good idea to have at least One Person that paid attention in Spanish Class seated at your table. *The Daily Updated Vacation Photos can be found HERE!* Share This!

Here Comes The Sun

Someone found my roof top oasis. That someone is my son JCH. He decided to join me yesterday afternoon to soak up some rays. This was our conversation. JCH: Um, yanno…there isn’t very much sun up here. [Not two seconds after those words left his lips…the clouds moved, the sun appeared, and gleamed upon us […]

Fun With Salt & Pepper

My poor son JCH is the only teenager on this vacation. I feel so badly for him. Just look at how bored he is. While all of the kiddies are having fun with their parents, him & I are pretty much on our own. However, its not exactly fun for a 12 year old to […]

Just Some Time Alone – In Mexico – On A Roof Top

While I love spending time with my family…sometimes, it can be slightly overwhelming to be surrounded by that many people at once. Therefore, yesterday, I took some much needed alone time. But, I wasn’t sure how to ‘get away’ while on a vacation. Alas, I discovered the Roof Top. Oh. My. God. The roof top […]

How I Spend My Mornings On Vacation

I have never been a morning person. I will never be a morning person. However, since I have been on this Family Vacation, I have been quite the early bird. Maybe my ‘rise & shine’ mind set is because I don’t want to miss out on anything. Or, it could be simply because of how […]

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