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Lima Beans

So…. This is what happens when your 21 year-old-son comes back – from college, for the weekend – to do laundry & eat a home-cooked meal. Even though we’re finally face-to-face, apparently, we still only communicate through phones/apps. Like DITTY.   JCH TO ME: MY REPLY: Share This!

Elf On A Shelf – The ‘Angry’ Jewish Version

Wednesday morning I woke up at 6:00am – after two days, in bed, with a stomach virus AND my period. I stripped away my sweaty, germ-infested, dirty, sheets, and headed to the laundry room. And that’s when I saw my first Nicholas Cage head. I thought, “WTF? Why is that here?” And started to laugh. […]

So … This Happened. [MMA Edition]

This past summer, my son, JCH aka Whosteen, trained and fought in his VERY FIRST MMA Competition. And after only 3 months of training – he went up against a man twice his size with 5 years of training. Here’s what happened! Enjoy! VIDEO WITH EDITING AND MUSIC: RAW FOOTAGE: Share This!

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Girl and a Boy …

Y’all, I seriously don’t even know where to begin a story that’s been 26 years in the making. Twenty-six – painstaking, heartbreaking, death-defying – years. Which is why I’ve been absent from the Internet, for like, forever. Also? There are new and delicate privacy issues I’ve had to consider. Things I’ve never had to consider […]

And then, this happened…

  Once Upon A Time, there was a girl named Meleah. And when she was 21 years old – she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And then she blinked her eyes, and he graduated from high school. And then, she cried, and cried, and cried. The end. Share This!

Soooooooo … This Happened

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Happy 17th Birthday, Whosteen!

          Dear Justin, Holy shit  – I can’t believe you’re seventeen years old! Where did all of the time go? It seems just like yesterday when you had your first glass of orange juice and asked, “Who put feathers inside my cup?” It seems just like yesterday when you almost drowned […]

Happy New Year MoFos – Wrapping up 2012 – Welcoming 2013

  2012 was an interesting year for me, to say the least. I really took a beating health wise. But it wasn’t all bad. Let’s recap. Shall we? In January, my dearest friend “Melody” was forced to climb Broke Box Mountain. And quite frankly, I hope she never has to climb that mountain, ever again. […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 27: Conversations In The Car

While driving my 16 year old son, JCH, to the mall for his new job, the following conversation happened.   Me: “Why is that lady walking her four year old child in the middle street? Especially when there’s a sidewalk right there?” JCH: “Mom, you’re wearing Hello Kitty Pajamas, you have a cigarette hanging out […]

NaBloPoMo | Day 9: Hurricane Sandy – Part Three

It’s no surprise that I woke up with a significant hangover, after the night before, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing my son, packing up my favorite belongings, and hightailing it out of New Jersey. After a fist-full of Tylenol, and some Dexeter Coffee, my son and I loaded up the car with our […]

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