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‘Flour’ Power

As some of you already know, over the past year I decided to try and learn ‘How To Cook’. You know, like with a stove, and an oven, and recipes, and ingredients. In fact, I have even surprised myself on several occasions. Do any of you remember when I made these fabulous Lemon Chickens? And […]

Meleah’s Week In Review: Filled With Glorious Surprises, And Birthday Parties!

Yep. My weekly blog post is late. Again. What…….A Surprise. Apparently, I have become a very bad blogger. And what’s even worse? I’ve become a terrible Internet Friend. I am not even going to try and apologize anymore! But, please forgive me anyway? Okay people not to brag or anything, but my 35th birthday was […]

One Issue Resolved, And A New Problem Arises. Oh, And An Important Question.

Okay. People. I finally figured out what’s been stopping me from posting regularly. Since I started this blog almost four years ago, I’ve never really thought too much about censoring anything I write. Sure, I have had to omit certain things out of respect for other people. I’ve definitely changed names to protect the not-so […]

‘Surprise Blind Date Guy’, Back To School Night, And, The Jewish New Year

Okay people. I know. I’m late for my weekly blog post. Sorry. Please forgive me. That being said, it’s time for Meleah’s Week In Review. [Warning: This blog post is quite possibly: Very Boring! But, since I have a major case of writer’s block, I am pleased just to see ANY WORDS on this paper. […]

The Surprise Blind Date Guy, Who Turned Out To Be Totally Super Hot And Awesome [Otherwise Known As ‘Puddy’ From Seinfeld – Only Smarter] And, My Very First Wine Tasting Dinner, Featuring Facebook Status Updates That Could Have Been!

[Note: As promised, I will be writing this blog post in both The First Person and The Third Person. I sure do hope that everyone is happy now?] Okay people, I was going to write ‘Meleah’s Week In Review’ like I am supposed to write on Mondays. However, in the interest of keeping my blog […]

Online Booty Call

Okay, um…I am not sure if anyone here has ever seen the commercial for a new website called ‘onlinebootycall’ [which will now be referred to as OBC] because it usually only airs on television from 3am until 6am. When I first saw the commercial I wondered if it was fake. I thought for sure at […]

Status Updates

I haven’t the slightest idea how to wrap all my thoughts into an actual blog post that will tie together coherently. So. I will be doing this post similar to the format of my beloved ‘Facebook Status Updates.’ Except…with longer explanations. Meleah and ‘Amy The Bartender’ cannot get the new McDonald’s commercial “Give Me Back […]

Random Things

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a real blog post. I think I may have forgotten how this works. Not to mention the fact that this blog recently underwent a huge WordPress upgrade and now my ‘Dashboard’ kind of scares me. I am still trying to learn how to navigate my […]

Protected: The Pity Party Is Now Over

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: The Hardest Part And The Best Part

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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