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30 Days Of Photography | Day 28: Autumn

  * I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people. Share This!

Would You Ever Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s no secret that I’ve undergone plastic surgery. In fact, I wrote about it here. So it should come as no surprise when I say that I am PRO doing whatever may be necessary to make yourself feel better about your own appearance. Because, let’s face it. There’s nothing worse that being uncomfortable in your […]

My Stay-Cation

Well people….it’s that time of year! My parents have left for a glorious cruise – which means I FINALLY have the house to myself. For SEVEN whole days. In. A. Row. And that’s quite a luxury for me. Therefore, I am going to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this time to relax. I plan on spending […]


Some of you may already know that I love to people watch. As such, I have developed quite an eye for spotting Celebrity-Look-A-Likes. Even when it comes to my own family. Take for instance my cousin Seth and his wife Ava. Seriously. They could pass themselves off as Christopher Meloni and Isabella Rossellini We also […]

Charlie Sheen Is Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train

Last night I sat down to watch ABC’s 20/20 interview with Charlie Sheen. After witnessing him self-destruct on CNN with Piers Morgan, I thought nothing could surprise me. But I was wrong. Very. Wrong. To say Charlie Sheen is off the deep-end would be the understatement of the decade. Not even the world’s greatest fiction […]

An Open Letter To Charlie Sheen

Dear Charlie, You’re a hot mess. In fact, your recent behavior has successfully made me feel sorry for your ex-wife, Denise Richards. And that says a lot. Get your sh*t together. It’s enough already. *I’m participating in the February Blog Challenge on Tribal Blogs. Share This!

On Being Thankful

I like to think I spend a lot of time reflecting on all of the things I have to be grateful for. And I do. But, it’s not all that often that I write those things down. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to share my gratitude list. The Top 40 Things I […]

Sesame Street, Katy Perry, Boobs, And Disney Characters

[WARNING: Another title for this post could have been: ‘Wherein I Rant And Possibly Offend Many Readers’.] Onward…. I’m sure by now you have all seen [and/or heard] about the drama that ensued regarding singer Katy Perry’s skit with Elmo. Yes?  If not, here’s the clip that everyone’s talking about. Apparently, that skit was deemed […]

You Know You’re Becoming A ‘Real’ Golfer When…

[*The Female Perspective.] 1. You’d rather go shopping at ‘Dick’s Sporting Goods’ than ‘Nordstroms’. 2. While looking through your closet you suddenly notice you own more ‘Skorts’ than ‘Skirts’. 3. You find ‘Golf Tee’s’ in the dryer and ‘Ball Markers’ in the washing machine after doing your laundry and it makes you smile. 4. The […]

Oh Hello Internet!

Yes, people. I am officially ‘Back’ from my week long ‘Blog Vacation’. And oh man, I’ve really missed you! So what did I do for a whole week? Well I didn’t go anywhere ‘Tropical’, and I didn’t really do anything all that ‘Special’. However I did enjoy the following: 1. I played a lot of […]

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