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Smoosh Your Boobies!

My very dear friend (and my Favorite Bra who once came to Visit Me) known as Olga The Traveling Bra, along with her gal pal Claire, have come up with what I think is a super creative and totally fabulous idea. An idea that’s never been done before and one that includes: boobies, paint, smooshing […]

Many Many Many Thank You’s

Oh my! And Hell YES!! I am overwhelmed and utterly thrilled by the enormous support The Internet has given me over this past week. I want to extend the biggest, warmest, most heartfelt Thank You‘s to the following people for: talking about, linking back to, blogging, tweeting, digging, emailing links, and all around helping me […]

An Unhealthy Love Affair With My Apple Computer … And The Best ‘Date’ I’ve Ever Had

Ya’ll just knew this would happen one day. Since I had given up on dating a long time ago, it was only a matter of time before I decided to start ‘dating my computer. I’ve been creating a ‘video’ about my unhealthy love affair and the serious addiction I have with my Apple Computer. I […]

I Heart The Internet

Because you meet other totally super awesome Die Hard Hockey Fans like this. Who hand craft gems like these . That you can wear on your wrist every day, to remember just how amazing the ‘internet’ friendships and connections you have cultivated really are. Just Like I DO. I LOVE MY BRACELETS * Thank you […]

Household Appliance Repairs

And THIS video … Is WHY I love iMovie ‘07. So. Very. Much. Share This!

Arts, Design Blog

When I saw this website it made me think of Paisley immediately. As I have said before, everyone needs a little ART, now and again. I forgot how much I really loved painting. It’s been years since I’ve lifted a brush or graced a canvas. Share This!

Seamless Pictures

Everyone needs a little ART now and again. Share This!

My Best Friend

Is a singer. THIS is her song. She is finally making a CD. This is just the raw version of one of her songs. The title for her upcoming Album… “Money Well Spent.” Share This!

Day two (again) / CHANTIX

I stayed up all night last night, drawing, NOT SMOKING. I haven’t drawn in years. It was something I used to do, way back in my early teenage days. These aren’t too good… but like I said, it’s been a while! These are the “rough drafts” of the pictures for the two people from my […]

what the hell? is that? a camera?

This camera was recently discovered under a friend’s bed…. She thought it was a GUN. See CASING: The same camera that could have been used back when the idea of FAKETVSHOW was still around…. The same camera that would have made a GREAT 80’s dad figure…. For all school / sporting events. Of course the […]

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