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Casa Buena Suerte, Riviera Maya, Mexico!

Dont Hate.

I am sorry I have been MIA online again, but I have been a ‘Crazy Super Busy Maniac’ over the last few days. And, I have some big news.

I am going away on a much needed vacation. Therefore, all week I’ve been really occupied with: digging out summer clothes, packing, doing the laundry, packing, shopping for vacation staples, packing, and preparing for this trip. I haven’t had any time to sit down and write or read any blogs.

In honor of my parents 60th Birthday’s, they decided to go all out and spring for a lavish Family Vacation. They simply want to spend quality time with all of their children & grandchildren. 5 Star Style.

Tonight, JCH & I , along with The Parents, My Brother Adam, His Wife Traci & Baby MDW and My Brother Lee, His Wife Maya & Their Two Kids Jackson & Zaibryn will be headed to Riviera Maya Mexico until November 30th.

When we land…

This is where WE will be staying:

This is where WE will be hanging out Inside:

This is where WE will be hanging out Outside:

This is where WE will be swimming:

This is where WE will be getting our tans:

And THIS is where I will be reading, writing, and BLOGGING.

*For More Information and More Photos Feel Free To Click HERE!*

Yes. I am flippin’ PSYCHED about it.

(And for some reason I am really nervous about this trip.)

Anyway…I hope that ya’ll have a wonderful week and an even better Thanksgiving while I am away. I *PROMISE* (pinky swear) to check in with all of you. I will be giving live vacation updates via my blog when time allows, and I will post daily photos on Flickr.


Already missing each and everyone of you.

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