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Calling All October Babies (and everyone else born in the other months of the year)

Since I am still Burnt The Fuck Out, and I cannot seem to be able to construct a decent post on my own, thankfully Drowsey Monkey, (who is Hi-LAR-ious) was kind enough to TAG me with a meme. The 12 Month Meme.

Rules: Basically they’re the usual meme rules, link back to the person who tagged you as well as to Climate of Our Change which is where you’ll find the traits for all 12 months (or you can cut and paste the 12 months into your post if you’d rather.) Pick the month that applies to you…Then, you either agree or disagree with what is written. Then tag 12 people. [I will not be tagging 12 people. Or any people. But, please feel free to play along, if you are so inclined.]

Here are the supposed characteristics for people born in The Month Of October:

(The characteristics given in the meme are written in bold, my replies are in the regular font.)

Loves to chat. Entirely too much.

Loves those who loves them. Um…Yeah!

Loves to take things at the center. Yes.

Inner and physical beauty. I suppose (at least on the inside).

Lies but doesn’t pretend. I used to be the BIGGEST liar, back when I was a teenager. Ever since I turned 30, (I am now 33) I really don’t have the energy it takes to remember or keep up with whatever stories I told. So, I will have to disagree on this one. However… it is true that I do not pretend. If I like you, you know it. And If I don’t like you..YOU KNOW IT. There is NOTHING fake about me (well…except for the boobs).

Gets angry often. Yes. I am often seething with rage. For no apparent reason.

Treats friends importantly. Very Very Very True.

Always making friends. Toads.

Easily hurt but recovers easily. Recovery time is abnormally rapid for me. But, I have been known to be incredibly over sensitive.

Daydreamer. Big Time.

Opinionated. Thats an understatement.

Does not care of what others think. Wrong. I do care. I really care about what other people think of me, probably more than I should.

Emotional. Are you kidding me? Everything I say, think, and do, is emotionally driven. I am hoping to get a handle on that one of these days.

Decisive. Depends on the situation. It takes me a LONG time to make up my mind about something, but once my mind is made up…its damn near half past impossible to change it.

Strong clairvoyance. Not really. Unless you count sensing knowing when someone else on the road is going to make a random, unannounced, sudden, dangerous lane change. But I chalk that up to being a good driver, courtesy of all of the practice I get on The NJTPK. I think I have pretty good instincts, but I dont often listen to them. I am certainly not in touch with anything in the ‘spiritual’ world, or the ‘after life’ or anything of the like.

Loves to travel, the arts and literature. In all honesty, I’d rather stay HOME, watch TV, blog, write, read and relax, but if by ‘travel’ you mean: 1st class style, in no less than 5star hotels, with killer room service, or going to ITALY, then hellz yeah. As for the arts and literature, I can never get enough of that.

Touchy and easily jealous. Oh so VERY touchy and insanely jealous. Its one of my worst qualities. This and that seething rage I mentioned earlier.

Concerned. All the time. About everyone and everything.

Loves outdoors. Not.Even.A.Little. No. Thank You. (Unless by outdoors you mean the Waldorf Astoria, then YES.)

Just and fair. This is one of my BEST qualities. I am always able to weigh the FACTS without bias, and see things from all perspectives. I guess this is why I am called upon so often in order to facilitate any mediation between arguing parties.

Spendthrift. (by definition: A spendthrift is someone who spends money prodigiously and who is extravagant and recklessly wasteful.)
WRONG. You are talking to the girl who has worn these shoes to work almost every day for over a year. I am NOT one to be wasteful with money. In fact, now that I actually HAVE money (since I have moved into The Parents) I still find it terribly difficult when it comes to spending any money on myself.

Easily influenced. No. Way. Please! My poor parents WISH that was true. They’ve been trying to influence me for years. To No Avail. Not one teacher, not my friends, not AA, not Cascade, not one co-worker, and not one boss, nadda SOUL can influence any of my actions or decisions. I am usually the one doing all of The Bad Influencing.

Easily loses confidence. I have ZERO self confidence to begin with. Its awful.

Loves children. I didn’t. I never even liked dolls as a child, and I never even babysat as a teenager. It was not until I had my own child. I didn’t even know love like THAT existed. Now that I am an AUNT for three babies, I am IN LOVE with all children.

And that’s a wrap.

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  • holly here, also an october baby. i’ve been doing it wrong, though. i thought we were supposed to be INdecisive, which i have down to a tee, i think, i’m not sure. probably though.

  • i was born in june,, but feel we have many reflective qualities… you are honest with yourself and that is the most important part of this whole thing i think……

  • tanninety

    I got distracted at fake boobs. I will have to go read that again πŸ˜‰

  • I’m October too…liBRA!…and need to do this tag…today!

  • jp


    *Link Back*

  • I’m with you on the “loves outdoors” thing.

    Listen, if God wanted us to be outdoors, he wouldn’t have invented XBOX.

    ‘Nuff said.

    The last time I spent any meaningful time outdoors was attempting a camping trip with my wife. Ten minutes into the trip, she was throwing my own shoes at me.

    Yeah…I want to do THAT again.

  • Meleah


    HA HA


    Damn skippy.


    LIBRAS RULE! (but you already knew that!) Get yours UP woman!


    I cant with the outdoors…. XBOX indeed!

  • I love your answers! I feel like I’ve known you forever now! ;o)

    Sounds like this was mostly right for you. I’m gonna have to go check mine out.

  • Sounds like you’re a handful, but a worthwhile handful πŸ˜‰

  • Checked mine out and blogged it. πŸ™‚

  • Meleah


    Yeah!…Do yours!!


    I am QUITE the handful.


    Yippee. Be right over.

  • I’m glad you liked my answers. “Loves to serve others” Yeah RIGHT.

  • cmk

    As long as there is no news about the baby, I WILL be doing this! Fun stuff.

  • I’m always angry.
    I get hurt easily and cry like a baby.
    I day dream.
    I’m not easily influenced. I’m so stubborn that people thought my brain is made of rock!
    Man I could be your twin!
    Yet I’m NOT even a Oct baby!

  • Meleah


    RIGHT? I saw that and was like…UM….NO…..Not My Leslie!


    Sweet! Its fun.


    You could be!! xxoo

  • nice job..I got tagged with that as well so I better get cracking….it’s funny how your perspective changes on somethings as your knowledge expands…I know that’s true for me…I wish I had done this 20 years a go so I could compare…

    cheers hug a redneck…:)

  • when you have recoverd from being burned the fuck out..drop over I have something for you….cause you rock…..:):):)

  • Well I gotta say, I like the traits of October!!!!
    SO much better than those foolish July folks…

  • The best friend

    You use the word “all” with such confidence Meleah. (in the part about children) I would stick to telling people you love your friends and families children. To say ALL children is JUST a LIE. You hate kids you dont know, I know that for a fact. hahha. but yes you’ve come along way, and it wasnt until Jackson Mason & Zaibs! xooxo

  • LOL on your remark about the shoes. Those are classics.

    I find these things ( personalities = month you were born) hit and miss but fun.

    But as “the best friend” said, you’ve come a long way!.

  • Meleah


    Looking forward to YOUR answers.

    Really? Something for me?

    Yippee. I might Hug A redneck! xxoo


    LOL…Libras Rock (thats why) But… SO DO YOU my talented writer twin.


    Thats NOT true. I USED TO dislike children. Not No Mo.

  • very interesting! Looks like we share a lot of the same traits.

  • Well, if you consider making up excuses to my clients when I can’t get their stuff done on time, then I think I AM currently the worlds greatest lair (work wise only … LOL)

  • Meleah


    I know!


    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • You are wonderful. No doubt about it. I am so jealous about the boobs – mine are sagging in all the wrong places. Oh, to have pert and perky boobs! Maybe for my next birthday!

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