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Bring Out Your Bears

Yeah, Um. I still have nothing to write about that has any real substance.

But rather than say nothing at all, I’ve decided to catch up on one other meme I was recently tagged to do. *Yay*

[Any old or unfinished memes that I never managed to get around to doing, seem to have been lost forever, so please do not take it personally if I did not complete a meme you tagged me with. Remind me?]

I was tagged by DCR from DCRBlogs to “Bring Out My Bear.”

Rules: Participants should post a photo (if available) of their favorite childhood stuffed animal and write about it. If you didn’t have a stuffed animal, you can substitute a doll, a wagon or any other favorite childhood toy.

*Sounds easy enough. Away we go.*

Here is the photo of me and “Plain Bear” at age 13.

[I look very sad because I was being dropped off at a boarding school and this photo was taken while saying “Goodbye” to my mother.]

Plain Bear was with me through some of the toughest years of my life. I am referring to my high school years at The Cascade School. As some of my long time readers know well enough that I  did not attend a conventional high school by any stretch of the imagination. I went to a very strange high school. One that had very different concepts and techniques on how to deliver an education and therapy to the ‘troubled teens’ left on that mountain in California. Some called the school a cult. Some called it pioneering. Whichever way you slice it, this was not a regular high school. This was not a normal private boarding school. I can’t even find the appropriate comparison to describe my high school to you. There was, and is, nothing else on earth like it. [Probably why it was shut down several years ago.] I had three pages written trying to explain that school, but then…I deleted it. If you didn’t go there it is almost impossible to explain, nor is it believable. After I tell someone about that school they usually sit stunned complete with jaw on the floor. However, if you would like to learn more about my high school, feel free to click here.

But, this post isn’t about my high school. It’s about my Teddy Bear.

I had a favorite teddy bear. Her name was Plain Bear.

[Yeah, I know, I’ve never been very creative in the name department.]

Plain Bear got me through those awkward years of high school. Plain Bear helped me get me through every single sleepless night. I even had Plain Bear by my side in the hospital after my ‘Near Death’ experience with a black widow spider. And, I had Plain Bear to cry on after my mother would leave after a visitation.

Plain Bear was the softest, coziest, cuddliest, warmest, most pleasant, comfortable, appealing, inviting, and welcoming teddy bear that ever did come from a factory.

Plain Bear gave me a sense of contentment, reassurance, relief, brought me cheer, and where I found solace. Plain Bear came with a feeling of security right on her label, even though I was three thousand miles away from home.

I still have most of my things from that crazy high school of mine. I still have every letter, every journal, every card, and every story is all right here, under my nose, in my house. Except for Plain Bear.

Sadly, mistakenly, she was lost somewhere along the way.

Maybe I accidentally left her in some parking lot during my ‘Dead Tour’ travels?

I hope whomever did find her, found as much comfort and love in Plain Bear as I did.

So tell me, what was your FAVORITE childhood toy?

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  • i only remember playing with barbies, loved them for some reason. i had a few other toys, but barbie was prob. my favorite.

    oh and i played with fire in the attack with my “easy bake oven” not sure what it was called then…and some candles.

    i blame my sibling for a being a bad influence.

  • I had a teddy bear too. Her name was Goldie and she came from Harrods in London. I still have her although she is a bit threadbare these days. I do feel Goldie helped me cope with many of the difficult periods in my life. It sounds silly, but I occasionally get her out of storage and give her a hug. She still makes me feel good. I am so sorry you lost Plain Bear but am glad she was there when you needed her. Great story!

  • It is always great to have something to pull you through… For you was Plain Bear for others it may be a blanket. I think the only object I had from my childhood that is around some place that I can find today are my Hot Wheels cars.

  • My favorite toy was my dollhouse. I would play with it for hours, using my imagination with the dolls who lived there.

  • Meleah

    Barbie? I never got into barbies. They kinda creeped me out.
    I dont know why!

    I will blame your sibiling too!

    You still have GOLDIE? That is awesome!

    Hot Wheels Ruled!

    My BFF Tiffany still has and still plays with HER childhood dollhouse.
    Im a little jealous!

  • No bears for this boy. matchbox cars! I slept with them. My favorite was this weird ford from England. Because it was ugly! A caring solel i was as a lad….

  • OHHHHHH, look how CUTE you were. And how pitifully sad:(

    My bear was also my favorite toy. I still have him even though he’s missing a nose, mouth is hanging off, most hair is gone, and has a hole in the leg…

    He’s good ole’ bear, been there through thick times and thin.

  • Ohhh, I have to break out Bo-Bo Pierre….Stay tuned for his story tomorrow. I have to go home and take a picture of him.
    Damn, your high school sounded scary…..and I thought going to an all girls school was the worst. UGH

  • I think I still have my favorite bear. He had a really creative name! (Insert sarcasm here.) His name was Teddy. He lived on my bed for years. Probably until I got married.

  • Meleah

    Match Box Cars RULED.

    Husband Clothes:
    You STILL have your bear?
    I miss mine!
    (Maybe I need a New One?)

    The Girl I Do Bring Home to Momma:
    Yes! I cant WAIT to READ YOUR STORY!
    (I went to an All Girl School for all of 17 days)

    At least I am not the only one with bad bear naming skillz

  • Hey you looked so CUTE then, and the bear was very CUTE too.
    Actually I don’t have any childhood toys left – not even a card or journal or stuff like that. I never keep stuff. So I can’t sit down one day with my grandchild and tell him/her how pretty I once was. Wait, I don’t even have a kid. Ok, I’m officially a very sad person!

  • I honestly do not remember having a teddy bear but I did have Barbie dolls….didn’t sleep with ’em though…that would have been just ewwwww…

    The look on your face in that photo saying goodbye to your mother is painful. You look so “lost”…I’m sorry you went through so much, Meleah.

  • I read those two links. Your picture goes though my heart. So sweet, so sad. I wish I could have put that girl in a protective bubble, but not even Plain Bear could protect her. Somebody should have. Some adult should have.

    I’m glad your new dad is a good guy, a protector, and loves you.

    What’s the secret to becoming free of the past? Ghosts from my past haunt me, changed me into someone else. The real me is somewhere locked up deep down inside.

    It’s late, maybe I’m not making any sense.

  • Meleah

    Aw. No! I don’t want you to be sad!
    I save things because I am OCD and weird.
    Does that make you feel any better?

    Meh. It all made me who I am.
    And hopefully ONE DAY it will all make for some KICK ASS book material!

    Barbies? I could NEVER get into Barbies.
    I was/still am way too tom-boy-ish.

    You are a TROOPER for reading all of THAT.

    *My mom still cries at this photo. She went through her own personal hell. Leaving me @ that school was the hardest things for her too….but she was just so DESPERATE to help/save her broken little girl. And to this day, I think she made the RIGHT choice. After all. Im still here.

    I think THAT GIRL is in a ‘protective bubble’ right now, here, with THIS MOTHER & FATHER in THIS HOUSE where I am safe, loved, and super supported.

    As far as putting the past to rest? Ive had to WORK. Hard. Very Hard.
    “IT” never goes away but Ive learned new and better ‘coping’ skillz. I dont think I will ever be ‘fixed’ or ‘normal’ or whatever you want to call it.

    I have been MANY different Meleah’s. The ‘real me’ is always here. Sometimes she’s just hiding.

    You made perfect sense.

  • Nice post, Meleah! Your writing continues to impress me!

    The toy that comes to my mind as my favorite toy wasn’t really a toy. I loved the rickshaw my maternal grandfather pulled my sister and me around in. It was just the right size for us little kids. The rickshaw was a gift from my grandfather and grandmother. He didn’t live long after that.

  • “tom-boy-ish”? In what way? I can’t picture that.

  • dcr

    Well, now you make me feel bad by forcing you to tell your story, plus the eventual loss of the bear at the end. 🙁

    Now, somebody tell me what celebrity Meleah looks like in the photo. She looks like someone, but I can’t quit pinpoint who…

  • Ahh what a cute and sad picture 🙁 I don’t remember my favorite toy either. But I did have a lot of fun with my Lego toys, which as a hand me down from the neighbors.

  • Hey dcr,

    Did you follow me here? LOL!

    It funny, we were both looking for her on Twitter, and ended up coming here.

    Hmmm, celebrity? I don’t know.

  • Meleah

    Aw. Thats a lovely memory!

    I always dress more tomboyish
    Tshirt-jeans / not heels and skirts
    I am so NOT a girly girl.
    And I hardly ever wear make up

    I was a rough and tough kid!

    Now dont feel bad!
    I dont!

    I have no idea.

    Now a days people tell me Leah Remi from the TV show King Of Queens.
    But as a kid?

    Let me know when you think of it!

    Oh yes! LEGOS are still the bomb


    Wait? You guys were looking for me on twitter last night?
    Damn it ! I missed all the action.

    I sort of took a ‘day off’ from the internet yesterday.

  • dcr

    Awake: Maybe you followed me. 😉 My comment was longer. Took longer to type.

    Meleah: Yep. You complain no one’s ever on. Well, we were all on last night. Rolando was on too. We were all sitting around just waiting for you. Of course, if you had been around, you might have just ignored me anyway. 🙁

    It can be nice to take a day off from the Internet every now and then.

  • Meleah

    Im so mad I missed the action. I have the worst twitter timing!

    Did you ever figure out what celeb I look like?

  • Meleah,

    You don’t wear make-up and your THAT beautiful? *Shaking head*. Good god, where is the justice? lol Actually, I’m a throw back to the 60’s. I don’t wear dresses, or make-up either.

    You sure deserve a day off!

    Leah Remini? I can see the resemblance, but you look way better then her.


    I was trying to write my comment in 140 characters or less. I’ve been Twitterized.

    So all 3 of us were looking for her? LOL!

  • dcr

    Speedcat and Bobby were both on too. It was a party! Too bad Meleah missed it all. We were having fun with Twitter Halloween icons! >o< If this was Twitter, this would look cool: [:-]-I- (|:|/) :-[ `O

  • Ok first of all I knew there was a reason why I did not like spiders! lol!
    I also had a bear. I was also not very creative in name department and called him “Osito”, spanish for bear. My dad is a minister for a small church so most of my toys were hand me downs because of his income factor. This bear was given to me one Christmas when I was 8 yrs old. It was the first brand new toy I had gotten in a while. I loved it, it was so fluffy with velvet ears and paws, he was a milk chocolate color. He also got me through some really rough things as I was growing up. I still have him, when I had my son I gave him my bear and he renamed him Chocolate Bear. My son has grown out of the stuff animal stage so now Chocolate Bear sits on top of a shelf in his room. But Chocolate Bear also helped my son, as he is an only child he used to carry Chocolate Bear everywhere. I really like your posts, for not having anything to say you sure come up with some really good posts. 🙂

  • “I don’t like spiders and snakes And that ain’t what it takes to love me…” Remember the song “Spiders And Snakes”?

  • Meleah

    Thanks for RUBBING it in!

    Spiders = BAD.

    OMG I love *love* your Osito/Chocolate Bear Story! That rocks.

    “For not having anything to say you sure come up with some really good posts”

    Aw. Thank you!!

    No! I dont remember that song….
    Maybe some lyrics will jog my memory?

    Thank you for that WONDERFUL compliment.
    That made my day.
    I haven’t been feeling ‘pretty’ these days.

  • dcr

    You’re welcome. And, we had another party tonight. So, whenever you’re on speaking terms with us again, feel free to jump in. 🙂

  • dcr,

    She’d rater be with her son on Halloween then Twitter! Can you imagine? Tisk, tisk.


    “I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty,
    I feel pretty, and witty and gay.”

    Oops, wrong song. That’s the one I sing in the shower everyday.
    From “West Side Story.”

    Here is Spiders and Snakes by Jim Stafford

  • Meleah

    What? Good Lord.
    I thought ya’ll were off and out having “Personal Lives” & “Appetites”

    I love The West Side Story!!

  • I have my monkey. LOL!

  • Meleah

    I *love* that monkey. He is way cute and so funny!

  • I had a Snuggles Bear (like the one on the laundry comercial). It had a bell in his belly that rang when you shook it…until mom washed it one day and it just made a thunking sound after that!

  • Awww plain bear is so sweet. I am sorry you lost him. I drawing a blank on a fav childhood toy…most likely it was my 1st cabbage patch doll. I still have all of them – each in little shoeboxes that my mom made up when I outgrew them.

  • I think I had a favourite teddy bear. But it was only for 3 years if I remember correctly. He was big, blue with a white tummy. He slept on my bed when I was 3-6 years old. I dunno what happened to him after that.

  • Meleah

    courtneyryan369 :
    Aw. That was the sweetest!

    My Friend Jen:
    I loved the cabbage patch dolls too!
    you still have yours? That is awesome!

    Aw. You lost your teddy bear too.

  • PJL

    I ran across your post about your teddy bear while I was looking for a replacement for my best bear friend. My bears name was Growly I got him in 1966. And growler went every where with me. Not only was he my favorite stuffed animal he was my confidant. Growly got me threw the lonely day after my parents got divorced. And the seemingly endless new boyfriends my mom had. Not just the good ones but the bad ones to. Growly was with me as I was bounced from relative to relative as my mother tried to find her self. The 70's were great for divorcees who were trying to find their selves but not so great for their children. Growly was there for me threw good times and bad. He was there when I had my first brake up with my first real boyfriend he was there for the birth of each of my kids. He was even there after two divorces. But misfortune struck when I moved 1600 miles away and realized my beloved Growly was inadvertently left behind. That was 12 years, 2 marriages,(now on 3rd), 3 kids, and 2 Grand babies ago. And I still miss Growly as if it was the day that I realized he was left behind. (this is dedicated to the memory of my beloved Growly)

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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