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Bloggers Choice Awards

Wow. I have been nominated for A Bloggers Choice Award!

I am speechless. And, Totally Flattered. Thank You Ingrid!

So. Um? Please Vote For My Blog. Okay Thanks Bye.


My site was nominated for The Blogitzer!

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  • Lis

    You totally deserved it aaaaaand… voted! Voted for you as hottest mommy blogger too! 😀

  • Jodi

    Well deserved~!

    ….I didnt get an email(or did you not send it yet?)

  • Of COURSE I’ll vote for you my love. 🙂 Didn’t I tell you you would be a natural at blogging?? and to think you used to think you had nothing to say to Teh Intarwebs. Pshaw.


    Me loves you

  • HollyGL

    Who wouldn’t vote for you, Mereb! Count me in!

  • Congratulations! Off to vote…

  • Meleah



    Yes YOU sure did. xxoo THANK YOU for the GIFT of blogging.


    Get Out! Hottest Mommy? YOU ROCK.


    I just sent it this morning. Did you get it yet?


    xxoo xxoo



  • I voted for you. You rock!

  • cmk

    I voted! You are great, my dear–hope you win!

  • You got my vote Meleah….just let me finish with the Still and I will hop right to it…:)

  • Done!

  • You know I will!

  • jp

    wait, wait, wait…I’ll vote for you but do you REALLY think you’re going to get away with this as your first/only post of the day after your “reunion” last night?

  • I voted! Woo hoo! Good luck Meleah!

  • done….

  • I voted. Good luck!

  • Olly

    I am especially fond of the hottest mommy category.
    THAT’S YOU!!
    Hope your weekend is faring well Mel.

  • You got mine! You sooo deserve this 🙂

  • Danny

    Reunion is going well..I’m sure she will tell EVERYONE..EVERYTHING

  • Congrats!!!!

  • Congrats Meleah, I’m going over right now to vote for you. Urrmmm, at least until I figure out how to vote for you that is …. LOL!

  • Congrats Meleah. I will give you my vote and good luck.

  • Meleah

    YOU GUYS ARE SOFA KING AWESOME. xxoo xxoo xxoo

  • Well you have my vote from my heart… as many times as I try I cannot log in to vote. Not accepting my Canadian postal code. sorry 🙁

  • You deserve every vote you get, crossing my fingers that you win!

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