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Okay people. Remember last week, how I was all “I can’t write anymore, and I have no more material”? Yeah well, apparently I am just suffering from a severe case of writers block. My lack of ideas is merely because my brain has simply shut down [or melted] as a result of this intense heat/humidity wave ‘Mother Nature’ has unleashed upon us.

However, I really feel like I NEED to write SOMETHING!


After sitting around, whining, and sulking, I decided to put on my new and somewhat magical pajamas, before asking my beloved Facebook to throw me some suggestions.

And here’s what the Internet came up with for me:

  1. My friend Janine suggested: researching the embryological evidence that proves zebras are really dark with white stripes. And how there are 3 species of Zebra: Plains, Grevy’s, and Mountain. And then I could discuss how each of those species have sub-species.
  1. Then, one of my closest girlfriends, Leslie, suggested: I take a good look at her Bucket List Post – weigh in, and then write my own.
  1. Next, my life-long friend Danny suggested I write about the time: I was trapped in the middle of an isolated, inaccessible, secluded, and ever-so remote area, for what seemed like days – perhaps weeks. Seriously people, I was trapped with no possible way out. To make matters worse, I had no cell phone and NO cigarettes. And yet fortunately for me, eventually, a ‘Magical Silver Chariot’ arrived out of nowhere to save me from the barren wasteland just before I reached the brink of insanity. [I know it sounds a bit far fetched, but I guess it could happen.]

[* Side bar: For me? Having no cigarettes would basically be the equivalent of my friend Linda having to wear flats as opposed to her high-heels.]

  1. Finally, my mother’s best friend, Louise, suggested: I could always write about my experiences with bathing suits.

And now?  Thanks to the Internet and all it’s splendor, I am on Idea over-load!

You can look forward to reading the following blog-post:

‘Zebra’s, In Bathing Suits, Dragging A Magical Silver Chariot, While Carrying A Bucket List.’


In all seriousness, I am finally working on some new blog posts. And ones that might even be interesting. Maybe my brain has simply adjusted to these insane weather conditions because I already have several drafts and on several different topics, which I will be posting throughout the upcoming week.


‘Writers Block’ – be gone!

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  • Yes, sometimes trying to get a story out or coming up with an idea for one is just like getting blood out of a stone! Anyway, did you know they just worked out the chicken came before the egg?

  • Dear Meleah,

    Tell 'em to write their own posts!!! Oh my word. If nothing else, this should give you confidence that your Muse generally works really well for you! She or he is just on vacay for the moment.

    Silver chariots. I think the unicorn should smoke Pall Malls. Get right on it, 'kay???

    still laughing
    Ann T.

  • I think it's really hard to write when it's hot. You feel so drained. I look forward to whatever you write, whenever you write it. Oh, and do your zebras wear one or two piece bathing suits? 😀

  • I heart you Melz. And you will probably get calls from me all week since it is the first week in my Not Smoking for the Cam Neely Foundation, and it's only been like, a few hours, and I am already le grumpaluffagus.

  • Maybe your brain was fried by all of the time you have spent in the sun on the golf course :). This is why I try to avoid exercise at all costs.

  • Marty Wombacher

    I'm looking forward to the new blogs and ideas. Glad to hear you've jumped over the block!

  • Oscar

    LOL you crack me up my friend!

    Inspired me though to write a blog about ” Local Blog friends that write about Zebra’s, In Bathing Suits, Dragging A Magical Silver Chariot, While Carrying A Bucket List.”

  • Blood from a stone indeed!

  • Im glad I was able to make you laugh!

  • Zebra's would look awesome in hot pink bikini's dont'cha think? And thank you Selma. I look forward to whatever you write, whenever you write it TOO!

  • Oh man! Good luck, and I am TOTALLY here for you! xoxoxoxo

  • Yup. The heat on the golf course has been OFF THE CHART. And the HUMIDITY? Holy Hell. I can't even. It's beyond ridiculous!

  • Let's hope so Marty! Let's hope so!

  • You SHOULD write it! Ahahahahahahah

  • Its so funny you should write this – this is exactly what I just wrote except my block has lasted 2 damn years…:(
    I feel so dumb and thoughtless [as in brainless]

  • I couldn't NOT write for two years. NO WAY.
    I would rather write drivel then NOTHING!

  • Lucy

    I am so glad your writers block is gone!!!!

  • Me too woman! It was driving me insane!

  • I'm very happy to hear you have gotten your mojo back and that it does NOT include zebras in bikinis carrying buckets of silver in barren wastelands while going insane! That would just be weird 🙂

    (*Side bar: for me, no smokes AND no high heels is the last of the seven signs of the apocalypse!)

  • Ahahahahahaha! Oh Nicky! You crack me up! 🙂

  • Ron

    Excellent idea about asking around at Facebook for blog post ideas! You GO, girl!

    “For me? Having no cigarettes would basically be the equivalent of my friend Linda having to wear flats as opposed to her high-heels.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA…me too! If I were ever stuck on an isolated island with no cigarettes, I would probably just start rolling banana leaves and lighting them by scrapping two twigs together!!!

    Looking forward to reading your post on Zebra's in bathing suits!


  • Seriously, being trapped without cigarettes is pure torture! And I ask Facebook for lots of advice!

  • Gina

    Oh my goodness gracious! I so know how you feel. My brain has just completely shut down and I'm just going with it instead of forcing things. I'll get back to it soon I'm sure. I feel the fog lifting as we speak.

    Thank you for dropping in today. It's good to know someone is thinking of me.

    Big hugs and lots of love,

  • agg79

    Seriously. If that is the best they can come up with, you need new friends.
    NJTPK? Golf Outings? Cleaning frenzies? Spiders? Plant killer? You've done better posts in your sleep.
    Sounds like you are trying to break out of the rut and to cut loose.
    I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us.

  • peedee

    I'm genuinely excited about your Zebra expose! And ummmm, I'm stealing the bucket list idea. Been wanting to do it for awhile and it just my break my epic writers block!

    muahs!! 😉

  • Im always thinking of you! And it's TOTALLY the heat/humidity making it
    virtually IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to think clearly, let alone WRITE!

  • I'm working on it Agg!

  • Writers Block is RAMPANT this month all across blogville!

    But I'm not REALLY going to write about Zebra's.
    However – I might work on a Bucket List too!

  • Bee

    Congrats on finding your muse! Or muses!

    I am super interested in the zebra thing though.

  • 🙂

  • deejay

    it is not easy to write original content based on your own experiences. but really true when writing calls your heart and excited to do it. at the end it will makes you a happy person. goodluck anyway in your next posts.

  • Actually, I find I that write MY BEST BLOG POSTS when based on MY own
    experiences! But I agree with the statement that my posts are better when
    they come from the heart.

  • Stafford

    It's OK to have a writing holiday. Meantime, you are encouraging others. You know who I am and what I write but it may surprise you to learn I have written poetry since I was about 7 years old but have gone over five years and not written anything, and even now only write poetry when I have a feeling for something that I can't quite exspress as prose!
    I was not always encouraged. If only you had been my father… But if I was your father you would be spanked for smoking! xx

  • HAhahahahahaha! Well, zebras are certainly most interesting, whichever way round their stripes are. And when you're done with that, you can do the chicken and egg thing, which (according to my disembodied Italian teacher) has now been solved.

    I've never seen a zebra in a bathing suit though, so I'm hoping this post of yours will come with pictures!

  • peedee

    wha?? No zebras? What about Zeeeeee Bra?? Tell us about your bras!! Just kidding. I'm loopy with no sleep!

  • Well YOU rock at writing poetry! That's for certain!

  • ahahahahahhahaha

  • I think I already did a post about bras!

  • Meleah, I think being trapped without your cigarettes would just make you improvise the same way I would if trapped with no stilettos! If you are in an isolated areas, fine, Start killing little critters, mash them up, roll them up in a leaf and smoke them! I would in the same situation pile up wood chips or sea shells to form a stiletto heel. Then I would find something gooey from somewhere and glue them to the bottom of my stilettos. I'm crafty like that!

  • Holy shit- you ARE crafty like that!!!

  • Trying to invigorate my own blog, I know exactly what you're talking about. I don't have magic pajamas, though, so will you start looking around for some magic boxers? After all, grumpy old men sit around in boxers and wife-beaters, don't they? Should be some magic ones out there somewhere.

  • Oh you will find the magic!

  • I hate writer's block. I'm glad you conquered yours and can't wait to see what comes next!

  • Me too!

  • Jules

    Looking forward to them!!

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