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I rarely do something like this. I must REALLY REALLY like you, to go all out and write an entire blog post about you. However, this guy, is WORTH it.

Michael C, from the blog, The Wonderful World Of Nothing Worthwhile is Totally Super Awesome. Simply. Totally. Super. Awesome. The title of his blog is quite misleading.


Nothing Worthwhile? My Ass. I spent an entire Sunday reading through almost all of his archives. The man should be considering a career in SNL sketch writing.

Plus, he is the Male version of me. (Only smarter and funnier). We both love the same TV shows, and cheese. We both have a mad love affair going on with Tina Fey, except I know that I love her more. We both use a lot of commas, and, we both have to take 9 million pills a day- but for different reasons.

He is smart, witty and H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. I find myself looking forward to his posts more and more every day.

This morning I was surprised with a present, from the Totally Super Awesome Michael C.

After I wrote this post, merely joking about having a Pez Dispenser for distribution of my medications, he went ahead and shipped one to me.



Thank You… So Much!

Not only have you brought smiles to my face, and tons of laugher into my life…this will make taking all of these pills a wee bit sweeter.

*To show my apprecaition and keeping with our mutual respect for George Costansa*


People, if you aren’t already reading his blog, I suggest you head on over there…Like Now!

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  • Awwww, thanks Meleah. This was SO cool and SO nice! But, I, love, Tina, more…. 😀

    Seriously, I’m glad you got Wondy Woman. The lady at the mailing place I used spelled your name wrong and didn’t inspire a lot of faith in me that she was going to ship her (is it wrong that I refer to a PEZ dispenser as ‘her’?) where I wanted. Now you can pill pop with style!!!!!! I think I’m going to start doing that too.

  • By the way, this TOTALLY made my insomnia tonight worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lis

    Heh he’s a keeper, isn’t he? I don’t remember where I discovered him but I’m so freakin’ glad I did.

    Also? I love Tina more than both of you, so there.

  • Thanks for the tip. He is fab. I’m gonna read him every day. Incidentally, I love Maya Rudolph more; I wish she still did the Donatella Versace skit.

  • ok you’ve convinced me… adding to google reader 🙂

  • Cool, a Wonder Woman Pez dispenser 😉 Love it

  • Meleah

    MICHAEL: You make my day everyday, now that I can laugh every time I have to take a pill.

    LIS: He is a KEEPER indeedy! (I found him through YOU)….and NO… I love her MORE

    LESLIE: I know right! How cute!

    DAWN: You will NOT be disappointed.

    SELMA: Sweet! But you gotta love Tina.

  • Going over right now to check it out

  • Meleah: That makes me very glad!!!! But I AM THE BIGGEST TINA FAN EVER…

    (This little argument between you, me and Lis is gonna go on for a while, isn’t it??)

  • Meleah

    RANDOM: You will LOVE him.

    MICHAEL C: Yes It has… maybe? its a tie.

  • Lis

    Now Mel loves Michael more than me. *sniffs* Must think of ways to dethrone Michael. Hmm, perhaps a hundred PEZ dispensers will do the trick? Damn, am I thinking out loud again?

    (B1GG3ST T1N4 F4N 4EVA!!!!)

  • Meleah

    LOL… LIZ I love you just as much! I promise!

    * I have to bring the comments OVER here from the other post….*

  • Meleah

    LIS (said this accidentally on another post)

    “Wait, wait, can’t we be triplets? I love Tina and almost the same TV shows (I’ll catch up on all the SNL, I swear). All I’m missing is adopting someone who has a Christmas Eve birthday. As for the pills, I take health supplements. Does that count?

    Where I am, the cable channel shows 30 Rock and Scrubs back to back on Thursdays so I’m always home on Thursdays!

    Michael, Art Vandelay? So do you hang around office buildings with your Jerry counterpart who’s hoping to “bump” into some chick?

  • Meleah


    OMG, Yes, Triplets it is!

    Ha! Your vitamins can count, but ….you MUST watch M*A*S*H and all of the SNL from the 90’s THEN (maybe?) you can be in our little club!!!

    But, you dont really have to adopt a family member with an xmas eve B-Day, they need a lot of XTRA attention and you dont need that kind of work. (JUST KIDDING MICHAEL)

    *And when MICHAEL is AT his job, he gets to work on the the PENSKE file*

  • I trust your judgment and when you go into the archives you know it’s special.

  • He sounds darling!!!
    I will be over there in a flash!
    Anyone who appreciates George Costanza is good in my books!!

  • Just checked it out and you’re right! I’ll definitely be back!

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, the trick is to resist erasing my twins’ message and replacing it with this one! You are awesome Meleah!!!

  • Yes, The Penske file! Woo Hoo. OK, Lis we can be triplets. Just adopt me for the Christmas Eve B-day person. But MASH and 90s SNL is kinda important 😉

  • Meleah

    RICARDO: You will NOT be disappointed.
    HOLLY! You will LOVE HIM
    MINX: You will thank me later!
    MICHAEL C: Yes! I am so happy you heard the FAMOUS answering machine message!


    “Believe it or not, George isn’t at home.
    Please leave a message at the beep.
    I must be out, or I’d pick up the phone.
    Where could I be?
    Believe it or not, I’m not home!”

    HA HA

    **YOU know you work on the Penske file!

    LIS: Seriously M*A*S*H & SNL (get movin woman!)

  • We actually have a Penske rental place near the office, which makes me laugh! I may record that greeting as my cell’s voice mail message.

    We have some work to do with Lis if we are going to mold her into us!! I kid, I kid…

    And thanks so much for the super shout out!!! You know that I know what it’s like to have so many pills. The new one I am on is unbelievable and it actually has to be ordered in advance and can only be shipped from the Pfizer lab. It’s ridiculous!! I am so glad I got to meet you!!!!!!! Hang in there and let ole Wondy Woman do the work!

  • Meleah

    Im so glad to have met you too. (I recorded that message on my HOME PHONE. )

    Wonder Woman really makes a difference. Not that all the pills fit, but the whole idea and seeing that when I do have to take a pill makes me SMILE instead of being upset.

    Lis is SO GREAT. (just the way she is) I want her to see “Our Shows” just because I know she will love them.

    Blogsville has some KICK ass people. I feel so lucky to have met so many of these super awesome people.

  • FV


    I’m trying to figure out how much the wonder woman dispenser is wortht nowadays! If it’s a collectible then it could be sold through eBay for a nice chunk of moneyyyyyy 🙂

    miss ya!


  • First of all, Meleah, how are you feeling now?
    And hey, I really like the blog you recommend. You’re right, it’s so funny and worth reading 🙂

  • I agree totally about blogsville!!! And yes, Lis would love our favorite shows! The rerun of the Special about SNL’s first 5 years is on right now. Yeah, I’m watching it!

  • Meleah

    RMH: I would never steer you wrong? Oh and I am IN THE MIDDLE of a FULL MEDICAL POST update. Just WAIT till you hear this one. I am still in shock. So trying to write it with a twist of humor is challenging.

    MICHAEL C: I watched that! We are in different time zones. It was a GREAT show. This was more of the old skool originals and the ground breaking work they did. simply. AMAZING.

  • Meleah

    FV: Its NOT for SALE. Its to make me smile.

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