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Bizy Bizy Bizy

With Work Stuff: quoting, rating, and providing insurance coverage’s where needed.

With Writing Stuff: trying to adhere to my Watching Sitcoms deadline(s). Figuring out how to make room in my life for another a new “paid” writing / training opportunity…. Plus, just yesterday, I was surprised (and thrilled) by an email…a request, to interview me! As a special guest, (on a super cool fabulous blog) about a recent experience in my life.

With Life Stuff: My SICK child, who has been suffering from a stomach virus for the last 24 hours…(yeah, um, nothing says sick quite like puking uncontrollably for three hours, in the middle of the night! Who-hoo! ) … The same stomach virus, which cost me an entire night of sleep and a full days work yesterday. And, the same stomach virus that has me home in bed right now.

With Blog Stuff: Meanwhile, I am trying to maintain my end of my blogging community friendships … I am crazy busy just attempting to keep up with ya’ll… I have been reading all of my favorite blogger websites…just haven’t had the time (or brain power) to comment.

But right now, I am crawling back in bed until I can sit up with out being nauseous.

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  • Awwww, pumpkin! No wonder you were not up to talking yesterday! Feel better! xoxoxo

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery and some serious “me time” so you can catch up!

  • Meleah

    Thank you both. I’m feeling bleck… I have been in bed all day. all day. I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I think I will be spending most of this weekend, in bed too.

  • Thanks for visiting, darling…
    I’ve no doubt the very mention of my entrails is creating havoc in your own…

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Well I hope you both feel better. I know I’d rather be sleeping than commenting on blogs. They still be there when you and your son recover.

  • Get better soon!!!

  • Hope you both feel better as I know I wouldn’t want to be reading or commenting on anything in that state. That’s serious blogger’s dedication. Stomach viruses are never fun but hopefully it will be over very soon. I send vibes of good health your way.

  • Oh, good luck with the bizyness! Hope things calm down soon!

  • Hope you feel better!
    Sometimes the body decides, enough is enough…
    Hoping to see you back and at em soon.


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