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Big News! And Change!

I just got married! In Vegas! By Elvis! To a complete stranger!

Okay so that’s just a bold faced lie, ya know for shock value, or a chuckle.

In all seriousness, I want to stop and appreciate all of you. (yeah you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you , and you, and you, and you, and you, and YOU, everyone else over here.) Every one of you have all been so helpful, supportive, and amazingly understanding through my funky week. Ya’ll have been even more awesome in the comments when I was feeling the urgent need to make some BIG.LIFE.ALTERING.CHANGE. At this exact moment, I could not be happier, or feel luckier to be a part of this little blogging community. I feel like I have developed some real friendships over these last few months. So, thanks, you guys rock! ☺

Speaking of that BIG change I felt I needed to make, I went ahead and took Greg’s advice (since he is the self proclaimed smartest man alive, agreeably on his way to world domination, and all the while maintaining the nicest elbows.) Instead of going all drama queen drastic, or turning what’s left of my life completely upside down (inevitably making matters worse) I went with making some simple changes.

I made a few non-impulsive / well thought out adjustments over the last few days that have really taken a huge weight off of my shoulders.

I have found yet another home (oh god, not a real house, or a geographic location change…remember…simple.) I found another home for one of my other blogs. I have left the 451 Press blog. I am no longer writing for Watching Sitcoms. This was a really hard decision to make. One decision that I wrestled with for awhile. While on the one hand it was my first professional opportunity to write in a public forum, restricted to particular topics, that required research. Much different than my usual long winded, never staying on the topic at hand posts, like over here. That learning experience was most excellent practice for me. On the other hand, I was constantly feeling like I was always under the gun with deadlines, and that damn feeling of impending doom that lingered over my head every day, like my insane and unfounded fears of always getting fired. (off topic: what is that about anyway?) Lastly and most importantly I was sacrificing a lot of time that could have been spent with my son (can you say shrouded in guilt!)

….Then, suddenly, like magic, it dawned on me. Hey? Wait… I already have a job, where I work really hard all day long for no money pocket change . It’s called my day job. I don’t need two jobs like that. Or two more stress-inducing factors. So, after some 12 days – non stop reflection – locked in my own four walls – and circling the drain consideration, I moved.

This is a new site. But, hey! Guess what? I am the owner, and author of this new site! YIPEE! I am now writing about TV: HERE! HERE! HERE! It’s all about TV.

My new TV home, is functional, but still very much under construction. The lay out needs to be adjusted a little, there will be some further redesigning of the page. Eventually the posts will be in the center of the page and all the other stuff will be in opposite left / right sidebars. There are a few other tweeks and kinks that need smoothing over. I am saving the best part for last. The best part, of course, will be developing the perfect kick ass masthead. (Any suggestion, or ideas are welcomed…*hint *hint)

I finally have a JOB (with a professional revenue generating blog) where I am my own boss. I will be able to write what I want, without being restricted to just sitcoms. And, since I am damn sure I won’t be firing myself, I won’t be writing with that perpetual fear of failure. That alone will allow for the joy of writing for that blog to return to me ten fold.

In the mean time, while these changes are being made on my new site, and the lay out is being played with, please bear with me, as well as any issues that may be happening over there for the next few days. We Leslie is really busy working out the design(s), and all of the linkage as we speak.

I am hoping that all of you guys will be just as supportive on my new page. If you really enjoy it, or if you happed to feel so inclined…maybe you would be so kind as to regale me with a special guest post? Written by any of you? About any of the TV show you may be watching? Or any of the TV show that you feel needs to be recognized or simply remembered? Please let me know in the comments / or shoot me an email, if you would be interested in posting a little something something over on my TV blog? Or if there is a specific TV show that you would like for me to write about? I know most of you probably don’t watch nearly as much TV as I do, since most of you have lives, but ya’ll are some damn fine writers and I would be honored if you wanted to post a little ditty.

That being said, aside from a few other personal issues I have yet to work through, which I will be sure to share with you, can I just say….. Ahh… change is good.

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  • Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! (waves arms frantically while standing on a chair at the back of the classroom)

    I’m considering leaving the press, myself. And I’m nearly turning blue in the face waiting for “Weeds” to return to Showtime. I TiVo everything, tho, and then spend Saturday afternoons watching. I wouldn’t be very timely.


  • Meleah

    Now you see…. this is why its MY BLOG! which means… FUCK TIMELY FASHION… its all about the fun and joy of writing again…. when YOU want… about what ever show YOU WANT… hehe!

    You (my twin) are so in! Now put your hands and flailing arms down!! I’m so excited you want to do this!

  • FV


    What do we supposed to do???

    Hey I was thinking, since you are thanking everyone of You, you, you and many you…. I figured lets all go to PF changs for some chinese food while we talk about all those TV series I hardly ever watched 🙁
    Sorry Mel but the facts of life was watched by my female cousins while us little men watched superman 🙂

    Did you ever see the sopranos?



    Take charge and live your life for you… Im impressed.

  • Change can do a person good. Sometimes we get stuck in the endless cycle and we need a breathe of fresh air. Keep rocking!

    If I ever found the time, I’d like to post about “The Shield” and vent my frustrations with this years series. lol

  • Meleah

    FV: I’ll still be HERE every day! Don’t worry!

    Bowrag: Thanks! Sometimes something seemingly small makes a huge impact!

    Dazd: Please! DO! Find the time and bring it on! Woot! I would be thrilled to have you!

  • [Can you delete me last comment? I messed up the HTML. See, not the WSM.]

    I have to clear something up. In my Smart People post, I actually claim not to be the World’s Smartest Man.

    “like my insane and unfounded fears of always getting fired. (off topic: what is that about anyway?)”

    You answer that when you say:

    “And, since I am damn sure I won’t be firing myself, I won’t be writing with that perpetual fear of failure.”

    The most successful people in the world are successful because they have failed the most and yet did not give up. All of us will fail more than we succeed. Those that focus on the failures and don’t learn from them will probably have fewer failures, but they will also probably never see success.

  • Meleah

    Dude, we have talked about the soliciting blog desing help and how it really makes more work for me. Seriously. I love you bunches, but please stop doing that. 😉 The mastheads (plural – this site design has 18 total) have specific pixel specs, etc. that people would need to know…. ah, forget it. xoxo

  • oops – forgot I was logged in as you to work on templates – der. That was me up there teasing Meleah about her patience level. 😉

  • Meleah

    Leslie: I had no idea the masthead (s) ? specifics size thing. (I was just curious to see what people would think of for ideas) MY BAD.
    And, I was just sayin’ that the template- blog look of melevision will be changing and whatever cuz it’s under construction… did NOT mean to offend. again… MY BAD. (ps…and nice to BE ME and TO TEASE ME… AS MYSELF…thats fucking FUNNY!)

    Greg: you missed the point I was trying to make, or maybe I didn’t make my point clear? anyhoo… I have FAILED at a zillion things and LEARNED from most of them… It a fucking miracle I get out of bed and have ended up where I am in my life, compared to where I have been. The point was I won’t be writing (MY TV BLOG) from the same place of undue PRESSURE…(thus the need for a simple change that MAKES ME FEEL BETTER.) Maybe I did FAIL, I did QUIT 451 after all, but, it made me HAPPIER in doing so. Of course, with the new TV blog, I will apply plenty of pressure to myself, I always do…. I will have tons of FEAR that I will fail in yet another personal challenge, but.. I wont FEEL the same way writing FOR MYSELF as I did when I was writing OVER THERE.

  • Mereb,

    I think it’s terrific that you are really taking the reins on this! I would love to write a little tv snippet down the road. I have to warn you, though, I usually just watch Family Guy, NCIS, Sex and The City reruns, and the Weather Channel – so it’s anyone’s guess how it will turn out.

    Once I’m feeling completely settled in my new place, I’ll set myself to the task.

  • Good luck… being your own boss will highly ‘cool’… I wonder if you will give yourself a lot of bonuses?
    I will be sure to check it out since I love watching television albeit all shows downloaded…

  • now see, the Weather Channel – that’s good comedy. they are wrong more than right 😉

    and Mel, I know you, I was only teasing you a bit because you are not known for patience. then again, neither am I. 😀

    And yes, the masthead has a certai size requirement to fit the template, as do any other template graphics not to mention the fact that the masthead is a rotating one on your new blog – there are actually going ot be 18 version of it to keep the blog fresh for your viewers. You’ll notice it changes from generic photo to generic photo each time the page loads now.

    the other automatic feature is that it should learn your visitors and say hi to them when they return.

  • Meleah

    Leslie! love you dood! 🙂 xo xo xo xo (.. ps… the TV BLOG on a PC looks all crazy, the two side bars OVERLAP each other. why is that? You cant read or see whats in the side bars, because of the overlapping….ugh. will send you email and CALL you tonight)

    Random Magus! Nice to have you back! …I stalked your page all day catching up with you …( I would love to give myself a bonus! like a VACATION ! )

    Holly! I agree with Leslie, a post on the weather channel is FUNNY! If you wanted to post something on my TV blog, You are invited to POST about any show you want! Id love to have you as a guest! (so happy your move went smooth!)

  • Meleah: I was responding to your off topic comment of what your unfounded fear of always getting fired is all about. That’s where the fear of failure thing comes up, at your job. What I’m saying is that I suspect at your day job you don’t give yourself enough credit and think you’re failing in some way. For example, being sick and not being able to show up for work, you equate that with not being with it enough and this turns into a sense of failure, although it’s just in your head. So this leads to being afraid of being fired.

    I’m not talking about the 451 thing at all.

  • Meleah

    Greg: OH! ….now THAT makes sense! 🙂 (man I am slow sometimes)

  • Allo dear. IE is a browser on any platform that will not display blogs properly, so if it is IE you are using at work, that is why. nothing I can do about that – that’s an IE issue. IE is the SUCK. If it isn’t on IE, send me an email and I’ll add it to the list for this weekend.

  • Meleah

    Actually, on my office computer ( the PC…and eww) I did install FIREFOX (cuz.. its awesome). I use Internet Explorer for quoting insurance, and all work related things, but I open FIREFOX for the rest of my internet usage..

  • after the comment you left at my place – i was sure you had found that 29 year old childless, mindless hunk!

  • Meleah

    that would be to easy….and BORING! 🙂

    Thanks Micki!

  • Congratulations! Change is good for the soul! Don’t forget the little people 😉

  • Meleah

    Little people? like the OO-m-pa L-OO-mpa’s? Thank you Dawn, (my twisted sister)

  • No thank you for giving us such a wonderful blog.

  • Oh that is brilliant!!!

    You have my whole-hearted support!!

    Are you going to have a house warming party!!
    I’ll bring drinks!!


  • Meleah

    Minx: YEAY! and THANK YOU. support from a blogger (such as YOU) is ever so humbling…

    and house party? I WISH! I think we do need a BLOGGER party. An all FEMALE blogger party. We should all meet in the middle somewhere?

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