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Best weekend ever.

Child free / Job Free / All about me!

Friday night I spent at home, alone, stretched out on my sofa watching movies, with no interruptions! Imagine that! No interruptions! I watched Running with Scissors, which was a phenomenal movie. Yes, I know the rest of the internet has already watched, reviewed and written a zillion posts on Augusten Burroughs, so I will keep it short. I loved every second. Every actor, every line. I watched it twice. Besides, Alec Baldwin was in it! (yum!) However, I am not sure some people will even get how intense or good the movie was if they didn’t read the book. Dood, READ THE BOOK. There was sooo much cut out of the book, when turned into the movie. Nonetheless and excellent flick.

Then I watched A Good Year. That movie was… ‘meh’. Nothing spectacular. Nothing thought provoking. I’m glad I didn’t pay the $8.50 in a movie theatre to see the movie, but it was okay to watch at home alone on a Friday night before bed.

Saturday I slept until 2pm! Jealous much! (hehehe and hell yes!) I went to Target and spent way too much money on every cleaning supply in every isle. I gotta have clean. I cleaned my house from 3pm-8pm. Sparkling, immaculate, cathartic clean! ahhhhhhh. 5 hours of cleaning and music. (I need professional help) All I know is my son JCH will be forever grateful he was at his fathers house this past weekend so he didn’t have to help me with any of the chores.

Saturday night, I watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. I promise you all, after seeing that movie, twice, I will refrain from bitching about work. At least for a week or so! Will Smith has always been a favorite actor of mine. He was incredible. It was great to see Will Smith doing a film project with his own son, Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, also excellent. A word to the wise, do not watch that movie after you have applied any makeup, especially non-waterproof mascara. Oh no!

Then, I wrote a small little nothing over HERE just to get my feet wet. Okay maybe just a toe.

Plus, I actually WORKED ON MY BOOK

Sunday I spent the day with my mom. I went to her house to pick up all the supplies needed for Passover 2007. I dragged back at least 25 shopping bags and 3 boxes full of Passover food and decorations. It was a haul, 7 trips up and down four flights of stairs to get everything out of my car ad into my condo. I could not feel my ass after the 5th trip up those damn stairs. WHY? My building does not have an elevator, I will never understand.

My mom met up with me at my house, to help prep. Setting the table, ironing the table clothes (she did the ironing, I am not that good yet!) polishing the silver, and stocking the fridge.

(get a good look at that fridge! It’s never been that full! It will probably never be that full again!)

When we were all done we both collapsed on my sofas and hung out for the afternoon drinking hot tea and watched Father of the Bride part II. It was so nice to spend a foggy rainy Sunday, with my mom.

After my mom left, I took a candle light bubble bath to soothe the aches and pains. I was so sore from carrying too many things at once, to try to cut down on number of trips up and down those stairs. My shoulders hurt; my ass was on fire, my legs felt like wet spaghetti noodles. After being immersed in bubbles, silence and heat for an hour, the soreness subsided.

I climbed in to pajamas; read a ton of my favorite bloggers, found some new bloggers to read, answered emails, hung out with Jennifer Sunday night playing with our MacBooks, choosing IPHOTO pictures to use in Comic Life, and blissfully passed out!

All in all I had a great weekend. I took care of everything I wanted / needed to do. I took care of myself. Slept well, ate well, read well, wrote well, most certainly time well spent.

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  • Anonymous

    well that is true that I have never ..and I mean NEVER seen that much stuff in your fridge. I am glad you got to spend time with yourself and enjoying your time. Other than the enormous exercise you got the table looks great. Have a great day on Tuesday….you and the rest of the family will be in my thoughts. love you.. BOB

  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you


    It never crossed my mind you were Jewish, I thought you were Greek or Russian or Italian 🙂

    In case I missed it Happy Passover, I was going to say happy Hannukah but I know it falls sometime in late December.
    I might not be Jewish but I make some damn good Motza balls soup yummmyyy.

    mmmmmmm and why aren’t you willing to share your rubber bands?? why don’t you sell them on eBay? 🙂


  • meleah rebeccah

    well, I am not JEWISH perse…


    You see, I am not what you would call a “practicing Jew”. In fact, I wouldn’t identify myself as Jewish, at all, really. I don’t speak Hebrew, I didn’t attend Hebrew school, nor did I have a Bat-mitzva. But, somewhere along the way, when I was growing up, my mother decided to embrace that religion. My younger brother was raised and receptive to Judaism while I spent more time mocking and rebelling against it. I don’t know the history, or any of the stories, I am never sure what holiday means what, until my mother explains (every year) what it is and why we are celebrating it. I have gone to every Jewish holiday event, not for a religious or spiritual connection, but, to be with as much of my family, in the same room, as often as possible, for any reason.

    (Quick Family history: My grandmother, my mothers’ mother, MANGA was Catholic, most of my uncles, my cousins and relatives are Italian Catholic. My grandfather, my mothers father, POPPA-SYE is Jewish. My mother, Pam was raised with both, allowed to choose which religion she wanted when she grew up. (My bio-father, David, I have no clue about) My mother chose her religion when I was young and my brother Adam was younger, he was agreeable, I was not. I didn’t live with mom and brother for much of my life, as I was out by the age of 13. My mother remarried her high school sweetheart when I was 17. My step-father was raised Catholic, but, he converted in his previous marriage and raised his son my step brother Lee Jewish. But, his whole family is still Italian Catholic. So, My Mother, my step-father and both of my brothers and both of their wives are Jewish, the rest of my family is Italian Catholic.) I stand alone in the “I believe in g-d, I do not believe in religion” point of view.

  • meleah rebeccah


    I know! It’s weird! Although its packed with JEWISH FOOD, none of which I will EAT, and will be GONE by tomorrow NIGHT! It is SHOCKING to see anything in MY FRIDGE

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