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Do NOT operate any machinery, including a fax or scanner machine, when drugged on Benadryl.

Do NOT make phone calls. Do NOT take phone calls.

Do NOT reply to any important or work related emails.

Do NOT schedule any appointments.

Do NOT make plans with other people.

Do NOT try to do anything mathematical even if you implement a calculator.

Do NOT attempt to hold up your end of the conversation.

You will not remember what you did or said, five minutes after saying or doing something.

Your reflexes will kick in ten minutes after they would normally respond.

Do NOT go into public places.

Do NOT try to do your hair, or apply any make up at all.

Do NOT make any choices.

Do NOT make any decisions.

Do NOT make any promises.

(because you wont remember what they are.)

In the event you are forced to subject yourself to the general public, or a working environment, avoid everyone at all costs. I cannot stress that one enough.

(only speak to co-workers or friends that know that you are under the influence, and will be forgiving, when you cant comprehend what is going on around you.)

No amount of caffeine will counter-act the effects of Benadryl. Coffee & Tea will only make you more aware that you are unaware of your surroundings, and incapable of functioning.

Standing makes you dizzy.

Gravity will have a stronger hold on you than you’d expect.

Do NOT expect to be alert even after napping on your lunch hour.



(when you regain full use of all your faculties.)

and in the mean time, watch some YOU TUBE VIDEOS….

and DO watch the second night of the AMERICAN IDOL SEASON PREMIERE.

Poor MEG! She is Blogging LIVE during the episode… G-d Bless her!

If you are NOT reading MEGS MIND..then may I suggest you HOP TO IT…Here is her AMERICAN IDOL POST 1st NIGHT SEASON PREMIERE

(I couldn’t have worded the IDOL experience any better.)

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  • smoke_eater

    Did you ever think of getting panels (allergy testing) to see what the possible reactives would be? Hope you feel better and get rid of the beny head.


  • meleah rebeccah

    oh I have had EVERY TEST under the sun.

    I am allergic to: (to name a FEW)

    mustard, strawberries, wheat, gluten, any type of nut(s), most things with seeds, tomoatoes, saurkraut, peanutbutter, bread, pasta, and a bunch of other foods, FUCK.ME.UP due to Crohns .

    yeah, um… I CAN eat plain grilled chicken, and plain grilled fish, or the occasional sushi… but anything outside of that triggers some near fatal reaction. and needs 900000000 medications to manage digesting an actual meal

    FOOD is the ENEMY.

    my body just REJECTS food. my body sees food as a bacteria and trys to attack it, rather than digest it.

    Its very difficult to eat out, or eat much of anything without landing in a hospital, or stuck at home for days

    oh yeah… I’m a real fucking PRIZE over here….

    and there is a LONG list of many other short-comings… but let’s take things ONE PITFALL at a TIME!!

  • Leslie

    I hear ya on the out-of-it. Have been in a vic haze all week. Taking only ibuprofen during day now in spite of broken collarbone to get out of the haaaaaze. Love you sweetie.

    Oh! and read the damn labels!

    xoxo, Leslie

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