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Taking A Blog Vacation


[REVISED: because that last entry was way too depressing! And I am SO OVER feeling sorry for myself.]

I know everyone was “looking” for me because I haven’t written a post, or as much as left a single comment, nor have I answered a single email (or phone call). I am fine. I just need a Blog Vacation. I need a break from all of my responsibilities and obligations. I am spending every night this week with my son, my family and friends before this summer is over.

I want to thank everyone for their support, love and concern. I will be back to blogging and commenting very soon.


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  • Take care of yourself, girl. We’ll be here when you get back.

  • Lis

    We all need a time out occasionally. Take care.

  • take what you need… i have been in an emotional slump the last few days too.. so i know when it hits.. it hits…. and sometimes time is the only thing that can put enough space between it,, and you…i’ll be waiting for you….

  • FV

    Take care my dear friend. Hopes you feel better soon….

    misses you!


  • Do whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself, Mereb. I’m here if you need anything. Take care.

  • Don’t make me send you another snotty card….

  • jodi

    …and we shall wait and send you good thoughts, in someway, to wrap around you…Peace

  • Take care, take good care. Thelma & Louise will ride again soon…

  • phew! you had me worried!
    enjoy your downtime 😉

  • Look forward to having you back. Have fun with the family.

  • OLLY


  • Have a blast and I look forward to your return!!!

  • take your time… no need to rush back. We all need a break sometimes.

  • Meleah

    NG: I know YOU understand that beaten down feeling.
    LIS: I think you did that last week!
    PAISLEY: I know you have been “funky” these last few days too. We will get through it together!
    FV: Miss you too.
    HOLLYGL: I can always count on your support. I am so lucky to have you in my life I feel like you are always in my corner cheering me on.
    JASON: your cards are THE BEST (snotty or otherwise)
    JODI: Thank you sweety that means a lot to me.
    SG: I will…. and WE WILL.
    DAWN: I’m okay. I promise. Just needed a BREAK… But I don’t think I will be able to stop myself for reading everyone else’s blogs and commenting (even if I am on “vacation”)
    RICARDO: I wont be gone for long. I cant stay away. I have carved my own little place on the world wide web, thats JUST FOR ME. How could I stay gone? I love it here too much, Its one of the few things that I have and DO for MYSELF that brings me absolute happiness.
    OLLY: I will 🙂
    MICHAEL C: I will! I promise!
    MARSHA: yes I do. Just a BREAK.

    * I have the greatest circle of people in my life. Feeling very grateful right now.*

  • Dan

    Enjoy your time off Meleah! You deserve it!

  • FV

    I can’t wait till you come backkkkkk!!!!!

    will start counting the days….mmmmmmmm….mmmmmmmmm….. right about……mmmmm……NOW!!!!

    I guess someone has to turn off the lights until you come back


  • Meleah

    DAN: Thank you. I do deserve it! and I plan on enjoying all of it!
    FV: It wont be long I swear – MAYBE a week… MAYBE (probably by Sunday?)



  • We shall await your return. (Tap…tap…tap)

  • Loz

    Mel – no need to put a time frame around it. You’ll know when you’re ready to re-appear. Take care my friend 😉

  • Hugs to you, chica ) xoxoxo

  • Enjoy yourself – and looking forward to your return. Imagine all the stuff you’ll have to write about!

    It’s good to kick back, relax and take some time off – I must remember to have the same conversation with my boss at work … mmm.

    Speak to ya soon. 🙂

  • Meleah

    JENNIFER: I know a post a day everyday since NOVEMBER on TWO blogs calls for a freeking VACATION!
    LISA: It doesn’t mean I wont be checking out YOUR blog while in on ‘vacation’ since I cant help myself from reading all my favorites everyday (yanno on my ‘lunch hour’ and trapped in my cubical)
    LOZ: Thank you
    LESLIE: Hugs back sweety. I really MISS you these days
    GEEDOS: I wish I could get the same time off from my JOB but, Ill take any “break” I can get.

  • I have just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it. It is so important to take some time out when you need it. Enjoy the time with your family.

  • Yo Momma

    MAZEL TOV!!!!
    does this mean i’ll actually see you again for more than 5 minutes? dare i look forward to a mel&mom night out??

  • There is no doubt about that, Meleah. …and the feeling of “lucky” is mutual. Take your time, live life, and, obviously, we’ll all still be here. 😉

  • Meleah

    SELMA: Welcome to my head! Ill be sure to check out your blog when I return!


    HOLLYGL: Im still commenting / reading / a.k.a. stalking your blog. I cant help myself!

  • FV

    Horayyyyyyyyyyyyyy my dear friend Mel is coming back Sunday!! yipppyyyyy yayyy!!!




  • Enjoy the last fleeting moments of summer….

  • Yah, I’m feelin’ it too. Dog days. Enjoy your time and relax. Regroup. Write something that isn’t public.

  • 🙂 Miss you too.

  • You know where we will be when you get back….eagerly awaiting more words from you.

    You have 32 sincere well-wishes so far on this post. If I said I was going on vacation, I would be met with the sound of crickets.

    At least know that you have MANY loyal fans sending you their best wishes. Please add mine to the list.

    Take care.


  • Meleah

    FV: Yes. By Sunday I will have the LONGEST POST EVER.

    LAURIE: Thanks! I intend too.

    KELLYPEA: I will!

    LESLIE: xxoo xxoo

    DAN: Hi! Welcome to my world. See you soon. I will check out your blog over the weekend. (Crickets made me laugh)

  • {{{{{{Meleah}}}}}}}}

    A big hug for you….

  • Marc

    Welcome back!!!!

  • Meleah

    Aww… Thank you Marc! xxoo

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