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Back to Broth

I am sure ya’ll are just as sick of hearing about it as I am sick of writing about it. I am really sick of living with it. I don’t know if I ate too much? Or, if I ate something that was bad for me? Or, if my son brought home a virus from school? Or, if this has anything to do with me stopping the intake of all those meds? Maybe I really still do need some of those meds? But, I certainly weathered another 8-hour stint in my bathroom. And I haven’t been able to work. I can’t keep anything in my body. It is as if my stomach is a blender set on the puree cycle.

Damn it.

It is back to the dreaded ‘broth diet’ until my intestines settle down again.

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  • I’m sorry you’re going through this again, Meleah. I hope you get better soon!

  • I am so sorry. Hang in there and know you have all of our support. And if it was brought home from school, I’ll gladly go find the kid that gave it to your soon…if you want me to 😉

  • Oh, Meleah, you poor thing. It’s awful to have a setback when things were going so well. Sending you hundreds and thousands of get well soon wishes.

  • The best friend

    thats just great

  • brookestone

    what exactly did you eat before you got sick?

  • I was wondering the same thing Meleah – can you track it back to maybe one thing you ate? I am sorry my dear – doesn’t sound like you are having any fun at all…

  • Hey sweetie hope you feel better soon.

  • Get well. Rest and feel better soon! 🙂

  • Meleah

    This fucking sucks.

    I have been IN BED for two days.

    I am pretty sure this is a viral thing, since today I feel incredibly nauseous. My whole body is aching and sore, and I get light headed when I sit up.

    Michael: Can you go beat that kid up for me?

    Random : Thanks

    Dawn: I am

    Beth: I have no idea what / why / how. I was walking along in life feeling GREAT and WHAM ….lower back pains, stomach cramps, total evacuation and leaky ass all over again… for HOURS. I am seeing my new GI Guy on OCTOBER 10th.

    BFF: Im so upset / pissed / angry

    Ingrid; Thanks for your support

    Selma; I dont know if this was a set back or if I have a virus / sick ness thing.

    Stone: I had the swiss shard and the chops for dinner Monday night. In the middle of the night the all to familiar lower back pain returned and so did the crampy pain. by 630am Tuesday morning I was trapped in the bathroom. and then I slept the WHOLE day, except to have glass of ice water, which ran right hrough me like fire water. I tried broth last night but that didn’t work either. when I woke up this morning if I took a deep breath I felt incredibly nauseous….. I haven’t had anything to eat or drink all day today. Im too scared.

  • Sounds like you got a virus, and since your body is so weak anyway from months of no fucking food it is just kicking your ass. Poor thing. xoxoxo

    OH, and for our possible weekend trip in November ish? Heather c is out – she is preggers, due in feb and on total bed rest – lol. Sarah Bear I havent asked yet because she is still in the middle of her cross country move, I’ll ask her when she gets to old virginny in october.

    Love you sweetie.

  • Meleah

    Yep. This is totally a VIRUS. 2 other people from my office have have been hit with the same bug. and yes, it is kicking my ass.

  • Damn that sucks! Feel better soon!

  • I hope you are drinking a lot of water; I had dysentery once, and it damn near killed me from dehydration.

  • Yes what Bob said!

    And I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  • Darling girl xxx

    I do hope you are feeling better soon, you poor thing.

    This is a gruelling turn of events.

    Sending you love and medicinal thoughts.

  • Ohhh… that sucks.
    Now about the broth diet… does hot chocolate count?
    Damn it please finish a bottle of whisky if you can, that will sure make you feel better.

  • HollyGL

    Oh, honey, I’m sorry you’re sick. …and this is going to sound really weird to say, but thank God its a virus. It will pass, and you will be able to eat what you choose again. Feel better, Mereb. xoxo

  • oh m… i feel so for you… i wish there was some magic potion that could stop all of this non sense for you… i hate the thought of you under the weather like this over and over again… my heart bleeds for you my darling……..

  • FV

    oh my dear Mel, I just hope you get better soon! stupid viral infections are so much pain to deal with.

    FV 🙁

  • Feel better. I have a little something to with my stomach and work was tricky today.

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