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Baby Steps

Tonight I am pro actively going out. To take a look around, at the available men. I am going to get it out of my head, that dating is a nightmare, and instead, I am going to count on HollyGL’s undying optimism…

“I do still believe, though – as I always have – that there are some great guys out there. It’s just a matter of finding them. …or allowing them to find us.”

I am not on a mission to come home with a man, or even get a phone number. But, sitting home alone every Friday night sure isn’t going to get me anywhere. No one is going to fall out of the sky and into my lap.

[Okay? Maya!] My sister-in-law will be excited to see that I have finally decided to take a chance and start ‘dating’ again as will my parents. After this post, my mother said something to me, she said, “Meleah, you are smart, pretty, and funny. Do you know how rare that is, for someone to have all three qualities. Why do you always see yourself in such a bad light?” I said, “I don’t know.” Then my father piped in agreeing wholeheartedly with my mother. “Meleah, you are smart, pretty, and funny, go out and date again. It’s been a YEAR for Christ sakes.”

I spoke with my male best friend and told him what my parents had said, because well, they are my parents, and it is their job to build me up. I wanted to see what a man, who knows me better than I know myself, had to say. Here’s what he said, “Yes, you are very smart, and creative. You are very pretty, and extremely funny, but…. it’s all held together by scotch tape and rubber bands.” … “That’s a big investment for someone to make.”

I just about peed my pants when he said that, because it’s true. I am held together with scotch tape and rubber bands.

I am fully aware of all of my flaws and short comings. Nonetheless, doesn’t the fact that I KNOW I am fucked up, make me a little less fucked up, than some of the other lunatics running amongst us, who don’t even know they ARE fucked up?

Oh, well, since I have been making changes, and taking chances, why not! I am going out tonight! I just want to see what is out there.

I have no idea what to wear, or where exactly I am going, or if any of my girlfriends will be tagging along to help stop me from making a total buffoon of myself…. but, this should be interesting.

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  • FV

    What the hell can we do if we are all f**** up?? I will say fu** it. So freaking what? some people see you as da blog queen with nice boobs others see you OMG they are quite nice!! while others are just damned f**ed up big time.

    So screw it Meleah H. go out there and go fishing, get out to the middle of the savage sea, throw your line, and maybe you will have a nice catch or two 😉

    Just let me know when you want to go to P.F. Chang’s next time.

    Ps. you do have my number remember?


  • Sounds like a fun time. Go out and have some fun…relax…enjoy yourself.

    Who knows…you may find some blog fodder. heh

  • Good luck, Mel! Btw, I didn’t find my guy staying home every friday night but I did find him through the web! Lol, however I know it’s a one in a million chance, neither of us was looking for someone so it was just luck or fate 🙂

    Oh, and you’re tagged! 😉 Check out my blog and this cool new music meme I hope you try 😀
    Take care,

  • Looking forward to hearing about it….

  • oh how i wish you lived closer… i would so go out if i had someone to go with…..

  • Just relax and enjoy yourself! If you meet someone you like, great, if not, you had a good time. You are such a hottie, who could resist!

  • …hope you have a blast….

  • Hey chica! Did you have fun? You do realize that normal is the illusion, right?

  • Hey, Mereb, who the hell isn’t held together by scotch tape and rubber bands at some level! The guy for you will quickly see past the …imperfections, to a heart of gold. So, we have: funny, pretty, smart, AND a heart of gold. What more could a guy ask?!

  • FV

    I guess the ocean is a big place to go fishing!!! Mel, what’s taking you so long to let us know some really good details!!! I read you caught some fish but come on, the purpose is to take them home with you not throw them back. 😉

    Oh wait you are going out again tonight!!! damn it woman, how many fishing poles do you own HAHAHAHAHA



  • Personally, I think a little fucked up is absolutely fabulous!!
    Even better when one recognizes it – and revels in it a little!!

    You are absolutely delicious Meleah – smart, pretty and funny!!

    Wish I could join you in your romantic reconnaissance mission, screening the hordes of potential suitors for potential prospects and desirable dates, trying desperately not to get too drunk and get you into trouble…

    Have fun out there, darling!!

  • I hate dating, really I do. It’s barbaric and makes me feel awful if it goes badly. However you got to get back in the saddle and I’m glad to read that you are. As I said, you’re not going to have any trouble finding men with your qaulities, listen to your friend. As for the rubber bands, aren’t we all held together that way?

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