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Are You Watching This?

Okay. Its been awhile since I’ve blogged about any television shows. But I am really psyched about a new show that just came out last week on TNT. And I feel like talking TV today. Come join me over here?

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  • nope. i just started watching house on a regular basis and 30 rock. i’m always the last to catch on. will probably watch leverage after they cancel it. i’m slow.

  • Arv

    one more week of heavy work… no time for tv now 🙂

    will catch up with it soon 🙂


  • It’s probably not even on in Australia yet, but I am coming over to have a look!

  • I haven’t watch this one yet. No a big TV fan, I watch alot of movies, and am a soap opera addict. If it’s really worth it, I’ll give it a shot. P.S. I love the pics at the bottom of the page. You are one hot chica !!!!!

  • I missed the premiere (Nigerian Job). I DVR’d and watched last week’s episode (Homecoming Job). I have mixed feelings. I love Timothy Hutton, and I like the concept. However, I feel some of the supporting actors are a bit weak (especially the blonde one) and the writing was slightly predictable. I am still going to watch more episodes. Compared to Heroes, this is Shakespeare.

  • Meleah

    House & 30 Rock (and Scrubs) are GOLD.
    Leverage is shaping up to be something REALLY worth watching


    I wish you didnt have to wait So Long to get good TV over there.

    The Girl I Will Bring Home:
    You are not a big TV person? Oh I love TV so much I have an entire blog dedicated to that! I used to love Soap Operas – All My Children was my FAVORITE.

    Oh thanks. The pictures at the bottom are being voted on as to which one should be my new 2009 Profile Icon Photo!


    The Nigerian Job was MUCH better than the Homecoming Job. And since the Season Premiere was Commercial Free it really held my attention for the full 60 minutes. Yes, there are some predicable scenes and some of the writing could be better. BUT. Im psched to see what is in store Tonight.

    PS: Oh the blond (Parker) is kind of crazy. But I do like her

  • Looks like a good one!

  • cmk

    Comment is placed at ‘the other blog.’ 🙂

  • Meleah

    it really IS!




  • Lee

    I saw the premier last night, and I agree, this is going to be worth watching. It kind of reminded me of a new, hip version of Mission Impossible. I loved that jerk getting taken in the end.

  • Meleah

    I *heart* TV.

    Oh Hell Yes! This show is a KEEPER that’s for sure! Im not missing tonight’s episode at 10 pm! (Ill just watch it with New Man)

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