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Are You Sick Of The Same TV Shows?

I know I am. It seems like it has been at least a DECADE since there have been any fresh ideas to come along on the boob tube. Where are all of the creative minds? I found one! This guy. He takes the possibilities of creating new television series to a brand new level. Find out more HERE.

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  • Haha! That’s quality 🙂

    I’m not just sick of the same shows (think reality / DIY / forensic / medical) but also sick of the lack of really decent shows.

    I was given the box set of Magnum PI on DVD as a present recently – kept me entertained for weeks! If in doubt head back to the 80’s, or anything with David Hasselhoff – can’t go wrong!!??! 🙂

  • He’s onto something. And you have a great point! Perhaps this is why the only network TV I watch is Thursday nights on NBC…

  • The young man is thinking. I watch almost no network TV. Can’t stand Law and Order spin offs or CSI spinoffs and I’m too far out of the whole lost craze to follow it. I only have a few shows I watch. Entourage, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck and a random movie that comes up. There may be 1 or 2 other shows I’m missing but it’s not much. With the Sopranos gone I’m really hurting.

  • I really think this sort of thing may be the future in television–rather than all the slickly produced stuff, which they have done countless demographic appeal surveys on.


  • That guy is pure genius I tell you. I threw out all my Bibles because it is clear to me that his material is the only thing that my family needs to be reading. I tried to print out one of his blogs but my computer couldn’t handle such witty and creative data so it just disintegrated into a rainbow of humor. Brilliant!

  • TV shows seem to follow trends. The hospital/doctor shows, the police drama shows, the slapstick comedy shows, the space-fantasy shows, etc. Last decade there were a bunch of shows featuring single parents. Today there’s a lot of reality, in your face drama that’s a bit over the top. I mean, who needs to be surfing through the channels and seeing people eating bugs?

  • I could use something different and new. So sick and tired of reality tv and crime shows. Summer months are the worst! But I am looking forward to another season of “Lost”… at least it’s different 😉

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