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Protected: Another Personal Update. With Some Pictures, Charts, and Graphs.

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  • Meleah

    Mimi Lenox:
    Thank you for your awesome support and for your VOICE OF REASON!

    I am super glad SOMEONE laughed at at lest ONE LINE in this post!

    Yeah, these meds have some messed up side effects and trying to find the Right Cocktail is a timely process. UGH<

  • Oh BTW, I love your usage of pictures to enhance your thoughts! They are great!

  • I hate that this is so hard on you, but I am encouraged to see how clear you are about making your demands and getting what you need. When I am having issues, I cannot do that.
    There is some good in this

    Any developments yet?

  • Meleah

    Well, sometimes I can NOT find the WORDS to articulate how I am feeling, so photos seemed the best way for me to communicate!

    Glad you appreciate that!

    I am still not getting any results from IOP nor have I been able to get an appointment with the psychiatrist. I think it time I shop for NEW treatment. This is NOT working.

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