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Another Blog Decision


Okay, I have to make another “blog” decision.  The photo strip above.  On my old ass crapy blogger account, I had a flickr stream that alternated random photos.  On this blog, the flickr stream above always shows the latest 5 pictures I have uploaded.

Now, for my question….do I leave the photo strip on the current setting? Leaving the 5 most recent pictures shown above?  If I decide to do that, it means, I would have to write any new post to correspond with the 5 pictures above, which means for each post I would also have to take 5 pictures, (and that’s a lot of fucking work) and some posts just aren’t picture worthy (which means there might be several unnecessary pictures of lets say my feet…)

Or do I somehow (ask, beg, Leslie ) to change it back to the random pictures setting that will change the pictures above every time the page is refreshed? hmm…. I think I want random?   What do you think?

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    get random!

  • Meleah

    yeah, agreed, I need random, this is already becoming problematic

  • I’m not familiar with WordPress or Flickr, but I can understand your issue with the photos seeming to blend in with the post. On your old site your photos crossed the entire page, whereas here they only go across the posting half so tend to seem like they should go with the post.

    Random is better because it is a greater chance of appealing to more people. Plus a random mix will help maintain a visual separation between the photos and the posts below.

    If you can, you might consider placing the http://www.flickr.com line under the photos rather than above it, to help with the visual separation. Also having the date above the post, like your old blog, might help the visual separation also, but then that changes your layout a bit.

  • Sorry I’m late! Random!!!!

  • Meleah

    yeay, Michael! You finally found your way over to my new page! Thanks for the vote!

  • I hate when you do this, get impatient and solicit opinions from your blog readers even after you’ve already asked me to do something you want to your site(s). I already told you last weekend I’d change it for you. I also already told you I wouldn’t have time until this weekend. This is me sticking my tongue out at you. 😛

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