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You all know Leslie, I talk about her all the time. You all know we went to high school together and have been friends for 20 some odd years. It is amazing to have a friendship like that. Leslie is forever guiding me, helping me, given me hope and love when all was lost. She is also the mastermind, or what I like to call, my personal wizard of Oz, when it comes to learning or doing or using my websites. Now, I have even more of a reason to brag about my friend.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the magazine Writers Digest. Right? If you haven’t, you need to sign up and subscribe right about … NOW. Seriously, it is one of, if not the most, essential writer magazines. And guess who is in the AUGUST 2007 issue of WRITERS DIGEST, on pages 14 and 15? LESLIE! LESLIE has been quoted and THIS blog (one of her blogs) has been sited in Writers Fucking Digest! I am holding the issue in my hand, screaming in my house, yelling out to my neighbors and calling all of my other friends, because…MY FRIEND, MY FRIEND, (I am so NOT abusing caps locks… this is a bonafide CAPS LOCKS reason) MY FRIEND OF TWENTY YEARS IS IN A MAGAZINE. A REALLY GOOD MAGAZINE, FOR WRITERS, BY WRITERS…AS A WRITER

Look! Just LOOK! (Click on thumbnails for larger view!)

That is getting (flickr’d) and FRAMED and HUNG in my house. I am so, just, I cant even, STOP SCREAMING.

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  • Thank you! I’m pretty excited also. 🙂 Of course, out of all my majillion blogs they pick the one blog I haven’t had time to update in a month – lol. Hee.

  • Meleah

    Im so … I have no words. me…wordless. flipping out and wordless.

  • Oh congratulations Leslie!!!

    What a brilliant honour!
    I am going to check it out forthwith!!

    Aren’t you lucky having such a fabulous friend as Meleah!!


  • I consider myself extremely lucky to have Melz as a friend 😉

  • Meleah

    Nah yo! Nah!

    I am the LUCKY one!

  • Brian

    Coming from a person (ie. me) who finds it difficult to work two sentences into a cohesive thought… I gotta say, ‘I’m impressed’… It’s no coincidence ( I don’t believe it coincidence, chance, or luck) that Meleah and Leslie have rekindled their friendship. Artistic and creative peoples always seem to gravitate together…

  • Meleah

    AWW…..Dawson! Look at you … all proud of her!

  • 🙂


    ♥♥♥Go Leslie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & dont stop…just keep going
    & going & going!
    everyones proud!♥♥♥

  • I’m grinning ear to ear! I enjoyed perusing all the links and reading through. A luxury because I don’t usually indulge until I get my writing done. It’s always so stimulating to see what other’s are creating for themselves. Congrats!

    How lovely to have such a great friend — both of you!

  • NICE! Good to get that endorsement from a credible source. BTW I mentioned you for the Thinking Bloggers award. No writers digest, but hey….

  • Congrats to Leslie!

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