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And The President Elect Is…

Barack Obama!

•  @ 11:01pm Obama 297 / McCain 139

Now I just hope he reads this letter.



Was anyone else *frightened* by the reaction from the crowd at McCain’s concession speech?

And, how MOVED were you when listening to Obama’s acceptance speech?

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  • Breathing an extremely satisfied sigh of relief and amazement. I’m completely overwhelmed about it all. Whoa. Trust me that the letters will continue and I will find an email address to send them.

  • Meleah

    You write The Best Letters. And I know you will keep writing them, and find a way to mail them to the proper address.

    (And I will keep reading them and loving every one of them.)

  • Yes, I was very frightened especially since I work with a bunch of people like that. Sad and scary.

  • A day to remember 🙂

    What a campaign it was… so glad it’s over and with the results it did with!

  • Meleah

    Obama said it best at his Acceptance Speech.
    I had tears rolling down my face.

    I am so amazed to have been a witness to such an historical event like this one.

  • Eva

    You already know I am pleased as punch, and completely overcome with joy. I have Kleenex crumpled in piles all around me – they all did a job well done, drying the countless tears of joy that leaked out of my eyes tonight. YAY OBAMA!

  • This is an amazing outcome. I am over the moon. Regarding the reaction of the people when McCain conceded – YIKES. Nobody likes a poor loser. McCain was gracious in defeat. His supporters should follow suit. But for now, I don’t care about them because I am all choked up about PRESIDENT OBAMA. A great moment in history!!!

  • Yep, those people at the McCain speech did kind of worry me. So did the people at the Palin speeches when she kept saying he hung out with terrorists and people shouted to kill him. Was it a political rally or a clan rally? I’m sorry but the Republican base freaks me out.

    I had a lump in my throat watching his speech. The people at that speech looked like normal America to me.

    What a trip!! This was history. I’m still beside myself.

  • Hallelujah! The reaction of the McCain supporters further illustrates a certain faction of this country that remains a source of embarrassment for us as on the world’s stage. That aside, all I can say is thank God and the majority of Americans!!!

  • I wasn’t frightened, I felt extremely sad for them because they didn’t get it. It WAS and IS time for change. They couldn’t have done anything to change the outcome.e

  • I watched an episode of ‘Entourage.’



    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  • Thankful and hopeful. The first step of many.

  • No – I wasn’t frightened at all. He was sincere and supportive. The media all liked his good intention words. Very well spoken and complimentary. Certainly better that BHO’s words in return. Now if you are talking about the boo’s. A lot of folk haven’t watched much election coverage before. Fan reaction has been that way since Regan was a pup. Gore fans boo’ed Bush. They’re both white. Its not racial. People are looking for stuff too hard now. Get over it America! Let’s hope we can get through the next 4 years without too many problems.

    THANK GOD ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Locally at the McCain headquarters… the women wailed like end of the world was coming. Then there was another scene of a couple sitting in an empty room clinging onto Fox TV, hoping miracle would happen… little did they know that miracle had happened, it happened for the majority of the people, just not for the sorry souls.

    Let us all not only hope, but build, a better America together.

  • I’m optimistic…but Obama inherits a flaming ball of shit. We need to remember that he’s only human (we think 🙂 and while he will probably get a lot of good stuff accomplished, it would be virtually impossible for him to fix all our problems in a mere four years.

    I just hope that when we all come down from this high, we don’t turn on him when he runs into roadblocks. He’s a good man, and we have to remember that when times get tough…and they will.

  • Oh boy here we go again posting the same photo again! LOL;)

    I am so elated and am enjoying the Obama Affect.

  • Meleah

    I know how you feel!
    (Thanks facebook instant message!)

    “McCain was gracious in defeat. His supporters should follow suit.”

    I had tears of relief, joy & hope streaming down my face when I listened to Obama’s speech. And I just LOVE when he says MY name!

    I was blown away by the 338 / 195 final outcome. The won, by A Lot.


    It was frightened, I had never heard an angry mob
    “BOO” like that.

    I still love ya!
    And Entourage Rules.
    Jeremy Piven is excellent in that role.

    *here* here*

    Im glad its over too.

    “Let us all not only hope, but build, a better America together.”
    Amen to that one.

    Random Chick:
    “Flaming Ball Of Shit”
    So true. So true.

    We have GREAT taste!
    Thats’s why we post the same photos!

  • Like Selma says, McCain was gracious in defeat, and truly seemed willing to move on. The crowd in Arizona seemed more in tune with Palin’s style of partisan agitation and fearmongering. Blech.

  • i watched the whole thing and was very much disturbed by the reaction of the crowd in AZ… its one of those,, we know they are out there but we don’t want to see or hear them things isn’t it???

    as always kelly’s writing was impeccable and i hope everyone has a chance to read it…

  • Dan the Fireman

    Im elated for the outcome, History has been made. The election is finially over. Unfortunately I was unable to see McCains speech due to being at work. Hopefully, America can put aside its differences and come together heal some of the rifts and deal with the issues at hand. Its sad that there will be groups or persons that will try to undermine the thoughts and ideals of this country.

  • I hope and pray that everything works out for this country. 🙂

  • Amy

    The GOP and their supporters have scared me all along, so the awful shouting wasn’t a surprise. I was very proud of the Obama crowd for being polite.

    And I admit, I cried just a little at Obama’s speech. I want so much for it to be true. Guess we’ll see!

  • Lee

    The reaction of the crowd was typical of their parties demeanor through the whole campaign: angry, self-righteous and intolerant. Hopefully, some of them will realize that the majority has spoken, and they need to decide whether to participate or hinder any work toward progress. Like Obama said last night, he is the President of the entire United States…and I’m convinced he meant that.

  • Meleah – I feel like I was watching it with you as we Facebooked through the night. 🙂

    All I remember of the boooooos was the guy with the mustache holding the kid….people were just sad that their candidate didn’t win. I’m sure it’s pretty natural…

  • I listened to McCain’s speech and I liked it. Although you can tell he was upset that he didn’t win he was very humble in his concession. Now his supporters are a different story. All the booing really wasn’t necessary.

    I didn’t watch Obama’s speech. I caught the clips and such earlier this morning and from the parts I heard he was gracious. I just really hope that with Obama being in office he can actually pull off the things he said as well as be able to unite the country.

    On a side note (while I’m here) I’ve tagged you for a meme on my site.

  • McCain was lucky to get out of there alive. It would have turned into a lynch mob.

    Obama’s rally on the other hand was historic and presidential. God Bless America!

  • Meleah

    Just the mention of “Palin” turns my stomach.

    kellypea ROCKS,

    “Its sad that there will be groups or persons that will try to undermine the thoughts and ideals of this country.”

    I know. THAT upsets me too.

    Aw. You are a DOLL. I know you were upset. But THAT mentality is the RIGHT thinking we ALL need to have.

    Yep. Now its a wait & see. However, like Random Chick said, its not like ANYONE can undo / fix the disaster we are in over night. And its going to take longer than 4 years, but I think that OBAMA is the best man for the job.

    “Like Obama said last night, he is the President of the entire United States…and I’m convinced he meant that.”

    I felt the same way.

    My Friend Jen:
    I will take your word for it.

    Now his supporters are a different story. All the booing really wasn’t necessary.

    Thats what I am saying!


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