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Featured Guest Post – Brought To You By: Bounty

This is a featured/guest post brought to you by: BOUNTY

New Baby Essentials

During pregnancy, especially if you have a baby shower, you are inundated with presents form friends and family in excitement of the new arrival. While these gifts are obviously greatly appreciated and never turned away, it does create a sense of anxiousness in making sure you definitely have everything you need.

Don’t panic, most of the presents you receive, while many of them are very pretty, are superfluous to your needs. You will probably have all of the essentials already but if you follow this list and make sure you have all of the basics, you can sit back, relax and simply appreciate all of the extras.

Bed time – needs aren’t as huge as you would imagine. Remember your tiny gift is just that, tiny. All you need for a new born is a comfy Moses basket, they do grow out of these quite quickly though, so try and get one second hand. Once you are settled you can think about erecting a cot. All you need in the first stages of your baby’s life is a comfy metres and a light soft blanket. These things are a not hard to find but if you feel worried about not having time check a pregnancy calculator to make sure you have everything on schedule.

Clothes – seem to be the biggest worry, even though these are the most popular gift! Clothes can be an issue if you don’t know your baby’s gender until birth but all babies need the same essentials regardless, as long as you have nappies, nightgowns, vests and a shawl for yourself you should be fine. Depending on the weather you might want to invest in some sun hats, mittens or our door coats but these can be bought post birth. All of these items are so easy to come by you can just start picking them up during your pregnancy week by week.


[Photo credit: by Nadia Phaneuf ]

* Good luck and best wishes to all of the new and expecting mother’s out there!

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  • The British references made me giggle.  I think it has something to do with you being from Jersey (the new one, not the original).

  • HA!

  • Ron

    Great guest post, Meleah!

    Excellent essentials! Thanks for sharing!

  •  Thanks, Ron.


  • Ron


  • agg79

    Uh, Mel, are you trying to tell us something?

    Nice list but those are just a few of the little things you need for your baby.  Lots of love and kisses are required as well  

  • Oh, hell no.

    I am so NOT preggo’s.

    But I did sell out, and use this here space, to help pay for my son’s driving school.

  • Like Agg, I was a little worried too that there was something you weren’t telling us!  🙂  I cringe at the thought of having to go through all that again… No thank you.  (until grandbabies that is… and that better not be for a while either!)

  • Oh no babies for me.
    Not even for a million dollars and a live-in Nanny.

  • Excellent advice. I remember the little Moses baskets. They were sooo cute!

  • 🙂

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