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An Unhealthy Obsession

I decided to re-post ‘This Little Video’, as I have picked up some new readers since this originally aired back in August of 2008. And, I’d like to share ‘This Little Video’ with them. As some of you may, or may not know, I am in love with All Things ‘Apple’ Products. And I believe ‘This Little Video’ clearly expresses that very love.

You should also probably know that ‘This Little Video’ some how took on a life of it’s own. What started out as a simple joke at the dinner table with my mom and dad turned into a Three Week Long, Full-Blown, ‘Movie Production.’

See, ‘The Parents’ and I were talking about how I am still single, and how I am NOT dating. I explained to them I didn’t want or need a man, and how I have absolutely NO interest or desire to actively start dating right now. And then, we joked about how I am practically dating my computer. And that’s how the ‘Theme Song’ for ‘This Little Video’ popped into my head.  It was ‘GAME ON’ from that point.

I started thinking of a few ideas when I noticed how many pictures I have of myself with my Apple Computer. So, I began to create a tiny, cutesy, just for me ‘Slide Show’ of those photos. But then, I started editing. And that’s when things started to get out of hand.  I went a little crazy with respects to the timing of the photos to the music. I spent countless hours choosing ‘Lyric Specific’ images. ‘This Little Video’ was no longer just a ‘Slide Show’.  When I showed ‘This Little Video’ to my friends they flipped out over it. They each had their own ideas, all of which we decided to add to the movie.

Now, before you watch this, I need to make a ‘Special Mention’ to one woman named Jennifer Rinaldi. She is a professional photographer, and she did an AMAZING job taking and editing some of the pictures for me. I could NOT have completed this project without her.

I hope ya’ll enjoy ‘This Little Video’.

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!
See ya’ll Monday!

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  • Yes please!

  • Oscar

    I remember when Jen was editing these. I miss her so much since she’s moved! PLUS I recognice and have been in some of those places you were photographed!

    I loved it than and now! Its great!

  • I miss her too!

  • Anonymous

    always a fun video to watch. you make some great ones!

  • I work REALLY hard on these!
    Thank you Valerie.

  • Jules

    Love it!!! I have a MacBook and I love it soooooooooo much better than Windows. I hate all things Windows. I like how you buckled it in your car 🙂

  • Just say NO to Windows!

  • LOL!!!!! That’s awesome! Excellent job on this! I can totally relate, though. I don’t have a Mac, but Julia does. She’s in love with that thing.

  • Macs Rule!

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, this is just sick.

    Mr. ABA


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