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An Open Letter To Charlie Sheen

Dear Charlie,

You’re a hot mess.

In fact, your recent behavior has successfully made me feel sorry for your ex-wife, Denise Richards. And that says a lot.

Get your sh*t together.

It’s enough already.

*I’m participating in the February Blog Challenge on Tribal Blogs.

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  • For realsies.

  • It IS mind boggling!

  • That is HYSTERICAL!

  • ha ha!!!! I love what Moog wrote too. He IS a hot mess, and has messed up other people’s lives by wrecking their jobs! It’s that cute puppy dog look he does – everyone forgives him. Here is MY p.s.:
    P.S. Can I have your leftover shirts?

  • Have you seen the latest photo of him?
    Holy hell – what is going ON with his TEETH!

  • Denise, yes! I resent being forced to be sympathetic to her. I hope she and your daughters wear full body condoms before they get near you. I would also like to tell Mr. Sheen this: When Robert Downey Jr. expresses concern and says he’d like to speak with you, you are in baaaaad shape!

  • I’ve never felt sorry for her – until NOW!

    And WHT is going on with his teeth?

    BTW: Your ecards about Charlie Sheen – CRACKED ME UP!

  • Jules

    haha I like that… ‘hot mess’

  • Thanks! You’re welcome to them if you ever do a eulo– I mean, a followup piece!

  • He is the ultimate definition of a Hot Mess!

  • Yes! And Thank you!

  • Roshan

    He needs a stiff kick in the bollocks. Mad as a hatter!

  • Toad-ily.

  • Toad-ily.

  • I don’t understand what’s so sad about it. The man is insanely rich and he’s enjoying himself. I think everyone is just jealous that they’re not a part of it. Leave Charlie the fuck alone already.

  • Dude, it’s sad because he’s probably going to die from a drug over dose if
    he doesn’t get his shit together. I’m certainly NOT jealous of a drug

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