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Protected: An Interview With Meleah

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  • well it wasn’t easy… but my god you did an awesome job… i can hardly believe all living you have packed in to so few years… i have always been amazed with you,,, but i have a newfound understanding and respect for you now as well… thank you so much for this … you really opened my eyes and made me think…..

  • Meleah

    Please! Then AFTER Cascade … I went on tour with the Grateful Dead for a year. I hitch hiked cross country 3 times. No wonder why I feel so old, and am ready for retirement. Ha ha!

  • Meleah

    But thank you Paisley for interviewing me…. xxooo

  • That was a great read. I always enjoy getting a little more insight into another person, and one I enjoy reading. I’ve actually entertained thoughts of doing this myself… but have yet to really commit.

    You followed the Dead? My youngest brother actually put himself through school that way. He had an old Dodge cargo van and would stop in at the local grocery store and buy as much vegetables as he could carry. Then, he would take them all back to the van, fire up three electric Woks he had, and sell stir fry for $5 a plate. Every summer he would venture out and about and come home with enough cash to pay for two or three semesters.

  • Meleah

    Thanks Seiche; I was actually a LITTLE SCARED to post all of this information, but part of finding peace with my past is getting over being ashamed of it, and being able to share it , or release it into the wild that is bloggville takes the power away from it all. Ya know?

  • Love you Melz.

  • Meleah;
    You are a very interesting young woman indeed. Thanks for the look – and now I understand some more of your comments on my blog. I think we just make more interesting – but strange – people…

  • Meleah

    Leslie: Well thats is JUST when you met me! all of 13 and PISSED!! And you were one of the people I stayed with while on ‘Dead tour’ so you know all of this stuff (AND MORE) already! xxoo

    Beth: Your welcome.

  • Yo Momma

    Aaah, Sweet Pea!

    To call those lost years we went through a nightmare of torture and horror doesn’t even come close, does it?

    It was an extremely painful road for me as well knowing that you thought I abandoned you. I will never forget the scream that lasted the whole way down the mountain after I left you at Cascade. I will never forget my scream.

    Even afterwards, living through your disappearances was entirely too cruel. I honestly don’t know how I got up in the morning to face another day of torture. All I could do was pray every day, ‘Please G-d! Please let whoever picks her up be stupid instead of crazy. Please keep the psychos away. Please, G-d, add her to your list of children you’ll look out for today! Please let someone find her!!’

    Thank G-d my prayers were answered. My favorite day in this world is the day that I knew it was okay to get rid of ‘the dress’ I kept in a drawer with ‘the list’ I had to call when the police came & told me they found you dead in a ditch somewhere.

    It was a beautiful fire.

    I love you,

  • Meleah


    Look at us now!! This is truly amazing ….we have arrived….and in one piece….closer to each other than ever. I went from missing all the time, to living in your back yard! I don’t know HOW I survived, or HOW YOU got through it either. I am just so glad we DID.

    But, I never knew about ‘the dress’ or the ‘list’….whoa….

  • What year were you with the Grateful Dead? If it was ’73 or ’74 I was back stage at the Phoenix gig. 🙂 MAN – that’s dating me, huh.

    Meleah – thanks so much for sharing this painful time with us. I think the telling of our stories not only allows us to heal, but it allows others to heal from their own wounds. It makes us all feel less alone.

  • By the way, I was here reading and commenting on your blog while you were over at mine. Great minds… I thought of you when I wrote that line about the pole. 🙂 I read your book excerpt.

  • So much I have to say on this and will very soon. glad you made it out and this is going to be one hell of a book.

  • I am amazed at how well you have been able to cope with life; many people would be complete wrecks, but you have managed to come out on top of things that would break most people. My hat is off to you, young lady.

  • Meleah

    I don’t think I have done anything amazing. I just finally grew up. I stopped running, and faced it. I had to let go to move on, but I could only do it when I was REALLY ready.

    OMYWORD: That ‘pole’ line cracked me up, and yes… great minds indeed! Thank you for reading that chapter. More to come with the book VERY SOON I promise. I was with the Dead from 92-93 and it was AWESOME and INSANE.

    RICARDO: I sure hope so.

    BobG: Thank you.

  • You are really a strong, brave and honest person. Exceptional really -to go through all that you have and yet not be bitter, it’s awesome. Thank you for sharing – it must have been tough to do.
    I hope you find that ‘smart, funny’ guy who will love you and respect you and make you forget every bad thing

  • What a great read, Meleah. Thank you for being so honest and open. I feel like I know you a lot better now, and I have to say I admire your strength greatly. It is also wonderful to read the exchange between your mom and you. To have gone through so much and be so close to one another is inspiring. I hope my daughters and me keep such a close bond.

  • There are so many people in our society that carry their emotional baggage around like shameful burdens…when in fact, it is these trials, faults, dirty pasts that gives us the power to get through the limitless amount of obstacles that we will encounter in our lives. It’s our emotional muscle reserve, a potent reminder of all that we have endured and yet remained whole. Scream your story out loud because it is a testament to how magnificently strong and resilient you are.

    Admiration abounds for you AND your mother.

    xxoo Ana

  • WOW ! You are an awesome, inspirational person. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You know what struck me the most – your strength, your warmth, your capacity for love and your unshakeable sense of self. I admire you a great deal. And hats off to you too, Paisley for very well-chosen, thoughtful questions.

  • Meleah

    RM: Ya know what? I am strong. I am brave. There are a lot of people who never confront their abuser. Or, they choose a life of permanent insanity. Thank you for that.

    INGRID: It was a VERY long and HARD road for my mother and I to have come to this place. A lot of work and no more ‘blaming’….Its nice to be HERE.

    SG: I love you. Yes, I will scream my story and NOT be ashamed anymore.

    “because it is a testament to how magnificently strong and resilient you are.”

    You are damn straight. There are plenty of people who could have and would have thrown in the towel. I could be on permanent disability for emotional and medical reasons. I could have chosen to live the rest of my life STUCK in “THAT” place. But no, I get up everyday and show up for my life. I have busted my ass for everything I am and everything I have.

    Thank you ….and thank you for that email.

  • HollyGL

    SomeGirl is exactly right, Meleah. It is the entirety of your experience leading up to this point that makes you the wonderful person you are. The one whose essence is enchanting, and spills forth from an awesome soul. Yes, you are strong, capable and resilient, but you are also loving, funny, and …innocent. You have an innocent perspective – not at all bitter or jaded – which is what makes me want to dance around my apt like a lunatic when I read about any cool developments in your life. They are always so well deserved. You, my dear, are an example of what is so often referred to as the “triumph of the human spirit”. xoxo

  • Meleah, this was an incredibly strong interivew, Meleah, it took much courage. I respect you deeply for being a survivor – for taking all the hellish negatives and being determined to restructure your life into something positive. It is indeed a miracle that you are here, and I feel that we are blessed with the opportunity to read your words and learn from your experiences. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to read more.

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