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American Idol -Season Seven – Final Five

Yeah yeah yeah…The contestants and the singing was blah blah blah and whatever. My regular weekly review is now posted.

But, if you want some Real American Idol News?

Come talk about THAT with me OVER HERE.

Paula, Paula, Paula….What A Mess.

Haven’t you heard by now what she did on LIVE TV last night?

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  • Meleah

    OMFG = You Guys Are The Best for dropping over MeleVision.
    xxoo xxoo

  • I just think Paula should have been the one sent home instead!

  • Meleah

    She is Off The Hook.


    I’ve decided that I want whatever Paula Abdul is taking.

    Even after that move…She gets to keep her really cushy job, with a FAT paycheck. She owns and lives a beautiful house, plus she gets to sit next to Simon. Those MUST be “MAGIC ” Pills.

    (So what if they make he slur…..and hallucinate…..I say it’s worth it.)

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