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Also today, I went a bunch of websites to learn ab…

Also today, I went a bunch of websites to learn about the Crohn’s disease. There is a lot of information, but, I still could not find what I am looking for.

I did not find out, what, while having an “attack” of inflamed intestines, WHAT I can eat. It has been 8 days, with out a SOLID MEAL. I am pale, lethargic, drained, clumsy, angry, tired, and beaten the fuck down completely. I have to get through tomorrow on a clear liquid diet, fleet soda, and 4 laxatives prior to Thursday’s biopsy, camera, tube, body invasion, then; I have to get through Thursday…

Maybe, I can EAT by Friday? A meal? A sandwich? Something? Please! I am STARVING!!

I did find out some interesting facts, like my food allergy onset at the age of 27, may have been an indicator, or preview, to the disease.

I have BOTH problems, so, basically, every time I eat, it’s a gamble. Every time I eat I will have to wonder….Will I have an allergic reaction? Will I have a Crohn’s painful attack? hmm… wait a few hours and see if the coast is clear…or end up in hospital bed?

Yeah, um, I used to just struggle with hating my hair… I can’t even manage my hair, how am I supposed to manage a disease? Now that food, not my hair, is the enemy, I have no idea what to do. At least I will have a doctor, a trained professional making my food decisions for me, kind of like I wish I had a hair assistant on call 24-7.

Plus, the fact that smoking is apparently the worst thing I can do with this disease, people with Crohn’s suffer more often, and have more painful attacks than non-smoking carriers. So, I have to seriously evaluate a “quitting plan” and soon… I have been a smoker since I was 13 years old; quitting is going to be HARD as HELL.

Oh, well, that is all for today, I am home, PISSED OFF B/C NO HOUSE?! IS ON TV TONIGHT? OR TOMORROW? BECAUSE OF BASEBALL?! Damn! I thought they blacked out baseball games, one year? Oh, well, I am too tired to think up anything funny, smart, or even cognitive.

Thank you! Everyone! For being so thoughtful! and supportive! I am lucky to have the greatest friends/family..

(PS… Justin’s first student council meeting went well, I am so proud of him.)


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  • meleah rebeccah

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH MAYA, your the best-sister-in-law! thank you for even reading my blog!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hey meleah! hi katie!!

    mel–heard about your diagnosis
    and i thought i would lighten your spirits by hooking you up with my good friend katie (who i included on ths email. katie, this is meleah, lee’s step sister). you guys probably met at the bridal shower but anyway, for mel, katie is the tall thin bridesmaid who walked down the aisle with my brother.

    anyhoo…the reason i am bringing you two gals together like this is because meleah was just diagnosed with chrohns and katie has been successfully combating chrohns since she was about 10 (right?)

    i think katie can give you the full honest blunt truth about the tests and the liquid diets and the foods to stay away from, etc…

    so ladies–start swapping stories!

    (ps–hope you guys dont mind this “set-up” i just figured meleah could use some good advice from someone who has actually dealt with it not just doctors or parents/friends who have no idea!!)

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