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Once a week, usually on Tuesdays, I will be posting on my TV blog – aptly named Melevision.

After my posts are live, I will add the link below – therefore updating this very post weekly too.

All you have to do is click on the title.



* ——– Watched & Reviewed ——– *


Crisis In Six Scenes | Season One | Amazon Prime

Goliath | Season One | Amazon Prime

Fortitude | Season One | Amazon Prime

The Kettering Incident | Season One| Amazon Prime

FleaBag | Season One| Amazon Prime

Sneaky Pete | Test Pilot | Amazon Prime

Good Girls Revolt | Season One | Amazon Prime

Hunted | Season One| Amazon Prime

Search Party | Season One | TBS

The Fall | Season Three | Netflix

Black Mirror | Season Three | Netflix

The OA | Season One | Netflix

Sense 8 | Season One | Netflix

This Is Us | Season One | NBC

The Killing Season – A&E

Leah Remini – Scientology – A&E

Chance | Season One | Hulu




Breaking Bad – All Seasons – AMC/Netflix

Dexter – All Seasons – Showtime/Netflix

The Killing – All Seasons – AMC/Netflix

Scrubs – All Seasons – NBC/ABC/Netflix

Arrested Development – All Seasons – Fox/Netflix

Shameless – Season One – Showtime



FYI: I do NOT write spoilers when reviewing a new series or covering an entire season. Because that’s just rude. I’m only here to give you an over-view peppered with my personal opinions. The only time I will include  spoilers are when I’m writing a re-cap: for one particular episode of one particular series. And, you will have fair warning when doing so. That is all. Carry on.


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