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All Day – Holiday Decorating

My son has taken to another one of my bad habits…. wearing the the “wife beater” tank top as the weekend uniform (no one dresses for days – even if we have to go to the store)

This is my living room, which looks pretty much the same as it does all year…but the color green is now applicable for this month, and I don’t normally have a bowl of gold ornaments on the coffee table.

I never had a fireplace until I moved here…and I love it!!

Christmas tree – $17.00 at Target! Best deal I have ever had. Yes its a fake tree, and now I won’t have to deal with needles and sap, or hauling it down 4 flights of stairs when its dead. Nope, I can FOLD the tree, and put it in a BOX, and USE.IT.AGAIN. next year!

Yes, Mom, there is Hannukah stuff too…

Yup… I have to decorate for BOTH holidays… because just ONE would be too easy…and we all know NOTHING over here is EASY… I need EXTRA work, EXTRA bills, EXTRA things to buy, and EXTRA things to do….(why aren’t there enough hours in a day?)

Did I mention I love having a fireplace?

Really LOVE having a FIREPLACE

This is just plain funny..

And my son…Looking, oddly, “grinch-like”

Now it feels like the holidays.

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