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A Talent Show

I cannot express just HOW MUCH it made my heart sing to watch My Son perform as The Master of Ceremonies in his school talent show.

Man! I was sooo nervous for him. The butterflies in the pit of my gut were just cause for the uncontrollable fussy annoying mom actions. I could not stop fixing his hair, or making sure the blazer he was wearing fit just right, or checking to make sure his socks match his shoes.

[And this is how he felt about me being in his face…Yeah, yeah, I know he’s 11. I need to back off. What.Ever. He will always be my baby boy.]

JCH didn’t appear to be nervous at all. In fact, he was super cool, confident and relaxed.

As The MC my son was responsible for announcing the next act and filling up the dead air in-between. His job was to tell jokes, or make small talk to get the crowd going, before introducing the next talented child. I had no idea if my son was going to be able to pull that off. You see, JCH has a rather ADULT sense of humor. I have probably exposed my son to things that most other children his age have never heard while living in protective bubbles under the regime of those Stepford-FemBot mothers I see running around the school.

Fortunately, my son has come a long way socially during 6th grade. He’s always gotten good grades, and for the most part he stays out of trouble, but he was never able to solidify friendships. For those of you that have been reading this blog for a long time, or for those of you that know us personally, you are fully aware of what my son has been through in the past with respects to being picked on, coming home sobbing, and never fitting in. But without getting into all of that, let’s just say; it’s been a long time coming for my son to have his moment to shine.

Thankfully, the Vice Principal Mrs. O. has been a JCH supporter from day one. The two of us, sat next to each other, with tears in our eyes, while we watched my boy, center stage. It was utterly amazing to see just how much my son has blossomed this year. Last night was a genuine a triumph for my son to participate and as the team LEADER for this event.


I swear if being a doctor doesn’t work out for him, he can always fall back on the idea of being a Game Show Host.

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  • I am thrilled for JCH and for you. It’s so nice when kids who really deserve it get their moment in the sun. Way to go, JCH!

  • Dang it. I’m hormonal and this made me cry. There goes the mascara.

  • Meleah


    It was such a GREAT evening. My son has struggled for SO LONG to make friends. I cant even begin to tell you. This was MONUMENTAL.


    aww… I didn’t mean to make you cry! I cried during the show. (and after the show, and when I look at these photos!)

  • yo momma

    that’s our boy!!! i am so veery proud of him AND you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Congratulations!! He looks fantastic and it sound like he did a great job! This sounds like it was a great opportunity for him to show his true self. And that seems to be a funny, smart, well rounded kid. I adore him, even though I haven’t met him. Be Proud Mama!!! Way to go Buddy!!!

  • Excellent. Bossy thinks the grade-school years are tough on kids anyway, and things don’t really begin to turn around until … the nursing home?

  • Meleah


    He did done good!

    Chef Mom:

    He really did a GREAT job. I was (and still am) so proud of my no-so-little-anymore monkey. I adore him too.


    Lets hope the nursing home is better than elementary school. 🙂

  • And he KICKED ASS!
    Must be like his Momma 🙂

  • Yay! This gave me head to toe goosebumps!

  • And isn’t he handsome!

  • He looks fantastic! I bet he did a great job if he got the family sense of humor and need to ham it up for the camera 😉 we’re looking at the future tonight show Host 🙂

  • Hopefully he won’t use his talent to turn to the dark side and become a politician.

  • great pix… he is a little ham isn’t he!!!!

  • Woohoo!
    Give that boy a kiss for me.
    He is such an excellent kid.

  • awww…he looked so relaxed and confident…as a parent it makes you feel strangely useless and validated at the same time, ya’ know??

    You need to make a video of him with that blazer saying some game show host lines. Something along the lines of “Johnny, tell her what she’s wooooon!!!”

    PS: I had some hysterical son moments last night too….Apperently my 4 y/o wants to be a drummer??? I got some video of him doing a rock-out solo performance on a improvised drum set (??) which consisted of an empty box, skateboard, and a frying pan!?!?…To AC/DC “Its a Long Way to the Top” no less!!!!!

  • Props to you, proud momma, and kudos to your shining-star son!

  • Uncle Rick

    Hey Justin,

    Heard you were a huge success on stage. I’m very proud of you! Keep it up pal and you’ll have your own TV show.

    Uncle Rick

  • Meleah


    he is like his momma…but he is a lot braver than me!


    thank you thank you


    He is The Man at school now too….who knows maybe he will be a Game Show Celebrity like Richard Dawson…or even getter yet Gene Raybrun (my personal favorite).


    Oh lets hope NOT


    toad-ily a ham.


    I will be happy to give him a kiss for you


    that is ADORABLE….hahahahahha…I want to see THAT video SO BAD!

    Yeah, right I should get JCH to do a number for YouTube or something. I cant / wont post the talent show videos since other peoples kids are in every shot and THAT is a NO NO.



    Uncle Rick:

    Aw. Thanks!!

  • I know that feeling! Congratulate your son on a job well done! And congratulations to you for raising him so well.

    Those “helicopter mommies” do their children such a disservice!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    🙂 Beth

  • lol 🙂 I’m putting the vid up soon…it’s funny because he looks so serious about it.

  • Conratulations ..maybe instead of a game show host he could be Letterman’s replcement.. it pays better …..:)))))…Nothing like a proud Mom well deserved as well…

  • Hey I have that same shot of my son!

    Congrats to the proud mom. I remember feeling that same way once and just about exploding in the front row out of a combination of nervousness and pride.

  • Olly

    Sooo Cool!
    That is Beautiful.

  • Danny AKA CGB

    Justin -You are the man!! Now I got to teach you how to work the turntables!! Nice JOB!

  • CLASSIC!!!!!!!
    Your son has it made!!! Yes, he could have a show tomorrow, if he wanted.

    And do I need to tell you that I MC’d everything for my class in high school? It turns out my initials MC actually meant something!

    JCH is on is way now…

  • Oh, and sorry it took me so long to finally get to your post today.

  • Your Cousin Shelly

    He looks soooooooo handsome and surely looks older than 11.

    When did he grow up? LOL.

    Of course he does have great genes. Quite the natural at being an MC. Maybe he will take over Drew Carey’s game shows when he gets older. Make the big bucks….LOL
    Love you.



  • Justin, well don sir. And for what it’s worth, screw the kids who pick on you now and make you feel like you don’t fit in. What they don’t like is what makes you perfect for the kinds of things you did at that show. Never loose that. And trust me, while it’s no fun now, it’s going to be what makes you “the man” in the long run too. In fact, I bet you are the man right now. Enjoy it. You just bitch slapped all those punks. I love seeing this. High fives, my man.

    Meleah, your a good mom, you know that?

  • I mean, you’re a great mom. 🙂

  • Meleah Rebeccah

    Beth (funny farm):

    wow. now I have 3 BETH’S…but there is only one original Beth, (mymoonrising)….Sorry, but from now on, I will need a new nickname for you. I cant even use your initials Beth Funny Farm becaus thats the same initials as “BFF”… and I have one of those …so you can be….

    N.B.O.T.B. (New Beth On The Block) ….


    Thank you for your kind words.


    I am waiting impatiently for your video!!.


    If Only!


    Now I dont feel like the only “most annoying mom” ever!


    Yeah. It was beautiful. I wish I hadn’t missed all those OTHER events.



    Michael C:

    I knew YOU would GET IT. xxoo xxoo


    He IS all gown up looking. Scary right? He is almost a MAN.


    He is a GREAT kid..I think I might be an alright mom! xxoo

  • video is up!!! ….it’s my first one E.V.E.R. so be gentle…k? 🙂

  • Looks like Ryan Seacrest has got competition on his hands 😀 Kudo’s to your boy, Meleah!

  • The best friend

    omg. i loved seeing JCH in those pictures. Gotta tell ya though -been dying to hear him, JUST ONE AUDIO CLUP PLEASE.

    I’m sorry Im just really excited about it. I LOVE JCH. I’m so proud. Hes adorable, STILL. I really enjoyed the writing that you chose to put on top of the schools name. that made me laugh.

  • He looks like a natural! I think that boy is going places!

  • Meleah


    Im coming over to your blog ina few I cant wait to see it! xxoo


    He was quite the natural. 🙂


    The Game Show Host Photo was my personal favorite!


    Lets hope JCH makes the money Ryan Secrets makes! 🙂

  • Olly

    Reserve those , most precious wishes for happier days SweetCheeks!
    Love Y’all Bunches!

  • Olly

    You seem to have enjoyed yourself alot and it shows.
    I am extremely proud of you and Drew Carey is just not cutting it on The Price Is Right so keep up the good ,solid ,efforts and your rewards will be endless, my friend. Way to go!

  • How very cool is that? You must be such a proud mama!!

  • I love how you’re so proud of him, that fully rules. He looked perfect, I’m sure he really was “the man”. 🙂

  • Al Rosenberg

    First of all, big round of applause for being able to do something that most people have nightmares about: standing up in front of a crowd. It’s a remarkable achievement (I know; I’ve done it). Secondly, you looked great and seemed very, very sure of yourself. That’s talent. I’m sorry that I couldn’t see or hear your performance. I’ll bet that it was terrific. Evidently, you’ve got your Mom’s guts. There are great things in your future.

  • Meleah


    Thats OUR boy! He did so damn good.


    I am truly proud. He worked so hard on this and it was worth all his efforts.

    Mrs Schmitty:

    These are the moments when I love being a parent


    Hey YOU!! JCH definitely has my spunk! Thanks for the support!! xxoo

  • Way to go JCH! I’m forgetting about Letterman – I’ve already had MY brush with greatness! Awesome photos! (Good job mom!)

  • Broham

    Can I buy a vowel, Pat? But seriously, Justin, you are THE MAN! I wish I could have been there to watch you rock the house. Hopefully, you found a way to incorporate the “constipation” joke that I am so fond of. However, I’m sure it was not necessary, as you slayed the audience with your amazing humor and charisma. I can only wish that throughtout my career as a sixth grade teacher, I’ll have just one student that can come close to your awesomeness. You are my favorite person in the world Justini.

    “S’mo baba gee” from Uncle Adam

  • Meleah


    Letterman’s days are numbered! Thats for sure.


    Oh that was the best comment EVER. JCH will be THRILLED when he reads this.
    xxoo xxoo

  • What a Lovely Sunshine-Story!
    Happy 4 Your son’s sake as well
    as the care that got him there!

  • Francisco V

    Mel Mel,

    It takes a lot to be in front of an audience, especially for a youngin’ like JCH. Kudos to you JCH. And don’t worry it’s easier as the more you do it.

    And congrats to you Mel Mel, you are raising an exceptional young man.

    high^5’s to you both.


  • Meleah




    He is exceptional. He is braver than I could ever be. Public speaking? No Way.

  • Ah, that’s so cool! I’m so proud of him! 🙂

  • Meleah

    Drowsey Monkey:

    JCH rocks the caz-bah

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